Reviews For A Way with Words - language, linguistics, and callers from all over

We listen to this every time we take a trip. It is so interesting, before we know it we are at our destination - smarter than when we started.
This podcast is more fun and interesting than it might sound. Not only are they stunningly knowledgeable,they have elegant, almost old-fashioned, manners. No word or phrase is too trivial for them to obsess over. As a fellow word junkie I appreciate the thrill of tracking down every obscure reference. I appreciate the idea of spending hours, and perhaps a quick trip to the next county, to squeeze every nuance from a phrase that hasn’t been used for 150 years. I love it
Something for all ages and backgrounds.
Martha and Grant, I hope you never stop!
What an oddly fun and funny and easygoing podcast. The hosts are superb. A joy to listen to. And they are brimming with joy when engaging with the callers, each and every one of whom comes with a funky turn of phrase and compelling personal story. Glad I found this show!
Long before podcasts were a “thing”, this radio show made my little word-nerd’s heart sing! As the daughter of a schoolteacher, to being a bartender in college (listening to them break down the meanings behind 86’d and cocktail) to the history of the “bread and butter”, you’ve been with me through every phase of my life! You’ve been bringing richness, laughter, history and a compassionate way of looking at the evolution of language. Thanks you two!
Over the past year or so, A Way With Words has been a port in a storm. The cheerful hosts and their unique fan base share a passion for language that transcends politics and all the rest. Such a pleasure!
I’ve leaned so Much!
You are both amazing. This is my favorite podcast program!!!
Grant & Martha are brilliant in their ability to find word and phrase origins and provide explanations that are clear and accurate while also being entertaining. I really appreciate the way they embrace all dialects as worthy and correct variants of formal language. I save up episodes to binge listen on long road trips.
My local NPR station doesn’t play A Way With Words, so I was very happy to find the podcast! Although the catalogue doesn’t go as far back as I’d like, I was just happy to get as many episodes as are up. I love hearing the family sayings and just learning about language.
Etymology, and language in general, has always fascinated me! I love to hear Martha & John break things down (or build them up) with their enthusiasm and well researched responses.
glad i found this podcast. not on the air in minnesota! (dummkopfs!)
Always learn something new 🤓
I listen to this every night and it definitely helps me sleep!! I like the humor of Martha and grant, and the callers! Very entertaining, me and my mom love it and would like to call one day.
A Way with Words is a great way to end a stressful day by being entertained and taught simultaneously.
I love this show but I always notice that the callers and hosts seem to frequently have awkward ends to their phone call conversations. It has become something that sticks out to me. It doesn’t diminish the value- just seems to be something that could be improved. Love the show.
I do thoroughly enjoy your show and your unique reporting style on the quirkiness of the English Language. Please continue to delight and enlighten us with new vocabulary.
Love this show!!!
Mama Mia this is really good :)))))))))))))))))
This podcast has made me start thinking harder about whatever comes out of my mouth and fingertips as I type this out. It’s sort of a similar thing when you learn a math concept and suddenly all situations presented turn into some sort of complex equation. However, in this case, it’s become a huge conglomeration of etymology and alphabetical harmony. I also love that we seem to have an abundance of Texas listeners which I enjoy. Grant and Martha are so intelligent and passionate, and John adds an extra layer of fun and dedication. Keep it up, from deep in the heart. ✨ PS you can’t even see the stars with all the freaking condensation and smog but you know what? I’m still proud and y’all can go divide twenty-two by seven.
Great Banter
I think grant and Martha are very good people, I can’t even imagine how great it would be to be friends with the nicest linguists ever😁🤗 It’s also very cool to hear about all these old family sayings from all around the world 🤗😁🤩👍
Pleasant interplay between the hosts and callers, fascinating dives into slang, family sayings and history.
I love listening to these two! They share so many interesting tidbits concerning “sayings” I have heard all of my life but had no idea what the origin was. If you have something you have heard from your parents or grandparents and want to know more about you can call Grant and Martha and ask!
I mostly listen because of the great LGBTQ propaganda. This is probable not a selling point for the small minded and fearful, so the show is not really for everyone. And they also have some fascinating discussions on the etymology of words and phrases.
