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This show is terrific and a great podcast for beginners as well as those a bit more knowledgable. I have learned pretty much all of my financial knowledge over the years between this show and Ric Edelman and it as proven to work out well for me in general.
I tune in for the first time and the first thing is they are trying to sell me something. Listened for 10 minutes what a waste. If you act now normally only 249 you can get a preorder for only 199 and a drink tumbler.
I absolutely love this podcast! Brian and Bo are so entertaining and amazing at explaining and expressing all things financially independence! I’ve learned a great deal in just a few weeks of becoming a new subscriber. Their website has a great amount of resources that are extremely useful! Highly recommended!! Give it a listen!
I love this podcast. I learn more about nuances of personal finance and personal investing than I ever learned in school. There is a misnomer out there that MBA programs teach you about finance, and even more - those top MBA programs teach you some magic wealth formula. Not true. I have learned way more practical finance knowledge than I did while getting an MBA at HBS. Most academic finance has very little to do with making smart personal financial or investing decisions and can often tempt you to be overconfident because you “should know” how to get rich. These guys explain the hard truth - you have to work for it, save smartly, take prudent risk, know the fine print, etc. I recommend listening to the Money Guy to make sure your home base is well established and protected regardless of your degree, career field, or knowledge.
I love this podcast/YouTube show. Here is what you need to do to be the best. You start with off Dave Ramsey to get out of debt and learn the proper mindsets and answers to scenarios in life. Then you graduate on to Chris Hogan to teach you more next level things about retirement. Finally, you move on to the Money Guy because you’ve already dropped consumer debt and know how to stick with your budget/cash flow management system and you’re focused on having an inspirational retirement. The Money Guy show takes you to those next levels of management that the other shows aren’t trying to reach. Dave is your Bachelors. Chris is your Masters. The Money Guy is your PhD. Brian and Bo, thank you for all you do for us. Sincerely, a Money Guy family member in Washington.
Fresh, interesting, fun, and full of good info. I highly recommend it! Only “criticism” is that often their financial projections are in nominal, not real, terms. That means that even if you can be a millionaire by contributing $100 a month when you start young, that million dollars by age 65 is not able to purchase the same today as it will in 40 years. At 3% inflation, over that 40 year period the purchasing value of your dollar will drop by nearly a fourth—meaning your $1 million is actually able to purchase about $250,000-$300,000 of goods. Brian and Bo know this, undoubtedly, and they are trying to motivate people with the excitement of savings and the “miracle” of compounding, so I’m sympathetic to what they are doing. It just irks me they don’t mention it in passing more regularly because it’s a very important distinction savers need to consider.
Great content and a very important responsible personal finance message that more people should here. But there are far more millionaires from private colleges as a PERCENTAGE of graduates.
I love the deep breakdown and the consistency to their FOO. I prefer the YouTube videos as they share some amazing visual slides showing the impact that some simple decisions can make in your long term journey to financial independence.
Simply the best!
Definitely tons to learn from their content. Be sure to check out their previous episodes as well!
Enjoy most of your episodes and advice. This new car comparison doesn't apply to fiscal responsibility. At least not for the majority who should be buying used. A new car is a luxury. This episode came across as Brian defending his purchase of a Tesla.
One of my favorite go-to podcasts for furthering my personal finnance education. Easy to listen to and they make me smarter.
Brian and Bo have great content. I have two nitpicks. (1) Brian and Bo grossly overuse the phrase “measure twice and cut once.” They don’t just use it in every episode. They use it four or five times in every episode. Guys, find a new metaphor. (2) Brian and Bo often don’t finish a sentence. Brian especially gets excited and starts a sentence, cuts himself off and starts a new sentence, and keeps doing it. Brian — slow down and articulate yourself clearly.
This is my favorite podcast in any category. I learn something valuable every time I listen and so appreciate this content. It is timely and easy to understand and I am always excited to see the next episode. Watching on YouTube takes it up another notch and I am so grateful for the show, the hosts, and their whole team for the time they invest in education. Thank You!!!
Brian’s and Bo do a great job of building on the basics of personal finance. As someone in their 30s trying to achieve financial independence someday, I learn something new on nearly every show. Plus you can tell they’re just genuinely good dudes. Keep up the great work!
I would of listen to this instead of going to business school. The amount of value these guys provide is unmatched by any other podcast.
yup this is the show plan on recommending it to everybody that thinks about winning with money
Brain and Bo are the financial educators that we all need. The material presented is evidenced based and updated as the financial literature is updated. I really appreciated your scholastic, but digestible approach to finance. Thanks and God bless!!!
These guys cover all kinds of Financial topics from saving money on everyday items to asset allocation and location to lost harvesting. Very well done.
I have been listening to lots of financial podcasts lately and this is clearly one of the best. I don’t generally write reviews for podcasts but this episode “how to invest money at different ages” made me write. Nice wrap up for the year. Keep it going guys. You both are the best.
Brian and Bo give so much amazing information and inspiring their listeners to never give up. Start young, that’s the best advice you can give. They go into numbers and tell you how little you need of you start young, but they give information for all ages also. Thank you both for your voices in the financial space.
The Money Guy show is outstanding! They have an uncanny ability to explain and entertain financial concepts for all to enjoy. I love this show so much I am disappointed when they don’t have a new episode out after listening to the latest one. Keep it comin’ Money Guys!
