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I literally forget everything I just heard because commercial interests start speaking.
Why are taxpayers money being funneled to a political news agency. This will be stopped


By AnnT21
NPR is my go-to news source.
Great public service
It’s shameful seeing Bill Maher and others attacking our free press so unfairly. Get the facts, not listen to a former disgruntled employee. Think for yourselves, instead of propagandists living in your heads.


By KrisD4
Used to be great. Now a puppeteer for the left. Just described RFK Jr. as an anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist (he’s not anti-vaccine) but described Cornell West as a professor. You’ve become a joke around town.
As a person who considers myself a true libertarian, npr is has fallen far from what it used to be. One sided, unfair reporting. Sad to see what is has become.
I like the news coverage and the 3 stars are only for the editing portion of episode. More often than not, episodes are “choppy” or cut short before the actual report ends. Is it just my app? Is it just me? Please fix this if it’s not me…
NPR is and always has been my goto for learning the real story. Other reviewers on iTunes are writing negative reviews which do not reflect my experience with NPR. Mistakes have been made, as people say, but NPR corrects it immediately. Besides errors are rare and on par with other respectable news organizations, unlike Fox and other right-wing news organizations who often are rated very low in getting the facts correct. Because NPR tells the facts, backed up with research and real sources, Trump supporters hate it. Nothing Trump says is based on facts so he is easily exposed as a liar and a conman.
Short and to the point. Informative, not preachy and often a bit funny.
I appreciate NPR’s diligence in presenting the multifaceted nature of a news story. It allows the listener to form their own view. I am definitely on the left side of spectrum but I need to understand what right is embracing so I can intelligently address it. Thank you NPR WNPR is my station. Yes, I support.
I think the other reviewer meant left leaning.
I love this podcast, it is updated hourly and provides a succinct summary of the latest news. Thank you, NPR!
They don’t seem to actually do fact checks. Only parrots the talking points they are given thus providing the audience a biased understanding of the subject at hand. For example: The UN Resolution calling for a ceasefire is BINDING. Stating that it is ‘non-binding’ per the Biden administration talking points is misleading the audience. All we ask is provide facts and not word play.
I rely on the global team of excellent journalists. Consistent, skilled and balanced.
The presumptive undertone is humorous, as if we should assume that everyone agrees with the progressive sociopath-political vision or they’re somehow less enlightened. We don’t have to be a monolith to exist together.
This used to just be a quick news update, now it’s a full minute of ads before it starts.
It would be 5 stars for the sense that most of the stories and commentary tends to have a left-leaning bias as an undercurrent.
UN should order Hamas to quit hiding behind civilians and surrender
Every time you report that IDF soldiers are dead it should be required to repeat the Palestinian CIVILIAN MOSTLY WOMEN AND CHILDREN death toll. This “balanced” reporting is severely askew.
It would be five stars if there was more episodes, like a weekly summary.
I start my day with NPR. It’s a great way to get a quick overview on what’s going on in the world.
01-02-24 - The only thing available to me since 12-31-23 is the Trailer. I would appreciate someone looking into this matter. Thank you. 08-17-21 - There has been no improvement with the issues encountered with this app. The latest episode available today is 07-05-21, 4pm. 06-06-21 - This podcast on this app is useless. It will not update automatically on apple’s podcast app. Spotify here I come. 05-31-21 - This podcast is still not updating automatically. It is supposed to update every hour and the setting for automatic download is selected for this podcast. The automatic download setting that was available at the iOS settings menu for the podcast app has been removed so we have to make that selection for each individual show in our library. Why do you have to “fix” something that isn’t broken? iOS 14.6 did not help with this issue on this show. Jose Leon With the latest iOS update, 14.4.1, I am unable to see the latest episodes. The last one available is from 04-26-21. 04-10-21 - Latest episode is 12 hours. Not the advertised “episodes updated hourly”. Please fix this issue. 05-11-21 - this podcast is supposed to update every hour. That is not happening. Lasted episode available is 05-09-21, 12am. Please get this fixed. 05-14-21 - this issue has still not been fixed. 05-20-21 - I’ve tried working with Apple on this issue. Deleting/reinstalling the app got me only three episodes from 05-19-21. The last episode available today is 2pm 05-19-21. I’m moving to Spotify for my podcasts as they are unabl to fix this issue. Note: I am experiencing the same issue on both my iPhone and iPad.