I have listened to almost all the podcast episodes. My only complaint is the insertion of LGBTQ propaganda on occasion. That keeps me from sharing it with others.
So one day in the car my mom forced me to listen to this and I LOVE it I love listening to this stuff at night is so amazing!!
I love listening to this podcast, it feels very much like the radio of earlier times. I would love to hear you discuss the current usage of personal pronouns, with some historical context. I understand that there have been many changes of pronoun usage in English. Thank you!
This show is delightful and very accessible. They don’t make value judgements on language and praise regional and cultural variability. I was really surprised when reading negative reviews. I feel like anyone who doesn’t like this show at least a little bit probably doesn’t find any joy in anything.
I finally had to jump through the hoops to set up a i-tunes account *shudder* so I can thank A Way with Words in this small way. It's such a fun podcast and a great way to learn fascinating things about this language I've been speaking for decades. This is one of the dozen podcasts that has a permanent spot in my list of subscriptions. Thank you Martha, Grant, & all of your team!
If you want to know origins of cutesy words or regional phrases, here’s the show for you. If they bore you to tears, (and that phrase annoys you), listen to Lexicon Valley with John McWhorter. He’s wickedly intelligent, and actually addresses the sh I t t y, gritty reality of language.
Podcasts are the standard now. Radio shows should not be put on here as podcasts because they aren't podcasts. Podcast hosts curate well researched topics based on the fact that they will be interesting. Radio shows relying on listener questions are by their nature not curated at all, and are just a lazy (and free) way to generate content. Let's just call this what it is; a series of phone calls between people in a studio and the people they trick into donating content to the show. Most of the podcast by volume is the hosts telling the audience how to get in touch with them and then having a pleasant exchange with the listener before the user asks their question. Then there is an unsatisfyingly short, simple answer to their usually very simple question. As a result, only like 20 seconds of each phone call is actually informative. A real podcast is written by professionals in order to teach me things I don’t have time to find out. I want to sit in my room and be shot with a firehose of new information and instead what I got was a 5 mile hike to a soggy anecdote lying in a puddle and a 5 mile hike back.
Just beautiful!
This podcast has been so informative & helpful for me as I wade through my many health problems and diagnoses as well as my multitude of symptoms which I haven’t ever discussed with my health provider. I’m so glad these women have put together a podcast that helps to guide me on the path to greater health! I hope it continues a long time. I have listened to all the episodes & hope they keep producing more for years to come!
This self-declared word nerd tried sticking with it, but Grant is perhaps unintentionally but frequently condescending to Martha or callers.
I enjoy A Way With Words so much, I sent them $20 twice, and will do that again soon. Fascinating stuff about the language I speak and write.
Best podcast, ever! I mean, ever! Look it up! I could listen to this until my ears fall off. Grant and Martha, are the best and most engaged hosts. If there was 6 stars available I’d give them 7!
This is my absolute favorite podcast. I just love the topics as well as Martha and Grant! They are so kind and considerate to callers and so informative.
I love this podcast so much that I’ve been binge listening for two days. I’m a total word nerd and thoroughly enjoy learning about word origins and random pithy sayings. The hosts are low key yet engaging. They know their stuff but don’t lord it over you. I learn something new with every single episode. I usually loathe call-in shows but this one doesn’t annoy me at all. Someday I may even call in.
I love the subject matter, and the hosts are so thoughtful and genial. A truly pleasant hour spent.
What??? Etymology and linguistics can be fun? Martha an Grant are at once entertaining and edifying. "Way" is my number one listening choice in my wood shop and as I travel.
You guys are the best
A really fun, casual podcast that can be enjoyed by several generations trapped in a car together on a long road trip.
I used to not really care for words but when I listened to this show I learned about the amazing world of words. I would recommend this for everyone. Definitely my favorite podcast.
I’ve caught the show on NPR a few times and find it absolutely fascinating. I love words and these two have found a really good formula to talk about modern use of language.
I’m Iraqi citizen, I learn English language as a foreign language , so this podcast amazing , thank for amazing job 😘
Fun, friendly, and so informative. Don’t miss this podcast. You will become a fan and listener.
One of the two podcasts I look forward to every week. I dabble in others but never miss an episode of this one! Just love it!