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I really enjoy waking up to a new song or band that I have never heard of before. Also have added a bunch of the new songs to my playlists! Thank you
Sometimes it’s the one song you needed to hear, and you never would have heard it anywhere else.
I don’t like this podcast... it’s just weird.. and the bad type.. see for yourself
makes me so happy. what a great way to start my morning!
Had about 200 songs saved that just vanished one day upon opening what the _ ???!!!!!!!
Look forward to seeing KEXP in my feed every day. Great way to expand your music collecting.
Thay are just... bad. See yourself
The only thing that could take out over the top is a Kazakh popera song once in a blue moon :)
If you like good, non mainstream, independent, “college” music, this is the best place to be. I listen to new music all week long and nothing comes close to KEXP in delivering the best of new fresh music. I have saved hundreds of songs over the years and this would be what I take with me to the proverbial desert island.
It’s you! I’ve been a listener since before tablets via iMac. I can’t imagine not being able to discover new music vi this podcast.Thank you for all the amazing years of music. Don’t ever change.
Imagine a daily one song podcast that is as awesome as KEXP. Can you imagine how many awesome artists you’d be clued into that way?
I’ve been listening for years and have always been impressed. I’ve discovered several of my now-favorite artists through this daily podcast. Thank you for what you do!
The gold standard all other music podcasts should strive for.
I love that there’s no hosts or commentators with their own opinions. You get to listen to all genres of new music and get to choose how you feel about it. Plain and simple.
Music nicely done
Every weekday, it’s a brand new song in your feed! By artists I love, or more often a band I’ve never heard of. Sometimes it won’t be your taste, but probably at least weekly, I’ll hear a song I love, sending me to Spotify to save the song and investigate the band’s catalog.
Gooo ahead
Thanks KEXP, I take the podcasts around the world on my regular travels and discover new music while exploring new sites on my runs. Great memories made with this music and proud to be a donor for more than 10 years. Look forward to my upcoming move to Everett to listen on the radio!
Almost without fail, everytime I download a song from KEXP's Song of the Day Podcast, I discover another artist that I like. Whoever chooses these songs is totally in sync with my tastes. It's like you sneak in at night and look over my collection and say "hey, I know of another musician I think he'll like". Thank you!
Love hearing new songs every day. Great selection.
The music is phenomenal and the mix is highly eclectic. For the last two or three months it's been almost impossible to download. This doesn't happen with similar podcasts so there must be a problem with KEXP's podcast distribution.
I can't get the podcast to work, either streaming or download.
If you want something unique and genuine every day SUBSCRIBE!!!! They’re AWESOME!!!!
Great way to discover new music. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this podcast.
This podcast is a great resource for discovering great new music.
Oh my god I loved the song by: Gillgan moss " Choreograph" but I don't seem to have the podcast anymore and that was my favorite so I have been searchingfor it and I can't find it! Please write back! Senserly, mothman278
I love this podcast, please fix it.
From their website: "All Podcasts Currently Offline Apologies, but due to technical issues all of our podcasts are offline. This includes our site and podcast services like iTunes as well. Please be aware that we are working on the issue and will bring them back as soon as possible to keep the great music and experiences coming to you!"
Their website has been down since last week. These songs are no longer available.
It used to be that one out of every ten songs put up here was worth listening to, these days that ratio has gone down down down. Fire your music director, they're boring.
Hot Hot Hot! Watch out for this! Mash up de place!
so coooooool~
Great podcast, great music, and a lot of variety.
This is my favorite podcast ever. 260 new songs every year, of which I like 250 and love many enough to go by the full albums. This stations is awesome!!!!!
The music that KEXP has provided me has made my commutes seem faster, 40+ mile bike rides smoother and work around the house easier. The only ones to give credit to are KEXP. I get bored with the musical trends easily but their songs have kept me interested for a couple years now. Thanks KEXP for delivering good music vs. the lame Top 40 crap that gets recycled everywhere.
Huge fan of kexp in general due to how they bring excellent lesser known music to the forefront. Even when it's not the kind of music I like, I enjoy or at least appreciate these daily picks. And when the pick is unknown to me, it often leads to other finds.
Love being able to hear all these awesome songs!
I really like this podcast its awesome But I have one question. Does KEXP have the song genesis by grimes please let me know! Thanks!
It's the first thing I turn to after I fill my coffee cup in the morning.
This podcast gives meaning to my life. Thanks KEXP!
This podcast is really good, cool and I really like it! The music you get every day is different from any other day and you are exposed to artists that you would have never heard of otherwise.
Doesn't matter what kind of music you like - you can find it here. Free.
I love this Podcast and this station. I listen to KEXP locally every day and discover new music and artists every time I listen. It's nice to see that so many other people appreciate really good music too.
Best podcast ever! As a dancer and choreographer, this podcast is a must-have!! Many thanks to the creators of this podcast, I'd be lost without you :)
So it's nice to discover some new artists and get some new singles from old favorites. However, KEXP might be a little heavy on lo-fi, off-key singing indie artists, but for the most part it's cool. Would love to see a new Throw Me the Statue song on here. Great band that I found through the podcast.


KEXP is awesome. THE best source for a wide variety of new music.