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You are horrible people
The first episode is so difficult to listen to. Plus his voice is not please tell to listen to. Couldn’t go any furtber
I didn’t find much new information here that isn’t better realized elsewhere. I also had trouble with one episode having loud music. It has become popular in documentaries to include unnecessary and overbearing music. Wish that would stop as the audience priority is what is being said.


By YmC210
Uninteresting and biased. This podcast is looking for something that’s not there. Furthermore the podcast describing any facet of 9/11 as a “riveting, don’t-miss controversy” is despicable. Pass on this podcast.
What about all Obama has done to strip the American people of all their freedom???
To all you people that may be on the fence. Let Michael and his guests help you make a sound informative decision. Yes question and research for yourself as well. Thank you Michael.
An open mind is needed before you listen, but once you hear this you'll realize that our government has been untruthful to everyone. Visibility 9-11 is a very informative podcast with plenty of evidence to support their statements. It's great to know that there are people like Michael who are willing to expose those liars and share with everyone the truth about 9-11 as well as other events in history that were fabricated.
I am retired military. Been there done that. Not inside jobs on anything you think. Lost some good people. Day 9/11 happened we we first to respond fron NC. Go insult someone else
I downloaded and listened to a few episodes of Visibility 9-11 and I couldnt believe how completely misinformed Michael Wolsey actually is about almost all of his speaking points. Here is a guy that talks about his paranoid view of the government with absolutely no factual information at all. Wolsey should really do some research if he wants to talk about this topic.
Ever since i subscribed to this podcast ive been listening to it nonstop in my car. Some of them ive listened to 2 or 3 times in a row. Great information and expert interviews make this podcast a must listen for anyone wanting answers about what really happened on Sept. 11, 2001.
Having downloaded and listened to all of his podcasts, and having listened to some podcasts twice or three times, I eagerly await each podcast. They are all stored and saved, never to be lost to me. I am hungry for more, Michael. Never stop. Excellent podcasts for those who want to know. K From K
This is an amazing podcast! Mr. Wolsey has a vast array of extremely intellegent and well educated guests who have each in their own way become members of what is now known as the 9/11 Truth Movement. Everyone however, seems very down to earth and easy to listen to considering the serious and mult-faceted subject matter. Neither Wolsey nor his guests seem to have any particular agenda other than a shared interest in getting to the truth of what really happened on 9/11/2001. Wolsey himself often encourages us NOT to soley take his word for things but to go out and be our own truth seekers. You will be glad there are so many episodes archived since I predict you will get hooked after a show or two and find yourself wanting to learn more and more.
Why don't we hear this through the main stream media? This should be required listening for all Americans!
I was apprehensive about listening to this podcast. I recently checked out another one about permaculture and self sufficiency but the guy doing that show was like a know it all jerk who would rub your face in his sweaty armpit after he finished mowing his lawn. This show is nothing like that! This show is approachable, presented by a group of people who don't think they are smarter than you and they really give you a ton of fantastic resources to further your own search. This podcast makes me excited that there really are people awakening out there who will be standing with me in the front lines taking back our freedoms from this corporate global elite, and reinstating a real American Democracy! Stay awake listen to this, turn off your crappy tv.
I downloaded one show to give it a try, next thing you know I have downloaded almost every episode that is available. Even if you think you know about everything 911 or just starting to wake up, listen to the show and you will learn a lot about what is really going on in the world today.The show features many prominent people in the movement and Mr. Wolsey obviously works very had to put such a great informative show together each and every week.