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This show is amazing! This show helped flip the switch in my wife to finally be interested our finances. I read a lot of personal finance books but I still learn a ton from this show! They talk in a way that anyone can understand. Love the down to earth examples! The show addresses every stage of life. My wife and I are in our 20s and are so happy to apply this info to our lives.
Love Love Love your show guys! You inspire, entertain, and educate! Been listening for just a few months and have already gained so much insight! With four kids in middle school, high schol and college, your last podcast on college savings was much appreciated! WIsh I heard some of this stuff 15 years ago! Keep up the great work!
This is one of the top 5 podcasts on my list. The information is great and always brought to help us average joes manage our finances better. Brian and Bo are entertaining and stay mostly on point during the shows. Also, no ads at all! It’s great to be able to get good information from guys who are here just to provide value. My finances are better as a result of this podcast and I can honestly say I look forward to the episodes.
Throughly enjoy listening to this podcast. Down to earth talk that is easy to understand and never boring. Great source of information.
This is premium content for free. If you’re looking for a financial podcast that covers retirement, tax avoidance, and investing than this is the one for you.
As a fee-only CFP myself, I always find helpful tidbits to pass on to my clients. But please don't read reviews of your show at the beginning of your podcast. We have enough self-promotion, patting self-on-the-back in the twitter-sphere right now. Its a waste of my precious listening time. Dropped a star because of it.....
I drive a truck for a living and the last thing I need is a podcast that will put me to sleep. Not Brian and Bo they have great info and they keep it very interesting. Highly recommend this podcast for everyone wanting to get ahead with their money.
I have been listening to Brian since he started this podcast. Great content and even humorous. I know have my 22 year old listening to this great podcast.
Brian & Bo are not only passionate about sharing their expertise of wealth management, they seem like genuinely down to earth, great guys. Whether you are a novice or an expert yourself, I highly recommend subscribing if you are serious about getting your finances and investments in order.
They have tackled great topics such as maxing out HSA vs 401K and many others that I was curious about. Living in NYC it's also nice to listen to southern guys ha!
My absolute favorite podcast! I don't miss a single episode!
I was fortunate enough that these guys had stumbled upon me while I was at work, working on something for them. I was intrigued, and had decided to listened to the podcast on my way home from work. Being a 26 year old guy, these two have an amazing arsenal of insight, experience, and knowledge that I know without a doubt will help me with my future endeavors. I'm learning so much by listening and would suggest this podcast for anyone and everyone! Make sure you go to there website, for an amazing blog too! Wish I started listening to them back in High School!
Brian host of The Money Guy Show highlights all aspects of inesting in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
I love having the money guy show be a part of my constant encouragement to improve my financial situation. I would encourage Brian and Bo to not be afraid to dive a little deeper. They have been doing a few more deeper shows recently and I appreciate the more intense content. It really isn't as intimidating you might have thought.


I have been listening to this Podcast from the beginning. My hobby is helping others invest and I have been going it for over 30 years. This Podcast is one of the best informational places to get good solid investing advice!!!
One of the best Financial podcasts out there! Great, common sense info that is well delivered and presented with great clarity. I have been a regular listener for the past ten years. Brian and Bo continue to add value and great content that is relevant and easy to understand.
I've learned a ton of practical information!
Really enjoy learning and listening to this podcast! So useful and enjoyable!
Brian and Bo are great hosts - friendly and professional. They share enough information about themselves and their backgrounds so that you feel like you know them, but not so much that it crosses the line into becoming about only them. I also like they switch back and forth from practical topics (such as tips and tricks to use to save money on vacations) to topics about the emotions and pyschology of money (such as the human drive to sell when the market falls and buy when the market rises even though in theory everyone knows you should be doing the opposite with the old adage buy low and sell high).
Brian and Bo are money professionals. They drop some serious info on each show. It’s never overwhelming, but always full of detail and actions steps. This show is so important to LifeInFIRE. Structuring a money plan within their framework is so critical to making a chunk of your life easier, happier, better. I wish I hadn’t missed the first few years. GREAT JOB guys!
I really enjoy this podcast. There is a ton of useful information. I really like that it doesn't have the feel of always trying to sell something.
If you are looking for a financial podcast that is more advanced than the "pay off your credit cards", "pay yourself first" beginner concept podcasts, give Brian and Bo a listen. As a consumer you need to have your head in the game about your own money, and these guys will get you on the right track. I started listening to this podcast over a year ago, and as I reflect on my family's financial progress this year, much of it is due to this podcast and "taking the relationship to the next level." Here's to more great podcasts in 2017 - and to a prosperous year.

By JTB32
Common Sense Money Advise when the financial media is pushing nothing but noise. Brian and Bo are fantastic. Highly recommend!
I've listened to Brian and Bo for a few months and I've been won over by their podcast. Down to earth discussions on finance and some other life issues. Yes, they do promote their business - however, face it - we all have to make a living and these guys do what they love and it shows. And if you don't believe it, contact them with a question on becoming a client - you will really be blown away on how they do business. Great job!
I've listened to this podcast since the beginning and have found it to be a tremendous source of info. Thanks Brian and Bo for putting out a lot of great info for free!
I've been listening to this for years. It is still the best financial planning and investing podcast that I've found.
Bo and Brian are outstanding! Their show is educational, fun, and creative. They touch on topics that I really enjoy. Love the show!!
I have been listening to this podcast for several years and it is great. I have learned a ton! I have also emailed several times with questions and they have always responded promptly with excellent advice.
