Reviews For S-Town

The host, Brian Reed, was captivating. I loved his voice and the way he told the story. I’ve shared this podcast with many of my friends. The heartfelt interviews, the music, the beautifully told story…I loved this so much!
I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts. This is my favorite podcast ever! I was hesitant to listen to anything from the NYT. Most of their podcasts have a predictable agenda. But it didn’t look like this one did, so I looked it up. I’ve never done that before listening to a podcast, but I did not want to get sucked into a good story (as noted in the reviews) and have to endure the NYT far left nonsense. I was still skeptical, but binged this in one day, so glad I gave it a chance. I’m blown away by the story, and have so much respect for the host and production team. Thank you! No underlying political slant, no digs or subliminal judgments, no use of the story to make a point. This is the story of an eccentric, brilliant man, tortured by his worst enemy: himself. Though he be cranky, he was beloved. Funny, witty, endearing…and impossibly self destructive. He just never learns how to get out of his own way. It’s the story of hidden treasure, a story about time, a story about love and friendship, and a story about the psyche of people from all walks of life interacting at the intersection of a common event. Mostly, it’s the story about the parts of ourselves we leave behind; how our lives effect the lives we cross. And, how they effect us. It’s brilliantly told, masterfully edited, and artfully framed by a song from The Zombies, A Rose For Emily. I was left with questions regarding the money, the fate of people and court cases, his mom, and honestly Woodstock itself and how the town reacted, and hopefully reflected. Maybe there will be an update, but either way I’m sure these answers can be found online. It’s hard to review this podcast without giving spoilers. But the bottom line is, it’s an amazing podcast. I’ve listened to every episode of dozens of podcasts. This is my favorite podcast ever. Absolutely #1!
I love this podcast. From Brian Reed’s investigative skills, to music selection to the characters involved. I don’t think I’ll ever find a podcast as good as this one. But that’s okay I am due to listen to the whole series again 😁 Very much recommend
Beautiful and weird. It’s heartbreaking and hopeful. I love the host and his connection to his subject. A MUST for any podcast fans.
Laughs and tears, thank you for this story ❤️
This is without a doubt the best podcast series ever made.
I’m an avid podcast listener and this one will probably always be my favorite. It’s so well done.
I’m normally a true crime fan. This was a pleasant surprise and nice break from TC. Brian Reed is articulate with a calming voice. Incredible writing and production. Intriguing story about interesting people. ❤️
Incredibly well done. Will re-hear many times.
I truly believe that this is the best podcast that’s ever been made. A masterpiece.
I love this podcast. I’ve listened to it several times. I find myself thinking of the characters often,john B even more of course. He was an intriguing man who was overqualified for this world. I do wonder if there would have been a podcast if not for his death,sadly. Brian,thank you so much for sharing your time with John B, I will forever be grateful for this podcast as I’ve not only enjoyed it but learned from it as well.
Thank you for bringing a brilliant, funny, troubled self professed redneck from Alabama and allowing him to touch my heart and mind half way across this “blue orb”. I was laughing 10 minutes into the podcast and realized that tears were streaming down my face…it was a foretelling of what was in store for the remaining episodes. This story helped me confront my prejudices and have oddly enough renewed my hope in humanity. John’s life was not in vain.
This podcast is about people and places. The things that we love about where we might be from and the ways we’re impacted by the world. I love it. I share it often.
I have listened to the whole thing at least once a year since it began.
I’ve never cried or laughed harder while listening to a podcast. I am truly in awe.
Incredibly well told by Brian, produced, and edited to make what quickly becomes what some may see as “a story about nothing” turn into a collection of insights and eye-opening revelations into real life issues. This podcast grew roots in so many directions and pulled at my emotions. Well done!
That is how I can best describe this podcast. The ups and downs were an adventure of emotions. Brian you are a kind soul. Thank you for telling this story.
I’ve listen to this podcast probably 4 times now. Each time, I can’t stop. It is such a GREAT show! Great storytelling. John McLemore was such a character, it was a true loss when he passed
This was the second or third podcast I ever heard. It set the bar for excellence in this modality. It’s the combination of Brian’s narrating, the extraordinary character John and, the brilliant audio editing. I would listen to this team do anything. But, I’ll miss John. He was one in a billion. It inspired me to join the podcasting world myself (Significant Mother). I decided to listen again and it doesn’t disappoint. I’m sure I’ll listen again.
Such great storytelling. One episode I went from cackling so hard to seconds later feeling like my heart dropped to the bottom of my stomach and holding back tears but crying just enough to blur my vision. I had to pull over and gather myself. I kept thinking … okay I’m going to lose interest now. Instead I finished it in a 25 hour period.
This podcast touched me and left me feeling empty, yet somehow full. I can’t put into words how wonderful and beautiful this podcast is. Highly recommend
Nothing ever happened. No resolution. We don’t know if Tyler went to jail. What happened to the house he was building? Did Ma move to Florida. Half way through the first episode I said nope! And cut it off. Waited a few hours and went back. Over the course of a few days I kept waiting around for the gossip or for at least some progress or movement in the story. Then in the end they made John out to be a suicidal lunatic. If you want to listen to the whisper lips tell a story with no point. Other than the fact that it’s a very dark story about mental health and doing absolutely nothing about it when the signs hit you in the face. Then Brian is the guy for you.
