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These stop motions were awesome and they really drew me in! Please make more of these! Especially the LEGO ones! I LOVE levies especially LEGO stop motion!
I don't understand why they make ones like "Penalty shot" and "Those Thwickanham Knights". The actual cartoons are like 5 seconds long. "Bloody Snow" was well animated.
Please make more! They are awesome!
Lol lol lol make sequal rowfl
the animations are really great and entertaining, and they should consider making more animations!!!!!!!
Nice animations! Bloody Snow is just sweet!


its really good. u did a great job
The podcast is great. I love the stuff. Just you need to get some more episodes out. I would love to see more of the viking five and them twickenham knights and stuff.
Lol worth downloading
very nice job guys.i used to love legos! make alot more episodes!!!! 5 stars! lol rofl


Yah, this is great for being free. the animation is great and everything! 5/5!
worth getting for free. i cant think of another good lego and playmobile animation than this
I love legos they are so cool. I ts awesome how they use legos and playmobils. One thing tyhey should have is Bachman Ho scale trains chasing people running on the tracks would be a great addition to the vids. Rock On svencentral
wow, you guys really know how to do stop anmation. the only thing wrong about this was the slight problem with the sound, and a better camera. but everything else was great.