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This is a really fun podcast with a fresh, female perspective on the Bauer power hour. Barrick is (rightly) in awe of all things Jack with the exception of his whiningly irritating daughter, Cougarbait Kim....(me too, Kristin). I listened first last year and want to say that your broadcast 'persona' has matured and become much more professional....not that that may be what you're aiming for. Anyway, a great show, thanks. (And tell ' new-clear 'Feasors that he needs a hobby, if not a life.....).
Toss out all the other 24 podcasts. Kristin Barrick's "24 Weekly Debriefing" is the best by far. She's funny, intelligent, self-deprecating and quick witted. This show has enough "junk in the trunk" to get you through the week. Kristin is clearly a fan of the show. But she doesn't let that cloud her criticism.
Fantastic podcast!!! Great recap of episodes with touches of emotional opinions that touch the soul's funny bone. It would be great to have a counter-balance to Kristin's dialogue but then we wouldn't get all of Kristin, catch-22. Keep up the great work Kristin. This is a must for 24 fans who want humor away from the heavy drama and spoiler-filled podcasts out there.
Please, please, please stop saying "Nukyoolar!" You're a bright woman with a quality podcast. When you breakout the "Nukyoolar" it detracts from your intelligent and fun podcast. "Nuclear" is not a difficult word to pronounce. Say "New" then say "Clear." You can do it. I believe in you.
Kristin is the BEST! She adds her own personal feelings to 24, especially when she said, "First of all, Martha Logan, and Pres. Logan with the smoochie smoochie? Ew ew ew ewww eeeeurghhh ahhhh ewww eeeechhhhhh. I swear to God I had VOMIT in the back of my throat." The first podcast I listened to and still the greatest one. For any 24-lover, this is DEFINITELY the BEST podcast out there EVER POSSIBLE. Also VERY APPRECIATIVE of KBarri-Podcast-Reviewers. Just to add to my "Glowing Review"... Yeah.. listened to a few more, still great! Liking the clips from the show, specially the Taser-Happy Condition of Chloe! Keep 'em coming, kbarri! My friends listen to you and you get people hooked on 24! As if it wasn't appealing and addicting enough. BTW, KBarri, I watch Law and Order, Friends, Yes, your number is easy to remember. 206-20-24-CTU. Loving the podcast, stay awesome!
the only thing keeping this from a 5 star podcast is that i keep expecting it to get better. although long, these episodes are worth a listen, preferably right after watching the episode in question. very relevent and very funny, not the most insightful, but more insightful than most.
This is absolutely the best 24 podcast out there. She gives a funny, entertaining, and unique recap of the most recent episode. I always look forward to hearing what she has to say about the best show on TV - "24".
great podcast. i've been a subscriber since my first listen. kbarri's (do you mind if i call you kbarri?) reactions to the events as they unfold are very similar to mine, except for more girly, but that's cool. we even share the same distrust for laura palmer's dad!! my only complaint: needs more junk in the trunk. ;) all kidding aside, i really hope she does another podcast for season 6. :)
Kristin has that rare gift of humor, insight, intelligence, and wit…You will find yourself laughing your fool head off while gaining valuable insight into the inner-workings of that impenetrable fortress - CTU, along with the mess that is the Logan administration, and of course the man and the myth that is Jack Bauer…so do yourself a favor, subscribe to this podcast, and bathe in the afterglow of this girl’s wicked and unique perspective on all things 24.
This is my favorite 24 podcast. there is something different about this woman and her perspective - it's funny, quirky and offbeat, but stays on target - important for Jack Bauer fans. Keep it up, the pressures on now. Die Veggie recipes, die in beef broth! PS She doesn't realize she curses sometimes and that's why she has the advisory, i'd say PG-13
Not like Audreys glasses at all.. just a good, funny, sometimes a little scary podcast!
I really enjoyed this podcast. Kristin has a real knack for incorporating her personality in every line of plot summary, commentary, and/or random thoughts. "President. Logan. ..... Errrrrgh! I can't stand him." She's funny without really trying to be, which gives the podcast a great, conversational feel. Keep it up!

By Koryr
Really funny 24 podcast! Barrick goes into each episode with a funny look at almost everything! If you hate "The Hobbit" or Kim "Oh my god a cougar is chasing me really slowly" Bauer, then you'll LOVE THIS PODCAST!
This is a great podcast. 24 fans will really enjoy it. Kristin gives you a funny and intelligent view of the episodes, and it's really quite good! It is one of the most entertaining podcasts I have ever heard. Great job, Kristin!