Engines of Our Ingenuity

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I remember listening to this show everyday on my way to elementary school. Thank you, John Lienhart for the great memories.
Great starting point for exploring new subjects.
The podcasters cover an amazing array of subjects, but each presented in an engaging short format.
Been a long-time fan. Tremendous breadth in selection of topics. Highly recommended to anyone with curiosity!
As a non-engineer/non-scientist, this refeshingly concise podcast is consistently approachable and engaging.
Have been listening for years, and John Lienhard is still going strong!
I’ve been listing to this podcast for almost a decade and deleted it from my feed today. It’s a science podcast that now has an oil industry sponsor. Helping global warming on a science podcast is despicable. Goodbye.
From the heart, to the heart.
I grew up listening to this every morning, and it always gave me a sense of wonder for innovation. I still get chills listening to it now; as an adult, I can better appreciate the more abstract pieces on history, philosophy, and human mechanics. It is as well-scripted as any radiolab or invisibilia episode and packs both an incredible childlike curiosity and a systematic analysis into a shockingly short monologue. John Lienhard has certainly left a legacy in this series.
this is one of the first podcasts I check for updates
Good discussion of vital topics.
Good podcast about technology and it's interaction with human life.
Dr. Lienhard’s program is well written, insightful, and a tribute to its staff. In the tradition of the five “Why?”s, it digs deeper into the intersection of science and our lives, otherwise known as engineering, and brings out the humans behind our stuff.
This was an excellent podcast, but it is no longer available. Checking his site, it seems that Dr. John Lienhard's episodes are all produced as M3Us now. This is strange, as M3Us simply contain a path to a MP3. Why the decision to block out podcast listeners from this show is a puzzling one.
I listen to this show on my morning drive to work when my schedule fits and then catch up with episodes I've missed via podcast, usually while I'm traveling. Dr. Leinhard has a knack for picking interesting subjects related to science and engineering and then sharing remarkable depth and background on the topic in a few short minutes. I've yet to listen to an EoOI episode that didn't teach me something I didn't know, and I've been listening for years.
On and off for 15 years I've been taking a break at 12:05 to listen to Engines of Our Ingenuity on my hometown radio station. When I moved away to college, my father taped them for me, and they would take up the first few hours of the long drives between home and school. When I moved to St. Louis, I listen to Engines online every day I can; if I'm away, Dad gets me a number so I can listen later. My kids (3rd grade and kindergarten) have their own favorite episodes. I love being able to sit for four minutes and learn something every single day. Thanks to everybody at the University of Houston and KUHF for their support of Engines.
Ingenious indeed.


In the olden days--before podcasts--I was always thrilled when I happened to catch this show on one of the local public FM stations. So I'm especially thrilled that I can now pick it up regularly as a podcast. John Lienhard has a knack for putting invention and discovery into context and giving it a human face, and has developed the rare skill of telling charming and tremendously interesting stories in very short periods of time. Thank you Dr. Lienhard, thank you University of Houston, thank you KUHF, and thank you iTunes for bringing these to us!
Excellent, short and regular podcast from John Lienhard,looking at the history of scientific advancement and looking at the seeds of creative individuals and ideas.
I have been listening to "Engines" for several years, and I do everything I can to hear it every day. Dr.Lienhard's ability to clearly show us how science, invention, art, literature, history, and our present all intermingle to form the world we are in today, as well as our future, always fascinates me. Dr. Lienhard has the same vision as many of the figures he so sincerely admires. Listen to just one of these episodes, and you will be not only hooked, but educated. Bravo, Dr. Lienhard! Bravo!
Dr. Lienhard's program is a compelling and interesting look into the history of technology and its impact on our lives. I'm aware of no other program like it, and it's not to be missed!
Engines has aired on KUHF in Houston for many years and I've always wanted a way to retrieve the most interesting episodes to play for my literature students at a local college. The best "engines" blend science, engineering, art, music, literature, and common sense into quirky tales that illuminate the best of our human interaction with the world in history and today.