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I do not like lawn news podcasts, so it is literally perfect to have a five minute summary that I can check three or four times a day. I can be completely informed about what I want to know in five minutes! Keep it up!
Every update isn’t playing the audio file smoothly. The audio stops entirely and starts again in a later spot. I don’t understand why this would be the only podcast show that has this technical difficulty.
There is an odd tinny modulation to the mixing of the sound of this podcast. I hear it on headphones or my car stereo. I listen to the NPR app often, and it does not have the same odd quality.
A really good concept and expertly done!
A brief yet throw synopsis of the news. I like that it covers worldwide events.
It’s great to have a narrow summary of some of the big ticket items that happen every day. Makes for a great update during my commute.
That says it all. I refresh it manually.


I only want to hear the current news not have 52 hours of past newscasts on my phone. How to set/fix?
Stay up to date throughout the day with extraneous details—love it.
NPR used to be really he best but has adopted a political agenda and now frequently reports false news. I will never listen to them again.
Excellent. It’s a part of my morning routine now. NPR is one of the few spots for legitimately good journalism. This 5 minute report cuts a lot of that great work out, but it’s great if you’re short on time and want the top stories quickly.
Great for quick and short news of the day
It’s been consistent, up to date, and reliable since day one.
It’s a great way to hear the news; short, sweet, and to the point. I’m so tired of talking head shows. This is the way to go! Thanks NPR!
The most recent episode may not show up in iTunes Store, but when you subscribe to the podcast it will download an hourly 5min news update. You need to adjust your phone settings to look for new uploads (general podcast settings) at most hourly, or just swipe down on the homepage of your podcast app to get the most recent news podcast to appear. I love that it doesn’t clog your feed up or storage by keeping older episodes in its system. You can typically only download the most recent update of the hour.
I have no difficulty recommending the unbiased and diligent reporting provided by NPR to everyone I come across who worries about trusting the media.
Minus two stars for very poor audio quality. Don't know if it's overprocessed or overcompressed but there are a lot of audible artifacts in your NPR News Now podcasts. Strangely, it seems louder than all other podcasts too. All these issues mean I have to turn the volume down to make it listenable. NPR knows how to create great sounding audio for broadcast and podcast. Why can't you do it for this one?
Great podcast
I really like keeping up with events and I really like the presentation and broadcasters, but I don't understand why some clips are played more than once. I subscribe and listen to all releases. I don't need to hear clips more than once.
Fox's hourly podcast is much better
No more npr podcasts
Very timely and succint news summary. I love listening to it after work and in the morning.
I listen to this podcast first thing every morning to see what's happening today and on my way home every night to hear what happened. Absolutely fantastic and quick way to get informed. Subscribe!
I listen to this and Up First during my commute to work in the morning to keep myself updated. I've successfully converted my roommate into a regular listener as well. I appreciate the mix of political, social, pop culture, and market news.
If you can't have a radio on at work, here's a great way to catch up.
I understand that ads are a fact of life on podcasts. And that's OK! You need to fund somehow and I don't mind a 30 second ad at the beginning. But PLEASE lose the NPR ads that you run for weeks at a time as the same ad. I like NPR and can find my own podcasts. I don't mind hearing ads sometimes if there is something new but the same ad every.single.time for weeks on a podcast this short is driving me insane. Good news coverage, both domestic and international. Would prefer fewer repeats hour to hour and more new segments, but wouldn't be surprised if there are production constraints.
With all the important things happening in the world, don't waste our time w ridiculous state basketball news.
I primarily use this podcast to download the most recent episode before my commute each morning but I refresh and listen multiple times a day. I love it.
I love this podcast. The hourly updates are often the only way I get my news. Great coverage and to the point. A must have.


By ConnieT
Keep one episode at the top of my feed.
They've plummeted into the dregs of extremest, far-right, corporate punditry. As a lifetime member, i am extremely disappointed with their demise.
I listen a couple times a day- keeps me informed with very little time commitment- if you listened just when you went to the bathroom you'd be a well informed American!!
Nice a clean: 5 minutes every hour of what is going on.
Loving this podcast. Gives just enough news without going far too down the rabbit hole with opinion or junk pieces.
There have been other hourly news updates and those channels have left the episodes up for at least 24 hours. Are that many people who update thei account every hour? If you are going through with the effort to post something leave it up for awhile.
This is the perfect podcast for a short update on what's going on during the day. My only wish would be for more news on international affairs.
I enjoy this app for quick news updates during the day. My only gripe: it has ads for other NPR podcasts (which is OK), but they are at a super low volume. You either have to deal with barely audible speech for 25 seconds or turn up the volume and risk being blasted by the next podcast if you forget to turn it back down).
Honestly, I’m not religious about listening to these. They download and delete on the hour for me, so I don’t think about them when they’re gone. But when I need that little hit of what’s going on in the world, these are the best I could ask for.
Love this podcast!! I begin every day by listening to this podcast. It's a quick synopsis of what is going on, and it's an easy way to stay plugged in.
Podcast content is not bad but NPR still seems to have some technical problems. For example, the newscast for the past 4 days has been the exact same 5 minute summary just retitled. Not quite as bad as when the previous iteration (the 7am news summary) was discontinued without notice but frustrating nonetheless.
This is a quick little blurb. I have it setup to download the one most recent only. It's like having your assistant keeping you up to date on news affairs. The World This Week by the BBC World Service is another (longer) one for people interested in staying in the know.
NPR only leaves one episode up at a time. it would be nice if they left several hours worth of episodes up as i don't update my iTunes every hour.
Quick blurbs of current news from all over the world. Updated daily. Good to listen to on the way to work, showering, or during lunch.
I start my day every day with this podcast. It delivers the news I need to know in a short time so that even on the busiest days I know what's happening around the globe!
Super annoying full of advertising and marketing. Some of the newsreaders can barely read and speak (Jack Spear) or have speech impediments. Awful. Furthermore, it comes with really annoying ads and promotions. My twitchy finger is hovering near the delete button :)
I listen to this while brushing my teeth in the morning and again as I leave the office in the afternoon. Brief, well-edited, and articulate--it keeps me informed.
Just letting you know there is no new podcast since 7/17/2015 12AM ET.
NPR talks about the most up to date news both of the US and the world. This updates every hour, so you are always getting the latest news. There are zero advertisements. The segment usually goes five minutes, and gives no opinions.
I do like this podcast - however this one, along with many of the story of the day podcasts only have the Ad on the front end of the podcast with no content. It is even listed as being 12 seconds long. I have heard of people not having this problem with other podcast apps, but I am unable to load them on a work computer. I agree with the previous comment that this seems like a production issue that needs resolving.