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where is the audiobook that says ?? come on i need it and is asking me for money ok i pay it here on itunes but not on your page.


By Lilhb90
All I hear is this guy telling me to donate money! All I need is the book man!
Terrible i didn't hear anyone but tht guy who told me to donate money
Just no.
Err why does it keep on asking me to make a donation if it's free..?
I think this a fairly good podcast. The main problem is all the great "stuff" Mr. Barnes leaves out. He leaves out many things that are essential to this novel. In chapter 5 he never mentions why Mrs. Maudie destroys nut grass and what this symbolozes. All of the flowers in the novel symbolize something and are important, just like Mayella's geraniums in chapter 17. This postcast needs stronger content.
nice man im glad there is a person who can help those who need it. thanks.
Thanks soooo muchh this is helping me out a lot!! You're the best! These may not be full length chapters but they are the perfect summaries! You really help identify key points in the chapters and I, as well as i'm sure everybody else who listens to these, really appreciate it. I havent really paid attention to this book in school, and so these podcasts give me a good boost with info. and places to find important topics. Thankyou sooooo much!! You're really help ful! Keep it up!
We are starting this book in English class and its hard to stay awakein that class so these help out a ton!!!!!!! Thanks!
This is a great review for the book "To Kill a Mocking bird". I have a test over this book tomarow and this has really helped. Plus, unlike sparknotes, IT'S FREE!!!!!!
You're the man
Good work man, i allready read the book last year, and now i need to read it again this year. I remember most of it but this is a real god send thanks bro god bless


very useful
I loved the idea, great idea, get it