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I used all the guides available from on my recent trip to Italy. We visited Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast. These guides came in handy and were great because you didn't have to pay for an audio guide while touring some of the sites. I wish they had guides/maps for Pompeii and Herculaneum...even though you get a great guidebook/map at each site a free audioguide would have been awesome so you don't have to read while walking around. Rick Steves also has free audioguides for Italy which are pretty good...I supplemented the guides I got from with his. Prego!
Great free resource
these italy guides are fantastic. great speaking voice, great info, and nice to listen to before going and while there. a great product!
Very well done videos. Looking forward to our Italy trip soon. These videos have been very helpful.
I thought the production quality of the podcast was very good. I was impressed with the HD video, informative information and passing of the production. My wife and I are going to Italy this summer and I hope I can see more of your work as we plan our trip. Bravo!
I'm preparing for my first trip to Italy, and I found that this guide gives a wonderful overview of many of the places I'm planning on visiting. Professionally recorded with lots of great historical information, this is the perfect thing to listen to the night before heading to the sights. I hope more come out before my trip!
What an excellent idea! I am traveling to Italy with my i-Pod now I can take my own travel guide. Only available for a few topics for Rome and Venice, but Florence is available directly from Italy Guides.