It’s really nice to get a 5 minute NPR update, cause I often zone out during long news stuff
Too many ads
NPR is allegedly one of the best and most unbiased sources for what is allegedly being called news. Their alleged work is allegedly reliable and informative. They also allegedly like to describe things as “allegedly” even when we all darn well saw the event happen. There’s allegedly a difference between being unbiased and being an equivocating worm. They allegedly could use a reminder of this.
Just one episode at a time? So if I don’t listen to them immediately, they’re gone? What kind of service is THAT? I’m missed yesterday episode, NOPE, can’t listen to it now…..
Siri insists on playing week old news now podcast
Now it is all stopped up on one episode December 7.
When I say “Play me the news” to Siri, it will only play the December 7th edition of the podcast, and there’s no way for me to mark it as played or even to delete that episode because the NPR channel doesn’t list it as an episode anymore. I’ve tried restarting my phone, unfollowing/refollowing the channel, and even redownloading Apple Podcasts, all to no avail.
Great news updates—it’s nice to be able to just get a quick update and it’s helpful that they delete all but the newest update so it doesn’t spam my feed with 24 episodes a day!
The hourly news was spamming my feed over the weekend. Now I’m getting no updates at all. The last hourly news was more than 8 hours ago. The updating of your hourly news updates has always been a bit glitchy in that sometimes the most recent news on my feed is several hours old, but in the past few days it’s been ridiculous. Sure hope you can fix it.
It’s a resource for an aspect of the news. Selective coverage seems to be the norm. Best practice would be to cross reference with other sources to avoid blind spots.
A short snippet of news . Straight to the point. Personally , I hear no ads and I pay no monthly so what is everyone complaining about ? Boy, people always find someone that’s wrong it’s incredible.
Great! Informative! Need to only keep most recent episode
I pay my dues automatically each month. Paying for in-depth news is a pleasure but not when news shut off after every segment. KERA’s own podcast is where I used to get live or stream news but annoying to listen now when each segment shuts off. I then went to Apple Podcast and it’s the same procedure. Might as well end my membership, save $20 monthly, and search for timely, updated news elsewhere. There are plenty of that on the internet, you know.
The quality of reporting, the consistency, and level of information has always been excellent. Highly recommended and kudos to NPR for delivering great episodes. Not a day goes by without it.
I can only see one episode? But nice short and sweet anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get a life
You have a tendency to delete episodes within an hour or so of airing that may be contextually taken as negative to the left. I am a democrat and tired of “left-leaning” media choosing what they tell their viewers based on what may pander to their target audience. Give consumers all the information and let them make decisions for themselves.
they often wait more than 2 hours before updating the feed. so the news is old…
To anyone being a crybaby about the ads how do you think you’re able to listen for free? Do you think content and talent and reporting comes from the Current Events Fairy? Also are you aware what the buttons to the left and right of Play are for? Skip the ads firstly next get a life
1 minute of ads in 5 minute podcast. Half to promote other NPR podcasts. I use Amazon now. No ads.
I love how this is just the latest episode so I know what is happening right now. I love that it’s just the headlines so I can choose what to go find out about later without losing my attention. Glad I found this! It’s a nice addition to “up first” in the morning.
Easy to listen to. Great snippet of what is happening now. Thanks!
Reported fairly withOUT bias. My go-to for news coverage. I don't mind the ads because NPR has to pay bills like the rest of us. No such thing as a free lunch, people!
Too many ads. Biased reporting . Awful waste of time with dishonest reporting. Shameful