Like the other reviewer, this is the first podcast I’ve listened to as such. Until the last sentence, I thought the first two episodes stood alone as a meditation on so much… I am grateful for the respectful persistence of the narrator John found for his life - and to the team who helped restore its dazzling wonder and intricate grace.
I started this podcast thinking it would be true crime, and instead found a podcast that is oftentimes funny, along with being intriguing, sad, and compelling. You won’t be disappointed.
One of the first podcasts I listened to and still one of the best/my favorites.
What an amazing podcast -one I will never forget. This story unfolds gently and then grabs your heart and does not let go. A powerhouse story told with grace and beauty - thank you for this gift to your listeners!
I’m a lover of all things associated with TAL. This series was the greatest of the great. Brian, your relationship with John was true and kind. This pod needs to stay alive and fresh forever.
This is among the best podcasts ever made, it’s set the standard as to what great podcasts can do and create. This is art in motion, these characters embody the human struggle, the emotions are evocative throughout. The story itself is truly stranger than fiction, a strange broken American dream meets a mystery. Where this story ends up is somewhere so far and beyond where it starts and will keep you guessing the whole time.
I’ve been trying to find a podcast that touches me as much as your story of JBM since the first time I listened over a year ago. I’ve just finished it again, and loved every second, even in knowing of his fate. Brian Reed, we need more from you!
I could not have begun to guess all of the twists and turns of this podcast. Wonderful storytelling by the host. Changed my mindset for the better!
Brian Reed told this story perfectly! Not only is it an amazing show, it is a life changing show. It reminds us about this important of life and time. It’s a Beautiful story!
A friend recommended this podcast to me. I downloaded it and it took awhile to get around to listening to it. I listen to a lot of podcasts. This podcast is unlike any I’ve listened to before. The host was awesome to listen to & did an outstanding job with the presentation of this story. If I could give this podcast more than 5 stars, I would.
Thought this was going one way and it went entirely another. Great story. Respect to the podcasting team AND to all the humanity involved🤍
That’s all i can say. It hit different. I have binged it all afternoon.
I haven’t finished it yet, I’m on Chapter 5 and I’m just honestly bored. I’m trying so hard to like this and get into it because of all of these beautiful reviews. I think John B is a fascinating person as are his relationships, but I have been waiting for some kind of hook for 5 episodes and I’m just not getting it…? I literally keep saying “Maybe it’s just slow to start” but then realized I finished yet another episode. Brian is easy to listen to, John B is an interesting human, that’s about it.
I am listening to this podcast for the 4th time now. As a Birmingham native, I was interested about a story that happened in my hometown area. I was immediately drawn in and every time I hear the song Love You Like That, I think of this podcast. So well told and will bring out all emotions. Well done!!
It’s been some time since I listened to this and I still think of John B. several times per week. I don’t think I’ll ever find another podcast as touching as S-Town. Thank you Brian, and well done!
After listening to this podcast I wasn’t able to really get that into anything else. It was that good. Finally gave it another listen and I can say I am back into listening to other podcasts again. Thanks for making this 5+ all the way!
By far my favorite podcast & I will continue to come back to this one over and over again. Such a beautiful story all around. ♥️
S town introduced me to podcasts. I have listened to it multiple times now and every time I hear it I pull of my hearts strings . I highly recommend it to anyone !
My god I love this story so much. Brian is a great story teller, and John is just such a singular character. As a queer person who are unable to express myself, I saw myself in some of John’s experiences, and that has made me feel less lonely. Thank you Brian and everyone who made this story possible.
I started this at the same time I was watching the show Reacher, which takes place in a small, corrupt southern town. I was ready to be doubly dismayed by the small-minds in power, ruling with racism, misogyny, and xenophobia. I was confused but also delighted when I realized that this wasn’t so much a dive into shameless corruption by “God-fearing Christians,” but much more of a character study of one unique, bizarre, fascinating person, and the people involved in his life, and death. Brian Reed has such an amazing capacity to *not* show bias or judgement- his openness comes across in his words, tone, and apparently in his face and demeanor. People trusted a reporter from New York, and genuinely opened up to him. I’m finished it and I miss it already.
ALL of the episodes were riveting! What a strange, sad, idiosyncratic, funny and insightful character. But the Final Episode absolutely STUNNED me!! I reflected on this podcast for weeks, months afterwards. Americans are indeed a very unique lot.
There seems to be an issue with researching stories. Time and time again they portray opinions as fact.
The way this all came together, the narrator’s voice, the emotions and feelings I felt while listening….amazing!
The story, the narrator, the way the story is told/unfolded…it pure perfection! Five years later and nothing compares to this podcast for me! Culpable is a close 2nd and it’s not that close. I feel I will never find the “magic” of this podcast again.
This is my first time listening to this. And I didn’t want it to end. But I’ll tell you, this was so well done! Great work!