Love listening in. Brian is a great host, really engaging and has a great perspective. Always learn something new
I really like listening to this podcast. Sometimes they can get a little long winded, but the overall content is very good. I recommend this podcast to anyone who's investing or looking to invest.
The "Listener's Questions" podcast was great. I find this format very interesting as in most cases other listeners have the same concerns and questions as I do. Please, please consider changing to this format permanently. Great Job!
I've been listening to Brian for the past eight years and the wealth of knowledge he brings to financial decision-making is great. He and Bo explain everything in a very simple manner. They are a great resource for people of all financial levels.
Fantastic Podcast. Informative, interesting and entertaining. Five Stars.
Brian and Bo, congratulations on your 10th anniversary of the podcast! I’ve been a listener almost from the beginning (pre-Bo). The primary reason I’ve been engaged so long is the quality and consistency of the advice. This is money management 101 and an excellent resource whether you’re just getting started in life, or you’re more successful and you want a reality check on the advice you’re getting from your current advisors. If you have young adults in your life (kids, nieces/nephews, grandkids, …), it’s a must listen to help get them onto the right path early in life, when it’s easy. They are careful to make sure they cover the basics, but also go the next step to “beyond common sense” so you can think about when it might make sense to take on a little more risk or think about things differently. Last year I made the jump to become a client and all of my interactions have been consistent with the mental picture I had from the podcast (except we can now customize the advice to my situation). Once again, congratulations on the 10th anniversary and looking forward to many more years of advice.
I am a married high-earning female professional and a long-time listener. Advice on this show is good but the clear focus on a presumably male audience is a bit tiresome. The November 6 podcast “11 Dangerous Financial Mistakes Couples Make” once again has the money guys talking about how their wives don’t really understand money and need simple explanations of things and reminds high-earning men not to forget about the retirement benefits that their pulic-school teaching gives may get. I am certain that this is not meant as an intentional slight, but a little self-awareness might go a long way in attracting female listeners.
I have been listening to this podcast for a while now , and have listened to many other financial advice related podcasts as well. But the difference between others and this is : Honst and earnest discussion with common people in mind without pushing for becoming a client Most relevant topics ranging from Teens to eBates with step by step analysis and explanation I love listening to every episide and wll try and take the relation to next level some day soon. Brian seems like the guy I can be comfortable dicussing my finacial plan with for sure.
Do yourself a favor and tune in to Brian and Bo! The service they provide is truly exceptional - a free and relevant show about personal finance. To top it off, they are enjoyable to listen to and share generously with their audience about their own lives and experiences. I actually e-mailed a question to Bo and he responded immediately with information that I believe will assist us with our financial planning. Thank you Brian, Bo, and all the Money-Guy staff!
I've been a listener for a couple of years now and view the Money-Guy podcast as a financial trainer, much like a fitness personal trainer or coach. As with a personal trainer, even if we know all the exercises it still helps to have someone reminding us every so often to "do this" or "think about that", drilling us on the basics (and beyond). I find it motivation to become - and stay - financially fit. Good solid information in an easy to digest, friendly, podcast that helps keep guiding principles in mind.
These guys are great. Thanks money guys! Keep up the good work. Good advise from two nice guys. I can tell they love what they do and are using the pod cast to help people that can't get professional help. I have yet to hear one thing I think is wrong.
brian and bo present biweekly financial information that is practical and timely to all that are concerned with their financial wellbeing......with their accounting and financial planner backgrounds, they are able to lead you through all the financial information clutter and keep you on the right financial path......
I just have to put in my $.02 about the Money Guy Podcast. I’d have to say that I haven’t missed a show in the past two years since discovering them. They are entertaining, thoughtful and full of great ideas. I recommend The Money Guy show to everyone whether you starting out on your financial journey or a seasoned pro - there is something for everyone!
A great podcast on personal finance. They cover a wide scope of topics and offer a sound thought process to their perspective. I have been listening for years and find the show very informative.
I’ve been an avid listener since 2011. I wish I had found this podcast sooner! Great common sense approach to a complex field. Material is communicated and explained extremely well. I’ve told countless friends, family, and coworkers about Brian and Bo. It’s obvious these guys know what they’re talking about and that they truly believe and live what they preach. Not only is the content top notch, it’s not boring. They do a great job incorporating pop coulter and are candid enough to make you feel like you know them. Someday I will be their client. Thank you Brian and Bo! Keep it up fellas!
Great financial info, listerner for 3+ yrs now. Way, way too much personal stuff now in shows. Used to be occasional now too much info for me.
I've been listening to this podcast since 2006 and I probably never would have made it to retirement if it weren't for Brian Preston (and now Bo Hanson). Although I can't agree with everything they say, I sure appreciate it and still do. I would have been much better off if they'd been around when I started my career but I am so thankful Brian started his podcast and I still listen religiously. Thanks and I highly recommend this for everyone!!!
This is one of my regular downloads. Wish they made it weekly.
One of my absolute fav podcasts. It's like getting advice from family - only they're SMART! So the advice is good, and the show is fun. Covers saving, investing, living on purpose. Bonus: Brian's CPA background means he gives good tax advice. Trust me, I'm a CPA/CFP(r) w/ an MS in Taxation, this is not the case with many other shows. Highly recommend this show!
I've been listening to the show for the last two years and think it is excellent. I'm an accountant by training, so have familiarity with most topics, but still feel I'm learning and having my viewpoints either challenged or bolstered every 2 weeks. Definitely recommended.
Great money show. The hosts are very relatable. Great balance of humor and personal finance.
I love listening to the podcast. These guys have some of the best financial knowledge available today. Love it!