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By nuklar
I have been listening for years, truly a great podcast, and the whole station as well! I listen often through TuneIn, great job!
The quality music that is shared in this podcast has caused me many many hours of enjoyment. Thank you for putting together a perfect 2 hour show week in and week out. 5 Star!
Thank you for supplying me with hours and hours of my favorite music and for introducing me to new stuff I wouldn’t have found otherwise!! I’ve listened to almost every episode since I discovered Endless Boundaries and absolutely love going back thru the earlier shows. Congratulations on getting close to episode 1000! Really looking forward to something special on that one :) you’ve inspired me to start my own podcast series.
Jaybirds passion for the music shines as he shares some of his favorite tracks with us.
The DJ J-Bird is always topical and current with shows and music releases. Great music! Keep up the awesome work!
Keeping up with the jam band scene while being sprinkled with just good music in general. Jay Bird is great at weaving the podcast into a beautiful collage with Phish smacked in the middle. Love it!
USA! Living in Singapore as a Jam Band fan is difficult. You show keeps me connected!
This is the jam scene digitized! One of the best music podcasts available for sure, especially for those of us who dig roots rock, reggae, jamtronica, blues, jazz and more. Extensive archive of live shows with a chill-fly DJ from Philly. Regularly updated shows with some lasting over 3 hours! Perfect for my workouts and hikes. Big love
Really missed you this past month, lots of good thoughts your way. Glad you’re back and all is well. ✌️
The best jam cast available year after year.
My favorite podcast by far. I look forward to it every week. Great source for new music and what's going on in the jam band scene.
Have been listening to Jaybird live when I can via tune-in but when I can't I use the podcast to keep in touch. I also never get on a plane without an episode or two on my phone. If you like this take a look at Selecta Jerry and the Sounds of the Caribbean podcast.
I've been listening for years and I encourage you to subscribe to this podcast. Jay Bird brings the heat. Thanks for the tunes.
Phish Phan here, and thanks to E.B. for introducing me to lots of other great stuff, while providing a great Phish Phix to boot...
Consistently putting out the best music with EVERY episode. Thanks *play more \mm/
My 3 year old and I love to listen to your podcast. Good stuff -keep it up -JB
This is my favorite radio show. When I can't catch it live I'll get the podcast. Try listening live!
This podcast never disappoints. I've been introduced to so much music across so many different genres. Whenever I mention Endless Boundaries to touring bands in South Florida, they know exactly what I'm talking about. Phish, Umphreys's McGee, The Heavy Pets, Cabinet, Old Crow Medicine Show, Jimkata, Papadosio, Todd Clouser, SOJA, I could go on and on, but you get the idea.
Thanks for my weekly dose. I grew up near Philly but now trade my time between Alaska and Ecuador. Your show is a great mix of new music with some old venues. The South Americans dig it as well. Thanks for the weekly phish fix.
Such a well produced and executed show, tons of variety while always respecting the classics as well, just a perfect balance of everything in and around the jam scene. I would give 6 out of 5 stars if possible been listening to for years now and always look forward to the next episode. Thanks Jaybird!!!
One awesome show. I can keep up with new and older music. Thanks for the great tunes.
Vargs, doing accounting work with the sun shining outside becomes tolerable whilst listening to Dub Talking Heads. Keep the jams coming forthright. Tommy Clark in CMCH.
Great mix of Dead, Phish, reggae, funk, and new Jammy music. Jaybird has introduced me to some stellar new bands. Great ticket giveaways and festival coverage. If you can't listen live via the app, the podcasts are an excellent recap.
Jay Bird has the perfect mix to keep us jam band fans entertained and interested. This show is what Sirius Jam On should be.
Really great show with awesome content and an awesome host. Jay bird successfully brings new music from the Jam, EDM, Reggae, and all around talent filled scenes every week. Literally hits the full spectrum and makes you wanna go see more live music. Also has awesome give-aways when he airs the live show!
It's hard to find a good jam band radio show, but jay bird is always slinging solid jams. Nice mix of electric, blue grass, reggae and phish jams.
Always look forward to listening to this podcast. Great show format, jbird spins a wide range of cuts from the eclectic & nebulous genre that is jam. I've discovered some great new music from this show...thanks!
from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the positive feedback of the show. i look forward to kicking out heavier jams and dubs in 2012. look for the best year of endless boundaries jam radio yet! cheers, jaybird
Very hard to find a great station for eclectic jam. If you know more, Pass it over.....
This Podcast Is the Best mixture of music for the Jamband scene. Endless boundaries is a weekly must for me.
Loving the show here in Richmond. Perfect for kicking back and relaxing with some buds. See ya at some phish shows
This is the greatest mix you will hear of reggae and the jam scene, including lesser known but incredibly talented musicians. Thanks for the love each week! It wouldn't hurt to hear some Furthur though :)
Jason Varga brings his local radio listeners (Pemberton, NJ) music, news and concert updates from bands in the jam music scene. His hour long Endless Boundaries Podcasts include highlights from his radio show and exclusive podcast extras. Staples of the show - Phish, Umphrey's McGee, Widespread Panic and Bob Marley. J-bird presents new music, and segments include acoustic music and live Phish.
"Set the gearshift to the high gear of your soul. You've got to run like an antelope out of control." if you want to jam...then this one is for you.


By clew17
one of my favorite podcasts on the net. i'm a big fan of classic phish and the dead but love the exposure to dub, electronica and other new jambands. keep up the great work, jaybird - it's appreciated. cheers
Can't go wrong with any of these episodes! Just sit back and let J-Bird experience you.
Oh you must stay tuned into this one. I'm spreadin' the word. This the definition of music. Not just "jam music." Future music. Or at the very least, where music should be if the world was spinnin' to a phat beat. Keep on turnin' the people on. 
Best live music podcast available period.
Endless Boundaries Jam Radio is the greatest jam podcast out there!
....3 weeks off tour and soon to be back on the road. Lovin' the tunes it's a beautiful thing!! Enjoy the kind... see ya in Red Rocks
Variety is the spice of life and jaybird most definitely knows how to provide it... good solid mix of music from a nice blend of genres that all keep in line with the "jam" mentality... Keep it comin!
Jay Bird is by far the most important DJof the modern jam band nation. He always knows how to put me in the right mood. PHUNKBUDDHA
I just discovered your show - great stuff! Thanks!
Keep the crunchy tunes flowin Jaybird. We're freakin by the speaker in Houston.
There aren't many jam music radio shows in America... so we're really lucky that one of the best, Endless Boundaries, serves up a podcast edition for free that you can listen to anytime. This excellent show has turned me onto many bands and has played many others that I already loved.


I am a HUGE fan of the Breakfast, and it's so rare that people actually listen and make note of their incredible guitar/drums jams. Thanks so much - I'm subscribing (based only on the fact that you play the Breakfast!) I love many of the other bands you have too - great podcast! :) If you want/need any more of their INCREDIBLE live jams, check out thebreakfast.info, or archive.org. They're playing with Moe this week in Utica... :)
Only 6 reviews for this podcast? I can't believe there aren't 6 thousand or 6 milline since this is a fantastic podcast. Jaybird is the man for jamband radio.


i have been listening for a while and i love the show. keep up the good work jaybird!