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This would be a great podcast if it wasn’t extremely biased. Just listened to “The Privacy Flaw Threatening US Democracy” and it was literally all about how bad Trump would be if re-elected in 2024. Have we forgotten how the current President with Obama was caught spying on Americans for years. What Snowden disclosed doesn’t even scratch the surface.
Between politics and social issues, I originally subscribed to wired magazine for tech information and news. In time it was really obvious Wired was pushing their political and social justice views under a layer of tech related topics. That’s fine. That’s their choice, it was my choice to cancel my subscription. I was hoping this podcast may be different and more about the tech. The second episode I listened to was right back to their woke views. I’d rather find just a neutral(ish) information resource. I will unsubscribe and look elsewhere.
This show sounds like an AI bot serenading you with press releases from Big Tech and the DNC. The dogmatic pro-censorship bias might “allegedly” be explained by Wired’s need to support the narrative of the industry’s anti-competition (pro-legacy media) stance in exchange for receiving leads. But there are at least a few insights to be found.
This podcast feed serves as a public relations channel for social media companies to issue news releases about privacy and security updates to their products. Every now and then there is some useful or interesting news but not enough to warrant subscribing.
Clear, short, incredibly accurate and informative. Exactly what I want in the morning
tl;dr: Great info, bad narrator. I learn a lot from listening to this pod. Sadly the narrator’s voice is so abrasive and robotic. Sounds like a bot from 10 years ago. Hard to listen to. I may unsub soon because it’s too painful. Can we please get Kai Ryssdal over here?
It's great to be able to digest articles on the go thanks to this service. The half-dozen vocies that read me the latest WIRED articles have become SO familiar to me, I often hear their voices when I'm reading articles on my tablet! Thanks for everything you read, you guys.
Long gone are the days they discussed security related topics. Nowadays this podcast is bloated with US politics gossip
I really enjoy this podcast. I wish I had a cool job like that.