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It’s a sad day for me – having just unsubscribed to Up First and New Now. I’ve been an ardent NPR fan for many years and finally today decided enough was enough. I’m down to only Science Friday as the last NPR show that I feel is worthy of my time and support. The seemingly daily focus on stories with a corona virus, BLM or racial angle and overamplifying any shred of black/white racial conflict. Real news gets no coverage at the cost of these over-represented agenda stories. NPR has always been liberal but its getting out of control now and quality is suffering. It’s too much for me and just not the top news that needs to be reported. This week I’ve been listening to other alternatives like The Daily from NYTimes, which is also suffering from the same problems as NPR but still tolerable for me for now, and many other options from Wall Street Journal and others. I’ll still check Terry Gross’s show– when she has good guests nobody is better than Terry.
I like the information. Hate the fact that every episode disappears every time a new one comes in. I want to hear what I missed.
Insightful and quick plays
I always listen to this show when I wake up in the morning. It’s the perfect bite sized news report to stay informed. Although it doesn’t automatically update so I had to unfollow and then refollow the show
I really enjoy the news but, unlike other podcasts, this podcast feed won’t download when I’m not actually in the application. This means I can’t follow what has happened during the day. Every hour has different information to report - stock as an example doesn’t let me follow the trend. I know this can be changed and don’t understand why one would want it to operate as it does now.
Good podcast but loads unevenly. I get some episodes on my phone and other episodes on my iPad. It also frequently stops after 20-30 seconds whereas my other podcasts play fine. If they can’t work this glitch out then I’m out. Whoever is your IT team they dissappoint.
Progressive Bias is overt.
Unfortunately this is nothing but propaganda, I do miss the days where NPR used to be about bipartisan news.
And they make it. Look easy.
Love getting my news this way.
Leftist propaganda
This News Podcast Has Become Very Repetitive Overtime!!
Succinct and pertinent news that I rely on every morning.


Pretty bias news
I’m appreciative of clear, concise information! I respect more than a single viewpoint of complex issues! Highly recommend.
I have enjoyed listening to these hourly news updates since our first lockdown. One recommendation I would have is for Amy Held to be the host more often as she has a great radio voice.
Great source of facts and real information. No fluff, no b.s. All coming to you in 5 minutes or less!


By sodak34
supposed to update every hour. NOT happening 9-6-2021. Not updating!!! Does anyone read these reviews??? 9-9-21. What is going on with this site ??? Supposed to update every hour. No update from yesterday till now! ! 09/30/21. what is going on with this site again??? No updates since mid morning’s ?? 10/01/21 still no updates!! a waste of time and effort. Going to look someplace else for news!!! 10-08-21. no update f for many hours now!!! where i. no going to s the every hour you. talk about?? ? 10-12. another day with no updates!!! 10/22. HELP. another dAy with no updates. 11/19 Friday and another day with no updates since you installed the new version!!! Help!!! Monday 11/22. STILL NO updates!!!
I think her first name is Douhali but not sure how to spell. She can’t seem to read. And she has some terrible cat hair in her throat. Oh my gosh, this is not a job for her. It was unbearable.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for ten years. In the last two years they started to focus less on true news (information about events of substantial impact to millions of lives in the US and abroad) and instead began focusing on sensational stories. I feel like this show has turned into a rant of “this grinds my gears” and is so narrowly focused that it actually leaves the listeners with a biased and warped perception of reality. I’ve switched over to the BBC World News podcast which actually covers real news and leaves listeners smarter and more informed than this, frankly, poorly produced podcast that is more like entertainment than an informative resource.
My local NPR station was broadcasting live interviews with Trump supporters on election day in 2016. That’s when I stopped being a regular listener and contributor. NPR could have been the sane counter to the horrific right-wing media machine, but they choose to act as if everything is fine. Inexplicable.
Thanks Tavin. Love the show.
Slow down the tempo! How can anyone really understand what they are saying?
I try to listen to several different news outlets hoping to get a full picture of what is going on in the world & specifically in the US. I have been disappointed over & over with the NPR news, especially since my tax dollars are aiding in its funding. The news here is so left leaning that they leave out important news that doesn’t promote their left leaning bias, such as the news of today on the win of the Republican candidate Youngkin for Governor in Virginia which hasn’t voted in a red governor for over a decade. Shame on NPR for not representing all the citizens whose tax dollars make their news outlet possible.
Does NPR have any idea or even care how biased and non-objective they’ve become? It is almost laughable how one-sided their reporting is now. I used to be a huge supporter of NPR; now I’m looking elsewhere.
I was extremely unprepared to hear the details of the lethal injection in Oklahoma - was that necessary? A simple “complications” would suffice. Anyone wanting that level of details can seek and find. So disturbing - I will absolutely alter what I listen to first thing in the morning from this point on!


