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It seems that I always listen to the right episode at the right time, which makes me feel even more connected to the Universe. It's not always easy to find spiritual teachers that you resonate with so strongly, but I have found this in Alyssa and Zack through this podcast. The way that they so lovingly craft their conversations makes it difficult for me to put my phone or laptop down and stop listening! I have learned so much that resonates powerfully, and I'm excited to continue learning and *remembering* more with their guidance!


By Anias B
it seems like every episode i listen to i am remembering something I already knew on a soul level. So grateful for you guys aiding me in my journey! Will be sharing with my friends.
I am just in the beginning on my journey of spirituality. I have been doing a personal study for about a year after being buried in a depression. I had lost my childhood home, my family as I knew it, and many aspects of my life began to crumble. I just had to stand upon my own shoulders to see the light. It was a lengthy build up, but I broke the cycle. I transcended my previously programmed reality and grabbed the reigns of my mind. This podcast has helped me find guidance and validation. I feel like each time I press play, the episode is exactly what I need to hear in order to complete an idea I've already been working upon in meditation. Not only does it expand upon that idea, but it sparks so many others. I love Alyssa and Zack. They have great chemistry and are very well articulated. This podcast has some advanced vocabulary, but nothing a quick research won't help. I either look it up to expand, or decide I am not ready yet. The couple do a wonderful job of composing the material so it flows nicely. Well done. Thank you for the show and I hope more people find this light. Much luck, love, and light to you and your endeavors.
I feel so much gratitude for this podcast, the raw spirituality network and the service y’all provide. This podcast has helped give my life more direction, peace and purpose. So excited to share with other light workers! 💙💚❤️💜🧡
Alyssa and Zack speak my language, it’s so great to hear it articulated and out loud. They make sense of this world and the one I remember (try to), it’s such a high level of understanding. Thank you for doing this. I just signed up as a 4.44 patron and I “happened” to look at the time right after and it was 4:44pm, how’s that for a message, ha!
I was so thankful today when Zach said that you guys miss our energy when you’re not doing the podcast because that is exactly how I feel. Y’all radiate love through and it is well received! I look forward to hearing each podcast because I am always learning or remember something that I have learned and find myself saying Mmm a lot! Mmm=Amen! :) Thank you for having this podcast and walking us through this shift into the higher dimension. I don’t feel so alone! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💓💓💓
I came across these folks from my friend Erika Kluthe In Austin. The first 10 seconds of the first pod cast I ever listened to blew me away. Every time I’m having an energetic experience, I ‘happen to’ come across a new podcast that validates and confirms exactly what I’ve been experiencing . She and Zach are always 100% accurate!! And the education she provides about energetic shifts in regards to what’s happening universally has brought peace to me when I’m in a sensitive shift. The way she breaks down ‘why’ I may be feeling this way is simple and understood clearly. I have found more peace and understanding from these podcasts since September of last year and I am eternally grateful for them and my soul sister friend Erika was lead me here. Many blessings!!
I have been looking for a podcast that I resonated with for a while. I have found it. I am so on the same page with Alyssa and Zack that every time I listen I feel myself coming back into alignment with myself. Listening really helps me stay centered and in a space of love and I can feel the expansion happening. Thank you!
Listen to my first podcast last night after a friend recommended more than once. I am so grateful. I really enjoyed the enlightening information and sharing really resonates with me. Looking forward to listening and getting involved!!
Alyssa and Zack are an awesome couple! They have a casual, folksy vibe that makes me feels like we are sitting in my living room having a cup of tea. Both of them are old souls who compliment each other as they dive into the mysteries of the universe. They are also fun to listen to. They can talk about deep topics without being pedantic. These spiritual teachers are at the top of my list! Thanks, Alyssa and Zack!
Y’all are awesome and amazing! I always look forward to listening! Thank y’all so much!!!
Alyssa and Zack discuss profound and relevant topics in such a relaxed, easy manner. It’s worth every minute. Thank you for your time, compassion, witnessing, wisdom and laughter.
I absolutely love listening to this podcast because it shines intense light on the things going on in the physical world and cosmos. They share with love and laughter helping us understand some of what is going on I’m around us which helps bring peace to situations. I really look forward to each new podcast and if you are wanting Greta insight into patterns and energies this is THE one to listen to. Thank you!!!!
Zach and Alyssa make an hour commute in Austin traffic informative and uplifting.
Only request is for more episodes! Love this podcast. Spot on and very helpful in handing everyday challenges.
