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Fall out boy is 144
My Chemical Romance<333 All Time Low Black Veil Brides Boys like Girls Paramore Panic! At the Disco Fall Out Boy Thesee are my bandss(: I love them so muchhh
What number is bvb!? Anyone?!
is my chemical romance 182?
Nvm I found it!


By Saby
Yeeee BMTH IS number 76!! And what number is All Time low? Anyone?
Anyone know which one has FOB?
The bring me the horizon interview is number 73...yep:)
OH MY GAWD!! Black Veil Brides!!^.^
-For 30 Seconds To Mars Interview, its number 76. I was looking for them as well, so i googled it, and i was posted on June 12,2010. I just watched all the 6-12-2010 ones:)

By Mygy
Does anyone know which number podcast is the 30 Seconds to Mars interview? Please and thank you:)
does any1 kno if this has any bring me the horizon stuff on here. kuz i cant realy find it and theres alot to look thru
Kerrang plays some of my fav. bands and music. U have to be a REAL rock person to like any type of rock they play.
To: Charles Nelson Reilly,if you want the description right click on a podcast and click "show description." That will tell you what's in that episode. Also to TRiPHOP_CAbErET_DaNCE... the July 18th '07 episode has P(!)ATD in it.Video podcasts 004,010, and the one on the 6th of Sept. have Panic in them as well. Now as far as the actual podcast goes it's pretty good. Kerrang! interviews some of the best and worst bands which is why I've only downloaded maybe half of the episodes. There's some strong language so if that bothers you don't get this podcast.
hey duz anyone no which podcast has the panic! at the disco interview in it??? id like to download that one only so please someone post a review if you no so i can download it please and thanks
thats alli have to say
this is great if u like awsome bands. U SHOULD DEFINETLY SUBSCRIBE TO IT