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By Linda1w
It's hard to believe that this doctor is not on National radio everyday because her grasp of science and medicine is phenomenal. She explains things so clearly and so completely. She is a gift to everyone who listens and who knows how many people were properly diagnosed and treated becase of her callers. PLEASE GIVE US MORE Dr. Dawn
Dr. Dawn is incredibly knowledgable and intelligent. Her advice is incredibly practical & applicable.


By BrettHY
This is a wonderful resource. I have learned a lot from listening to Dr. Dawn, and only wish I lived near her practice so I could have her as my physician. She is endlessly curious and learning, and I love her emphasis on Functional Medicine. Her podcast is a gift.


By visviva
I am so grateful to Dr. Dawn for continuing to share her vast knowledge. She gives those of us who comprise the "lay" community the benefit of her research, empathy and rich wonderful voice.
This is the BEST health and wellness podcast!! Debunking junk science, sharing new & valuable research & identifying what's important for your optimal physical performance.
Dr. Dawn is wonderful and I always learn something important.
So glad I found this podcast. The programs are informative and at just the right level of science with explanation. I like the combination of healthy and practical advice pulled from all the best science and historical knowledge. I'm downloading every podcast to catch up and eagerly waiting for the next one.
This is my favorite health and science show. Dr. Dawn has a fresh wide perspective on treatments and new science. Not so many medical doctors cross the line into hypnosis and acupuncture. She is not afraid to explore things be it political, ecological, scientific or basic ethics. She also has many great ideas for preventive and nutritional/ natural supplements. This show is one of the few outlets for hearing 1st hand about the crises our medical system in the US from a practicing medical doctor. The Pharmaceutical companies and most hospitals are in the business of treating effects of disease. She talks about prevention, lifestyle changes, and just common sense health. This show is generally positive and inspiring with more solutions than complaints for our health care. There are also some great "TED" type interviews of other specialty doctors and research. Be sure and check out the Limes disease show with on april 30, 2011 if you live around ticks on the west coast. Thanks for your show! coysolar
I've been looking for a good consumer focused medical podcast with deep information and a great host! Found it! I love this podcast!
I enjoy listening to Dr. Dawn's podcasts. I especially appreciate that she researches the issues that she discusses. I live in upstate NY and learn something every time I listen.
I have Dr. Dawn to thank for my early understanding of functional medicine. The show is scientific,holistic, and a whole lot of what western medicine is missing. Highly recommend listening Dr. Dawn.
Love this podcast. I always learn something new, most of it health related, but listening to her respond to all educational levels with compassion, warmth, patience and understanding is an education in itself. She is awe inspiring!
I love the Dr. Dawn podcast , I listen all the time ,u can learn so much.
Each week, Dr. Dawn answers emails and phone calls from people about their medical questions. She will also discuss recent medical studies, political news relating to health care, and more. Sometimes she will conduct interviews with other medical personnel (such as digestive specialists, etc.) This is an informative, factual, straightforward podcast with medical information most people can use AND understand. Her website is also helpful with links she mentions during the show. I've learned so much about a range of topics, and look forward to reading it each week.
I've listened to Doctor Dawn for years in the Monterey Bay area, and this podcast has been a boon, letting me listen during commute time instead of on Saturday mornings with my kids yammering for pancakes. Dr. Motyka has a really refreshing demeanor as an open-minded, data-driven scientist - standard medicine, accupuncture, herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine all get held up for their strengths and weaknesses for addressing medical issues. She's also extremely articulate on medical meta-issues like the impact of health-care legislation, insurance company policies, and litigation on the macro environments that physicians operate in. A recent show discussed Standard of Care, and how it's a broad set of guidelines that isn't right for every patient, but that is almost impossible to sidestep when nearly any jury will decide that anything other than 'standard of care' will constitute malpractice. Dr. Motyka is really not afraid of letting the terminology fly during interviews, and I very much like that the show never gets dumbed down. On a technical side, this is also one of the best produced podcasts that I subscribe to. The sound engineering and level balancing is always noticably good - as in you really don't notice sound quality, you just listen to the content.
Most doctor advice podcasts are so general and self-censored (for fear of lawsuits I guess) that they don't really seem to offer anything that I can't easily look up for myself. Dr. Dawn is a welcome exception to that rules of uselessness. Not only does she she often take calls from her actual patients and advise them right there, she also gives full scientific explanations of the advice she's giving without feeling as if she has to dumb it down for the rest of us. On the contrary, she has a gift for eloquently explaining the most complex issues of organic chemistry (or even that most esoteric of all topics, medical insurance!) in ways that are easily understood. I only discovered this podcast by accident, but am now a faithful listener.
Concise, informative, intellectual discussions on functional medicine. Dr Dawn Motyka, and her guests, focus on complete body/mind health & medicine. Their talks on the connections between the gut and dimensia, ADD, bipolar disorder, etc., are so insightful and helpful.
I live in Charlotte, NC and download this podcast every week. Dr. Dawn is a fantastic resource helping the lay person navigate through the technical world of the medical field. I trust and value her perspective.
Staying on top of our health can involve a plethora of alternatives on how to stay healthy and treat disease. For that piece of the puzzle provided by American Medical Association physicians, Dr Dawn stays on top of current study findings, treatments, lifestyle choices and other healthcare news. She takes live calls on the radio so we can learn from each other's health concerns after presenting current topics of interest. Keep up on the pulse of interesting and often groundbreaking new medical insights from a licensed MD. Thanks Dr. Dawn - great show.
I live a continent away from the radio station which broadcasts Dr. Dawn, but I am so glad that doesn't mean I can't listen in on her insightful discussions. This is a fantastic program that allows individuals to call in and ask very detailed, personal health related questions that run the gamut of topics and get the opinion of an incredibly patient and well-rounded professional. Dr. Dawn does not appear to ascribe to any particular paradigm of health care, other than one that is as non-invasive as possible and looks at the whole body and person rather than merely at a selected aspect. It woudl be heard not to learn many things in just one hour of listening this program.