I cannot speak highly enough about these beautiful, connected beings. I myself am a spiritual teacher moving through intensely challenging moments and layers of spiritual awakening; what currently brings me the most solace & understanding are the loving, divine words of these two. Their work is invaluable...a real life/soul raft in an energetically/emotionally stormy time. I do not give this podcast 5 stars, I give it infinite. ;)
just found this podcast and it has quickly become one of my favorite sources for spirituality information...always hear exactly what I need to...grateful for these two beautiful souls!!
I look forward to listening to Alyssa and Zach each month, and I love & appreciate the calm insight. So many blessings!
I'm so grateful for this podcast. Thank you Alyssa and Zack for sharing the truths that you have learned. I've soaked up so much helpful information, and it has changed my life for the better. Thank you!
I got sucked in this podcast vortex and I’m loving it! ^___^ absolutely lovely and informative. Thank you for all the reminders <3
Incredibly grateful I found this podcast !! It has helped make this path of spirituality much more interesting and wonderful
Every episode Allyssa and Zach share wisdom that lifts my spirits and reminds me of my perfect divine nature. Their balance of masculine and feminine energy is fun to listen to and I always feel more peaceful, inspired and empowered after tuning in to their frequency. Much love and gratitude to you both, as well as the community and universal forces that conspire to support this creation <3
I have been listening to podcasts and watching youtube videos on the subject of manifestation, energy, social consciousness, etc for years but stil had looming questions about "how" and "why" of rising frequencies, weird dreams, and channeled messages. Then, one day I came upon Alyssa and Zach speaking on the were explaining the "how" and the "why" of rising frequencies, weird dreams, and channeled messages. Love it! So wise along with useful tools.
Alyssa and Zack have provided me with so much valuable information since I joined this community. They have so much love for their listeners and have taught me different ways to view the world. After I started the Raw Spirituality Podcast, I felt inclined to go back and listen to every episode they had available. I have gained insight on not only myself but those around me as well. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge about their spirituality or even to gain a different perspective on the world. I now look forward to my drive to work where I get to listen to the Raw Spirituality Podcast and am no longer bothered by the booming Austin traffic around me.
If you've found yourself on a path of spiritual awakening, this podcast is well worth your time! Alyssa and Zack are such positive, uplifting souls, and they bring a refreshing, enlightened perspective to a wide variety of spiritual topics and current events. Every time I see a new episode in my queue, it feels like Christmas! All my life, I've never felt as though I fit in with my family or peers, and as I embarked on my path of spiritual awakening, I felt like this gulf was widening even more. That is, until I found this podcast. One of the first episodes I heard was one in which Alyssa and Zack were discussing a "cascade of healing." I think my spirit guides led me to this episode to trigger this process in me, because I have never felt more connected to the universe (and everything in it) until now! You can tell right away that, not only do Alyssa and Zack have a deep respect for one another, but they also have a deep respect for their audience. They're always careful to choose the right words to express themselves, and I believe that they try to be a blessing to everyone in all that they do. To sum it up, I can't recommend this podcast enough. Alyssa and Zack, thank you so much for empowering your audience with Truth, Love, and Light. Namaste!
I look forward to this podcast each week and haven’t missed an episode since I started listening! Alyssa and Zack’s wisdom and insights into what’s going on energy-wise on the planet have been really helpful. I feel that by listening, I have become more centered, less reactionary, and more able to let things go and just “be.” Thanks!
I love this podcast!!! I had a spiritual awakening about a year ago and have listened and read so many books and this podcast ties it all together! Thank you!! I appreciate you both so much and I feel so grateful to have found you! Namaste💖😇🙏🏻


By Cvegg
I just finished reading How Old is Your Soul and was thirsty for more and came across the podcast. I really like the format and content and love that Alyssa is an Austenite as well!
I’m so thankful that I have found this wonderful podcast! I’ve learned so much from listening to each episode. Alyssa and Zach make you feel apart of their conversations. I recommend this to podcast to my friends and family all the time:)
If you feel alone on a spiritual awakening path this is the podcast for you! I live in a small town in GA and the love and support I’ve received from listening to Alyssa and Zach is immeasurable. I’ve learned how to tap into and contribute to the light grid and I’m so full of gratitude for that I cry joyful tears regularly. I highly recommend this podcast to everyone who is open to it, you won’t regret it 💜💜💜
I found Raw Spirituality on a random search in the beginning of 2018. I have since listened to almost every episode (only 2 left..). That's about ~5000 minutes of my life in less than 3 months, and I regret nothing. Not to mention that I rewind and replay episodes constantly, inevitably learning something new each time (Seriously. Same words heard = another epiphany). I could go on and on about how incredible this podcast is. It has changed my life. I've found so many answers to questions I've been googling for months, as well as answers to questions I didn't even know I needed. It's enlightening, it's funny, it's real, it's perfect. I am sad that my bingeing of the podcast is coming to an end.. but I am excited to now be apart of this community. I am so grateful to Alyssa and Zack for everything - thank you both!!!! A large part of my sanity has been restored thanks to you two. Love you guys, and Raw Spirituality!
