Reviews For A Way with Words — language, linguistics, and callers from all over

I used to not really care for words but when I listened to this show I learned about the amazing world of words. I would recommend this for everyone. Definitely my favorite podcast.
I’ve caught the show on NPR a few times and find it absolutely fascinating. I love words and these two have found a really good formula to talk about modern use of language.
I’m Iraqi citizen, I learn English language as a foreign language , so this podcast amazing , thank for amazing job 😘
Fun, friendly, and so informative. Don’t miss this podcast. You will become a fan and listener.
One of the two podcasts I look forward to every week. I dabble in others but never miss an episode of this one! Just love it!
The host’s pretense is only matched by their faux-erudite knowledge of seemingly all words in the language and obscure regional phrases. This is what it would be like to listen to Wikipedia talk to itself while pretending to be human. Shamelessly egotistical and exceptionally dull and inauthentic drivel.
A joy to listen too.
This is a solid show, where else might you turn to for the occasional lexicographic advice. That said, in the show there remains unresolved tension between the respect for: dialects, jargon, literary license; and the proscriptive advice given to non-apparent listeners. Grant and Martha have made a clear choice, the show is a niche show with a narrowly defined audience. The show is no “Car Talk” for language. Instead it is just another platform for the “true” audience of donors. As one who works with language I find the show useful, I also find the exclusive proscriptions more somber than fun. This is not a show that will allow you to relax.
This is probably the most satisfying podcast I listen to. For someone like me always wondering why we say what we say and getting angry when people don’t even know the meaning of the words and phrases they use this podcast is incredible. I have listened to 95 different podcast and read the description on 135 and this podcast is in my top three. Also I got to be on an episode so that was super fun, first podcast I have ever been on. The host are very pleasant to listen to and provide relevant, well researched information in a pleasing fashion.
I love this podcast and it is what I watch all the time I also recently got the ho or to be on this amazing podcast and I think the hosts are witty and very smart and the quiz guy is awesome and he comes up with amazing quizzes I love this podcast soooo much!!!! <3
Always entertaining and interesting and a fun way to learn about language
Grant and Martha are the smartest kindest most well informed hosts in the world of radio. If you can get past the dorky, somewhat campy, style of radio you will love the information and insight they have to offer. 6 stars.
I LOVE this podcast! I learn so much! The hosts are engaging, fun , thoughtful and very knowledgeable! I want to invite them over for dinner with my family!
A wonderfully produced, family friendly podcast. Great for "anytime" listening and highly recommendable!
This is far and away my favorite podcast. To me this is what podcasting is about. Two people passionate about their subject, funny and approachable. I come away from every show feeling as though I understand the world a little bit better than I did the day before A must for anyone that speaks any language!
Great listening that is interesting without being emotionally taxing.


One of my favorites!
For a writer, word nerd, and all around fan of Language like me, this is the podcast for me. I listen to episodes over and over again trying to get some of the words to sink in and Martha and Grant are such wonderful souls to have in my ear during my commute. Listen and fund them!
I love learning the origins of words and also the origins of phrases that I have heard my family use for years. I like the segments where they discuss language that is specific to certain professions.
This show is the most consistently pleasant show out there. At night when it's dark and I'm scared of everything I turn it on to feel safe.
Love the chance to learn about language every week.
Always interesting, informative and highly entertaining. So many questions I've had about English have been answered on this podcast!
I truly admire the work and effort put into this podcast. The hosts are obviously professionals in their particular fields as well as in their abilities to deal with the extremely diverse population of listeners. They are sensitive and civil; informative and empathetic. It is so refreshing to hear a podcast which attracts the interest of every point in this universe. Well done! I'm ready to donate!
Goofy, nerdy, smart, fun and educational. I always learn something new and it makes me wonder about sayings or words during my day.
In the past week, I've been binge-listening to episodes of A Way With Words. I don't know what I'll do when I'm out of episodes; I'll have to wait for new ones like a plebe! This is one of my new favorite podcasts. Martha and Grant are my heroes.
