ZeMIXX par Joachim Garraud

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crazy podcast favorite esipsode is 'space tracks esipsode 156" sure to get you drive u crazy

I subscribed to this podcast simply to provide background noise for Fridays at work, expecting some cheese-tastic French house that could make spreadsheets a little less agonizing... By a second listen, I realized the err of my ways and have since moved the podcast from my "work" playlist to my "crank this mofo & dance around in my underwear" playlist.
I like how they make almost every podcast exactly 1:00:00 hours. Nobody else can do that! As for the beats themselves, there's always something new, but there's always at least one song from the previous podcast in it; usually the best song!
Please keep the great tracks a comin, but PLEASE up those bitrates for the sets. To at least 128KBPS. The last two sets I downloaded were not even listenable, as the small bitrate killed all the dynamics of the set.
The mixes on this podcast are heavily played on my computer, ipod, car etc. You name it - it is elite. Heck I even got my friends hooked on to it. Keep up the great job. peace
funky,funny,absurd, but it still makes you want to move your body and shake your a**
I listen to this everyday at work. I wait everyday for updates. I get so much energy from it that 8 to 10 hours of work go by like nothing. Keep it up.
All the necessary club cuts sandwiched together, that will make you throw your hands up to the sky. It has the power to abduct your body and makes you twitch then levitates you on to the dance floor. These mixes have the power turn any location to an instant club. A packed disco filled will the awsome vibe that consumes you. It feels like it could be New Years Eve,even on the most mundane workday mornings while driving to work.
this is the best podcast i've ever gotten. i cannot stop listening! i love listening to it at work, while running, no matter what i'm doing. AMAZING!!! thank you thank you thank you!
this is the house master!!!!!!!!