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YES! Kids desperately need to learn that they do not always come first. In fact, in their adult lives, they will hardly ever come first. We have generations of adults now who think that they’re supposed to come first or else there’s something wrong with the world and they get depressed or resentful. They become unable to adjust and adapt to every curveball that comes their way. They think no one else is even worthy of (maybe God forbid) stepping ahead of them at some point. They have to learn that they are stepping into not only a competitive arena in the work world, but also a world where everyone else matters just as much or perhaps more than they do.
Feb 14th eoisode it sounded like they were interviewing highschoolers, if they were kudos I mustve missed it. The first lady stuttered which was stomachable. The second man they interviewed about afghan starvation stammered his was through; he sounded uniformed on the subject and kept making cringeworthy noises. Topics are interesting 2/5
Aam is a word that means common in Hindustani. My grandfather’s poem using a play on this word - Jis phal ki guthli bhi poore daam bikay, us phal ko hum aam kehte hain. In English, the fruit whose seed you can sell at the full price, we call that fruit common. Incidentally, my hometown is Kanpur and our prized local mango is the chausa.
I used to love the show because it was journalistic and informative but seems to have a slant now so no thank you


It’s a wonderful show but better listened to live. The levels are very low in podcast format.
I discovered this via Hidden Brain, which is one of my favorites. I’ve been listening to both old and newer shows. and like them enough to consider this a 4 star program; sometimes 5. I just finished the one about birth order. It was well done but I wonder how much of it applies to families that aren’t white and financially secure. For what it’s worth, my siblings and I don’t fit into the birth order categories and I know many other sets who don’t.
Love the podcast but unfortunately I can’t listen at work. This is the one podcast where the noise at work overpowers their voices. Still a great show but I miss most episodes due to low recorded volume issue. Funny part is when it comes on npr it’s louder and I can listen but I have no reception most places at where I work. Update I have unfortunately unfollowed due to unable to listen…. So sad. Turn up the volume
Think is by far my favorite podcast and kris Boyd one of the best interviewers I’ve heard. So I am distressed to find that the padcast has been shorten from a full hour to closer to a half hour. Please remedy!
Krys is always well prepared and asks such insightful questions. I have discovered so many writers and stories from her podcast. The best podcast in my library.
Another great NPR show.
Unquestionably leaning far left, and tries to hide it, which I find pathetic and hypocritically insulting to listeners’ intelligence. But Krys Boyd is a pretty good interviewer and occasionally non political episodes are worth listening to.
This podcast seems to be the one I’m most listening to these days. I don’t only is Kris a great interview were, the topics are extremely relevant.
Topics I didn’t even know about end up enthralling me. Khrys has a deft way with guests that brings out interesting stories and insights. And her guests are comfortable rephrasing a question to reflect their insights on the issue and Khrys listens and respects and learns with the rest of us. Smartest couple of hours on the air everyday. Well done.
I love think! I’ve been listening for several years now - in the beginning mainly in the car. But lately I’ve been listening to the podcast option and it has been great! Keep up the great work Krys!
Great podcast - always well prepared and thoughtful.
That Yale professor made the history of epidemics soooo boring. Not that I seek to be entertained by the suffering of others, but I was legitimately interested in learning more about past responses to epidemics. He was given too much time to go on and on and on to answer a question in 5 minutes instead of just the 1-2 minutes it needed. Reminded me of awful lecturers I had to sit through in college.
Excellent in every way. Krys Boyd is such a great host. She interviews guests thoughtfully and her preparation for those interviews is clearly first rate. She is great using her guests’ answers and listener call-in questions to enhance the depth of the conversation. I binge listen because an hour just isn’t enough!
I used to love Think. Kris was one of my favorite interviewers. There used to be a lot more variety of issues. When appropriate, Kris would ask tough but fair questions. It seems like the last year or two the topics have become overly focused on ‘social justice’. Kris seems more interested in signaling to her guest she is ‘woke’ than questioning anything. It feels more like the oldest person in the studio is 29. Go back to making people ‘Think’ and stop telling everyone what to ‘Think’.
Krys Boyd has kept me company on my lunch break for years. Her thoughtful show is a rarity in this media environment, and her respect for ideas and in-depth conversation is inspiring.
One of the best podcasts! Krys has so many interesting guests. And she’s prepared with thoughtful questions, which indicate how thoroughly she researches the topics. How does she find the time to read the books written by all the authors she interviews? And then her smooth, reassuring voice....
Krys Boyd is the most talented, fluid interviewer I have ever listened to. I used to listen to Think when I lived near Dallas where it is broadcast and was always struck by her the insightful and smooth way she carried the conversation, free of fluff, bad jokes, or irrelevancies. While not everyone she interviews is always wonderfully articulate or captivating, I believe she and Think create riveting podcasts that are always teaching me new things.
I listen to a number of podcasts, but always check Think first and almost every day find another one or two new interviews on topics I’m interested in. Kris Boyd is an excellent interviewer and I learn so much listening to these shows. Thanks!
The format and I guess having a female host reminds me of Fresh Air. But it might be that both Kris Boyd and Terry Gross ask a lot of insightful questions. More educational on many topics I’d say than FA whereas FA has more involving the arts and politics. But Think has sometimes to me some very interesting guests and topics.