Thank you so much for all the free advice, loved the show! Started watching/listening to your show earlier this year. Once I got all caught up, and hooked, went back and started from the first episode! Keep up the great work Gentlemen!
Really practical, genuine advice for anyone looking to get their financial health in order. No gimmicks, or sell-to-you ads that make you suspicious of the content. Refreshing easy to understand at any level, and engaging personalities to match. Brian has a goofy Dad sort of approach, but can still relate to a younger audience. Bo, his sidekick, fills the role of speaking to the ‘Millennials’ which makes for a very charismatic combination. I’ve learned a great deal from this team, and they have become my binge podcast, and my favorite place to learn how to get my order of operations set. Highly recommended!!!
Long time listener, over 2 years now. Content is fantastic advice for people at EVERY level of finance. I love that the advice is realistic, and encourages responsible use of all financial tools. Cannot recommend enough. Keep up the great work!
Love these guys. Excellent examples, keep it simple but tackle complex concepts. Like when they summarize at the end.
There’s so much out there about investing and maximizing your dollar that it sometimes tests you off path. This show really helps to put everything into perspective. It’s like a weekly dose of “you’re doing the right thing, just stick with it”. The most basic financial advice meant to be as easy to understand. Love this show!
This is one of the best financial podcasts out there. These guys are so sincere and enthusiastic about their message. They really want to help people and I always look forward to their latest episodes. Whether you listen on iTunes or stream them on YouTube, you will not be disappointed. I feel so much more confident after listening to them and taking their advice.
I was going back in forth in my mind as to whether or not to follow Dave Ramsey’s plan to pay off ALL debt before buying a home and investing. The only debt I have left is my student loan. It is locked in at 3% fixed rate and the payment is low although the balance isn’t pennies. I’m in my 30s and it didn’t make sense to me to focus on that low rate debt before buying a home and investing and Brian and Beau confirmed that! I can stop stressing now. These guys are really smart and know their stuff.
Absolutely phenomenal content and perfectly tailored for multiple audiences. I find this podcast tremendously helpful for motivation, inspiration, and knowledge that isn’t just for basic listeners but for those well versed in the financial markets. I absolutely love the content and principles of sound financial management you all are putting out. Chicago listener!
The content of this podcast is simply amazing! I like to think of the other big financial radio host (DR) as one for the masses of people who have little to no financial education and lack the basic self control skills needed to put themselves in the position to succeed financially. The Money Guy podcast is essentially a masters course in personal finance for those serious about financial success. If you can’t stop maxing your credit cards and can’t pay your bills on time this may not be the podcast for you. However if you have laid the proper foundation Brian and Bo will for free give you the skill sets and guidance needed to build your own financial skyscraper!
I came about this podcast from listening to Dave Ramsey and find the advice the guys offer to be very good and easy to follow. I currently don’t feel like I have enough to seek a financial planner, so this podcast helps me along the way as I figure my own road. I personally love the tangents and banter. Also, as a southern man living in Oregon, I also love the Southern accent and common sense wisdom.
I’ve been listening to these guys for a few years now. They talk about practical topics and are always entertaining.
One of the best finance podcasts out there. They’ve been doing it for a long time and continue to provide great content while keeping things light.
Thank you for the recent episode on sharing some of your Investing mistakes. I have some similar experiences as well😀
I have been listening to Brian for years now. He has had tons of great advice over the years that I have been able to share with friends and co-workers. It is fun being able to understand things from the down to earth way Brian presents the information and then turn around and teach others. Great show!
I have been a fan since Brian started this podcast in 2006. It seems to get better and I think it's because of Brian & Bo's sincerity. I never miss an episode.
This podcast has been life changing! As a young woman in her 20’s I am so encouraged. I have been binging episodes all day and forwarding to family & friends. I feel like I’ve found hidden treasure in this wealth of free information! #ABlessing
It’s hard to find financial advice in the media that is nuanced. These guys do a great job of providing core financial principle advice without being strident. They might not get you motivated like Dave Ramsey to take action toward financial independence, but they do provide a sober insight into how to achieve it with thoughtful analysis.
Been listening for a year now. Love it! I have learned so much from these guys. They deliver the content in such a great way!


By Sam-NH
Best financial podcast out there. I even emailed them a specific question and got a response back in a week.
I am not one to do reviews but these guys were so normal with great advice that I ended up hiring them as financial advisors. Whether you do that or not does not matter but the podcast is very good in a variety of areas
I have been listening to this podcast regularly now for 10 years after stumbling across it by accident. It is the only podcast I record now and I look forward to each new episode....(listen when I take my weekly run). They teach the basics and are strong on common sense. What makes you financially successful carries over to other areas of life. I consider them my financial advisors without them knowing it. I have recommended this podcast to friends and family who all similarly love it.
Just started listening this week and am enjoying this fun and informational financial banter! Their experience lends itself well to an interesting and thought-provoking look at the varying angles of personal finance and investing. Keep up the good work fellas!
I have been listening to this Podcast from the beginning. My hobby is helping others invest and I have been going it for over 30 years. This Podcast is one of the best informational places to get good solid investing advice!!!
Great info presented well and in terms that can be understood. Keep it up guys! -Allen
These guys are easy to listen to, down to earth and explain in a manner we all can understand. This is an excellent finanical podcast. Always look forward to next new episode. Brain and Bo would be fun to hang out with at the neighborhood cookout.
I look forward to each week’s episode. I learn something every week. Very informative and real. Best finance podcast!