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I would enjoy this podcast more if they showed the goals that were scored. Last time I checked they showed none of the Buffalo goals and that saddens me. Another thing they should do is show clips from the past like a Lafontaine goal or an event that took place. So PLEASE fix this.
I subscribe to this podcast and I have games in my iTunes ready to download through 12/29/07, even though I don't see them listed below (which is strange). The problem is that when I try to load them to my iPod, I get "err=404" so I don't get to see/hear them anyway. iTunes support is horrible not helpful at all. I really love this podcast and wish I could get it to work.
this podcast is ok more stuff.
I am such a huge fan of the Sabres! I love this! Now u can see all the greatest moments in the season right on ur i-Pod! U Rox for putting this on! :)
This is awesome! Being a huge Sabres fan from Michigan, I love this. Especially the tribute video of pat LaFontaine and his number being retired. 5 Stars!
I've watched two episodes now...and my biggest disappointment is that there are no highlights. It's simply listening to Rob Ray and the other guy talk about the game. I don't live anywhere near the Buffalo area anymore and I'm dying to see highlights with our guys talking about them. Hopefully they can get some highlights on this podcast in the future! Until then.....three stars. With the highlights....five stars!
The ShootOut on iTunes is great, especially for those of us who are buffalo fans who dont live in buffalo. Rob Ray holds down the fort for sure.
The shootout is just a great show. It gives you recap and analysis on most Sabres games. The one thing I don't like is that it looked like they were coming out after every game, now its like every couple game. Biggest props to having LaFontaine's number retirement on here. I was at the game and it was just a great spectacle that any long time Sabre fan should see, and new Sabres fans should see the history of the Sabres and how great Pat was.
Is this awesome or what? I love the shootout. You get the replays of the goals, and the show that analyzes them. Download it now!
I love the sabres im the biggest fan there is and the shootout is the best post game show there is so Download it NOW!!