The reasons I did not give "Think" a 5 Star rating, despite its overall excellence, are twofold: 1) Many author interviews are the same as those done by Terri Gross, usually within the same week, on "Fresh Air" from WBAI in Philadelphia. 2) The other reason is that the producers are unwilling to have guests on who are edgy, who challenge the status quo in regard to Western foreign policy, who openly criticize neo Conservative ideology, US support for Zionism or the narrative Western audiences have been given in regard to Syria, for example. I blame these omissions not on the hosts such as the very thoughtful and intelligent Krys Boyd or her equally excellent substitutes, Lauren Silverman and recently, John McCaa, but on the cowardice and/or biases of "Think"'s producers who are probably frightened of offending their major donors and thus, losing much needed money and/or, they, too, are unwilling to put on the air a person who challenges their own biases. I continue to listen to NPR and watch PBS, including, "Think" because it is a very good show. I continue to financially support KERA but, unfortunately, I cannot afford to contribute on a level that will get my voice heard. If more small donors contributed, we could drown out the conventional, mainstream views of the huge donors and, en masse, demand genuinely unbiased news from our public stations.
Krys is one of the best interviewers on public radio and consistently has fascinating, thought provoking guests. Highly recommended.
The host is a superhero among radio hosts. She is shockingly intelligent and humble. Unfortunately the producers suffer from a classic Texas problem. They seem to think texas is the center of the universe. About 1/3 of the shows are right wing conservative and not worth listening too. The other 2/3 are extremely well done and in plentiful supply.
I live near Washington DC and somehow found this podcast years ago thru NPR. Krys Boyd is an excellent interviewer and covers very interesting subjects. She should go national, just as Diane Rehm did.
I’ve been listening since the beginning post-Glenn Mitchell. It’s simply the best current affairs program out there
I read both Nature and the economist magazines and I often find the latest books reviews there also presented in Think! Style is fresh, EQ is high and empathy is honest. Keep the good work
Almost every topic is super interesting and she lets her guest just speak and seems genuinely curious about what they have to say. I saw a review that complained about the fact that she "won't call people out for their BS". I don't think they understand that this is not CNN or FOX where people fight over opinions . They are just here to tell their story and what they know and she lets the listeners make their own decisions on the matter.
Kris' interviews and broad range of topics are simply brilliant! Probing, interesting, mainstream and then some quirky topics....just a wonderful hodgepodge of information and always captivating I have yet to find another interviewer who is as capable, humble, well prepared, questioning and insightful as Kris Boyd An NPR listener for 5 decades, a podcast addict since 2005, and THINK is always one of my most "go to" podcasts of the 120 or so I subscribe to
I started listening to this show while I was driving and my NPR was on. Sometimes it was so good that I didn't wanna leave the car until the show was over.
Every time I have listened to Think on KERA, the topic has been timely, provocative, and thoroughly discussed while avoiding dogma. I have learned immensely from it. This should be a nationwide NPR program. Keep up the great work, please.
Great guests. Krys Boyd is a gifted interviewer.
I listen to this show everyday. I always learn something new! She is a good professional interviewer. I've heard her stay aplomb through interviewer fake news, prank calls, interviewer commercials, and men outright hitting on her! You got to love this strong woman. Also, this is my first time seeing her first name spelled. I'm shocked that's how you spell it ;-)
Original. Relevant. Thought Provoking. Change Agent. Keep it going Krys ... in these turbulent times you are making people think. br, Sanjiv
Krys does a fantastic job every week. Can't wait for the new show every day I love that it went state wide this new year.
Very informative depending on what the subject matter you are listening to. Wow, BLM isn't a hate group ? Did they not mention the negative influence they have on black people and the like?
Just don't ask how "she's doing". It really pisses her off.
Kris is FANTASTIC! We are fortunate to have had her stay so long in FtWorth-Dallas. She is personable, intelligent, always over prepared and asks GREAT questions that are more than just scripted; they’re responsive to and opportunistic to the conversation. The show is aptly titled, forcing us to consider many points of view across a variety of topics. A PERFECT SHOW for public radio. THANK YOU for years of driveway moments!
I've been listening to Think as a podcast for about seven years, and it has helped shape my opinions on everything from the death penalty to poverty to local restaurants. The guests are consistently intelligent and thoughtful (even when I don't agree with them), and Krys Boyd is simply awesome. She asks insightful questions and does an excellent job engaging her guests and callers. This is my favorite show and the main reason I pledge my support to KERA. Keep up the amazing work!
This show has introduced me to so many new ideas--and has definitely influenced my reading list. HIGHLY recommended.
Krys Boyd is arguably one of the great hosts with knowledge of the subject juxtaposed with humility! 'Think' tastes even better as it is 'our' ( I live in KERA coverage area) home production!! Keep up the good work!
Great podcast of local KERA programming. Kris Boyd hosts the show. Thought provoking, meaningful content.
This is a great show for people who want to be well rounded. Audio quality was bad in the past but seems to be better lately. Producers should consider in line sound compressors and then turn the volume up more. I have trouble hearing even with my mp3 player up all the way.
Great show with diverse topics and guests. Especially recommended for anyone living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area! I'm especially impressed with the host.
Excellent program. Listened for years on the radio and thrilled to find it here. Great guests, topics and interview questions.