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I love From the Top.The most recent show, “Shostakovich, and 11-year-old guitarist, and new music,” was just superb.All of the young musicians played beautifully and I really loved their interviews. Thank you for all you do.
I wish Y’all would put the older episodes own here the new ones are great wish I could here the older eppsodes episodes
For some reason when I listen to this podcast I often have trouble hearing the music and the conversations, even when my device is at full volume. Currently I'm listening to Show 371 in a decently quiet Starbucks, and I can barely hear any of the music!! So sad
The musicians are definitely impressive. Interesting selection of music. Interesting to get to know the performers a bit. Love the episodes where alumni are interviewed.
Great performances and guests with excellent recording quality. I wish all the old shows were available as on the web site.
Why not have more previous shows available for download?
Inspiring kids, real values promoted, beautiful beautiful music, a charming & funny & perfect host, stunning performances -- what more could you want from a radio show?
Great music and compelling stories from the kind of kids you wished you had at home! It's feel good entertainment.
<3this show !!!!!!!!!!
I really enjoy listening to the music and the conversations in these podcasts.


My choir performed on show 235, and it's so nice to be able to listen to our performance on-the-go at anytime!
Thank you so much for podcasting full episodes! This is great! Plus, now I can go back and listen to any episode I want with the new archive on your website? Amazing! God, I love the new millennium.
I'm so glad that this podcast is available. This is one of the best shows on radio. Any way to include the earlier recordings from several months and years ago?
I loved listening to this show--back before my NPR affiliate changed its time slot and I couldn't find it anymore. Happy to find a podcast, but would be happier still to have the whole show! Please?
I used to like the podcast for the performances and the short interviews. I don't like the Behind the curtain version. I wish NPR would just go back to the performances and short interviews.
On the one hand, I have a lot of friends who have been on From The Top---Ibanda Ruhumbika and I were in a youth orchestra together, and a good dozen or so of the other kids in that youth orchestra have been on FTT. On the other hand, it's depressing to listen to, as a young musician... I'll just never be that good! :) Way to go, iTunes; this is a great show and an excellent addition to your podcasts. Thanks!
I have listened to “From the Top” for some time now, and this selection is quite disappointing. Talented and amazing these young people are, however there are broadcasts that are not included here that are far better. There are not nearly enough different instrumental casts offered. I play the harp and would appreciate one that includes this beautiful instrument, I know they have had harpists perform on this show and I think the harpists deserve some fame as well. I applaud all the young performers on their hard work and dedication that is required to be featured on this show.
Great show but it should be downloaded complete. Not per artist. What up with that?
Great podcast, but I want to hear the rest. My NPR station doesn't air any music shows.
I'm with the others: it would be great if the podcast included the entire program. One of my favorites.
Why just include one performance? Please offer the full episodes!
I love from the top and I am so glad they made a podcast. Unfourtunetly, it is not the full episode. Good job anyway!
Absolutely amazing--and inspiring as well to hear such young musicians play so well! Definitely worth listening =)
we need more of this... the last one from this point was 10/9/07 TOdays date is 10/28/07 they need to update more. Still great podcast
Of all the NPR programs this has to be one of the best! Keep up the great work!
I was very disappointed to learn that "From the Top" is not podcasted in it's entirety. And the name... "Classicool Kids"... What a stupid name for such a cool show! What on earth is wrong with "From the Top"?? I think I'll never understand a marketer's mind. This show would definitely be a 5 star selection if it were the full show, but unfortunately....
Good to have "from the top" podcasts, but I really wish they would do the full episodes.
Just call it from the top, that's what everyone knows it as. I think you should also put the whole show on here, not just one performer. Still a great show even if the name is awful.
This show is scary! Some of these kids are under the age of 10 and can play better than some adults! Definitely worth a listen.