Listening to Alyssa and Zack’s podcasts are the next best thing to a session or course with Alyssa. Since moving from Austin, I’ve found abundant wisdom and delight in their experience with universal truths, as shared in the podcasts. Thank you so much for making these available! The Truth and Light both of you share with us is beautiful and inspiring.


Such a great podcast. Way more effective than googling “When does the Kali Yuga end?” Also helpful if you would like to learn more about Ubuntu, but not necessarily the Linux distro. 😊
I am so happy I found you guys! I have been loving these podcasts. I feel like I have gained such a beautiful new perspective on life. I have gained both knowledge and thoughtfulness from listening to you both. Thank you for what you guys do and the messages you continue to share. ❤️
I so super love the Thanksgiving podcast, particularly about repatterning thinking about money as a useful tool and an extension of energy, and where we can be constricted when we don’t feel aligned with where money is going. This has been so huge for me in the past years, and it’s so helpful to hear it discussed! Thank you thank you for always opening my heart and helping some things make a little more sense!
This came into my life at the perfect time! I love listening to the episodes each week and enjoy seeing how the topics apply to me personally.
I really look forward to Alyssa and Zach's podcasts every week. I listen to them on my way to work and I feel a better understanding of my life and the world around me every time I listen. Thanks to you both. Keep 'em comin'!
Discovered this podcast and listened to hours upon hours at a time. Zack and Alyssa are reminding me of my true self. It all seems so familiar as if I've known it forever but I'm finally hearing it spoken to my human ears and is awakening my spirit. So thankful for Raw Spirituality Podcast!
Zack and Alyssa are great! They are so light and fun to listen to as they share their knowledge and raw experiences. Their authenticity and wisdom shine bright through these podcasts.


By mkshank
My favorite podcast. I look forward to it every week. Highly recommend!
This podcast is wonderful! I'm so thankful for the conversations that Alyssa and Zack are sharing with us. I'm having fun listening and re-listening. And by "fun" I mean, it's entertaining, there are "ah-ha" moments, deeper understanding, spiritual tools, love and kindness radiating through, etc. I'm so appreciative!
Thank you Alyssa and Zack for sharing this wisdom! I have experienced so much growth within from integrating what I learn here into my relationships, thoughts and life in general. I appreciate the humbleness, clarity and simplicity with which y'all explain this knowledge. Keep spreading the Love💜
I look so forward to these each week! So much so, that I became a Patreon! I listen to each one multiple times and seem to never stop learning. It inspires me, challenges me, and reminds me how connected we all are. If I could tell Alyssa and Zack one thing, it would be that their podcast is even BETTER than their cocoa smooothie! Is that possible? It is! :)
Alyssa and Zack explore the spiritual aspects of daily living on a deep level. They peal back the layers of truth around releationships, current events, daily spiritual practice, spiritual growth and more. I love to listen around the house while I am getting things done.
Raw Spirituality is a wonderful podcast and I'm so grateful for it. I recommend this podcast to those that are open to growing their spiritual and meditation practices and those that are wanting to heal. Much love to Alyssa and Zack and the Raw Spirituality community. ❤️
I love my sessions with Alyssa in person, but now that I have access to her beauty and wisdom (and Zack!) so often has added a ton of consistency and momentum to my spiritual development. It also allows me to easily share your truths with those I love. Thank you for investing in us in such a way, Alyssa. Always a fan!
This podcast is great to listen to during lunch break, when you get home from work, or whenever. Alyssa and Zack really make you think and question your own beliefs and it can bring you back to remembering love and compassion before, during, or after a day at work or a day spent struggling through modern life.
Lost my two 17 year old daughters in April. Alyssa and Zack are helping my through the grieving process. Thank you for answering so many of my questions! Love this show!
I love listening to Zack and Alyssa. Their podcasts are so insightful and have been essential on my spiritual growth path. They are also conversational and fun to listen to. I love their personal stories that they talk about to illustrate the concepts they are describing