One of my favorite podcasts - I look forward to new episodes and repeats! 😊
I love this podcast . It's educational and entertaining. I've never met with Martha or Grant but always feel they are my close friends since I play and replay the episodes all the time .
Too many "rebroadcasts"
This Podcast is a sure way to put me in a great mood. The hosts are incredibly knowledgeable, the callers are always polite and have well-thought out questions, and the information I learn is always new and exciting. It's a delight!
Why did it take me so long to find this show? I'm now addicted! I'm learning new words and phrases with their origins all the time. As a former elementary teacher, I was always trying to figure out origin of words and phrases. I taught a multicultural set of students with sometimes up to 5 native languages in my class. Making linguistic connections and learning origins of idioms/words always helped their understanding of the content. I wish I had this resource when I was in the classroom. Thank you Martha and Grant for your expertise and love for words.
A wonderful examination of language usage and word tomfoolery with no pedantic antics.
Vittles is in Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women” in the second chapter. Hannah says something about Mrs. March going out to help a poor family and giving them vittles and drink. So cool I happened upon that after hearing this podcast. I learned something, so this podcast totally gets a thumbs up.
This show isn't available locally so glad it's a podcast! Language is ubiquitous whenever and wherever humans are involved so listen and be entertained as well as enlightened.
I work in a body shop where the topics of discussion tend to revolve around cars and hunting, and thats it. Getting this podcast buzzing in my ear is a great way to make me feel human again, I find myself smiling and chuckling far more often since getting on this regiment. They have a (clever) way with words.
Very educative, about not only what words mean, but also how they came to be in the language.
It is always enjoyable to find out the background of words and phrases I have used or heard.
A friend told me about the podcast, and I have been a faithful listener ever since. I find it very interesting, but I fear that I my friends and family are tiring of hearing what I found out on A Way With Words. If you are interested in language and how we use it I highly reccomend the podcast.
The banter often borders on hokey, and the puzzles are sometimes a drag, but the history of our language and the amazing stories behind words make it all worth while.
I always learn something from this podcast, and it's always fun! I especially like the discussions about dialects, and how we shouldn't look down on people who speak/pronounce the same language in different ways. It's a very good lesson for us all! Good banter between the co-hosts, and I enjoy the quiz!
As an aspiring linguist, I absolutely love this podcast. The hosts are reliable researcher who dig deep into the history of language, yet present it in an understandable way. I love to hear all the variants and regionalisms that "field-workers" call in with. ;) I hope this show continues for a very long time!
I just discovered this podcast when looking for stuff to keep everyone entertained on a 16 hour drive over the holidays. We listened to every one I had downloaded and were sad I hadn't downloaded more. A Way with Words is funny, entertaining and yet manages to educate you a bit without you noticing. Better still for the drive, we all actively interacted with the podcasts discusing the various topics and competing over the puzzles. The lively pace of the show also helped keep us awake. I cant wait to enjoy this podcast for a long time to come. Honestly, this is a great listen for just about anyone, highly recommended!
Is it a word? I'll call
My favorite podcast. I can't wait for the new episodes to come out. I've always been interested in linguistics and Martha & Grant are experts. Continue the excellent work.
The word games are both challenging and funny. The hosts have great chemistry and show respect for their callers and the language they discuss. I love the side stories they tell in between callers!
Love, love, love this show. Martha and Grant are masters at quick-wit and with their combined wealth of knowledge make this truly a worthwhile show to listen to!
The hosts love the language and are amply erudite. What really makes it work is that they really enjoy talking directly with their callers. It’s interesting listening to them refine their understanding of what the caller’s talking about. They dig up the history and culture behind the words & sayings that their callers evidently didn’t bother googling.
Entertaining, interesting, and simply fun explorations of our language and where it came from!
Entertaining, interesting, and simply fun explorations of our language and where it came from!
Every time I see another episode of A Way with Words pop up on my podcast feed, I smile. Grant and Martha are interesting and informative. I love hearing them talk about words and expressions. One of the best podcasts on the internet, hands down. Thank you, Grant and Martha!