I like this idea !!
Not sure why but I’m only getting hours old updates in my Apple Podcast App. Its 9:30am now - the 9am newscast is listed on the NPR website but whatever I try I cant get the Apple Podcast app to show anything but the 8am podcast. This is new - and very repeatable - same thing happened several times this week. At 3pm only could get the 12pm newscast - etc. Easier to listen on Spotify
Latest update changed the layout. New layout is unintuitive and unresponsive. Podcasts don’t refresh even when forced. What was simple is not a mess. Booooo
This podcast comes in handy because it gives me all the news I need in a perfect amount of time. I love podcasts and think it’s a great way to hear the news!!!
Old episodes linger… it’s annoying. Please bring back the refresh setting for every 5 minutes. Waiting an hour for a refresh is lame
This podcast doesn’t seem to be updating anymore. New episodes are posted on their website as well as Spotify and other podcast apps. Might be an Apple Podcast problem.


oh wow thank P.O.j
Agree, doesn’t update
Alcohol advertisements on nearly every news segment. I wish there was a way to opt out of receiving them. Children don’t need to be bombarded with it, and many adults such as myself.
Frustrating. Doesn’t update. Also it’d be useful for the host to announce the date and time of the broadcast
Not the first time I have had this issue
Doesn’t update.
iOS updates screwed everything up. Just use Spotify. Either Apple or NPR can’t figure out how to update the hourly news. It’s been months, it used to work beautifully but that is no longer the case
Really like the easy to understand podcast from NPR. Learn more in a few minutes than I do from extended podcasts with hosts that love sound of their own voices. Thanks, Dr. GC My High School Students look forward to this podcast. It starts our class off with “ice breaker” on discussing the most recent podcast. Thanks again, Dr. GC
08-17-21 - There has been no improvement with the issues encountered with this app. The latest episode available today is 07-05-21, 4pm. 06-06-21 - This podcast on this app is useless. It will not update automatically on apple’s podcast app. Spotify here I come. 05-31-21 - This podcast is still not updating automatically. It is supposed to update every hour and the setting for automatic download is selected for this podcast. The automatic download setting that was available at the iOS settings menu for the podcast app has been removed so we have to make that selection for each individual show in our library. Why do you have to “fix” something that isn’t broken? iOS 14.6 did not help with this issue on this show. Jose Leon With the latest iOS update, 14.4.1, I am unable to see the latest episodes. The last one available is from 04-26-21. 04-10-21 - Latest episode is 12 hours. Not the advertised “episodes updated hourly”. Please fix this issue. 05-11-21 - this podcast is supposed to update every hour. That is not happening. Lasted episode available is 05-09-21, 12am. Please get this fixed. 05-14-21 - this issue has still not been fixed. 05-20-21 - I’ve tried working with Apple on this issue. Deleting/reinstalling the app got me only three episodes from 05-19-21. The last episode available today is 2pm 05-19-21. I’m moving to Spotify for my podcasts as they are unabl to fix this issue. Note: I am experiencing the same issue on both my iPhone and iPad.
It automatically plays every day.
Though if I have to listen to the July 5th episode one more freaking time I may scream. Unfollowing and re-following doesn’t help. Just please kill me.


By bghdrij
Thanks for providing the facts only the facts. Real news.


Outstanding program, but no new news since Saturday. DanKoenig Sr.
Still broke
Thanks to Mayze42 for review note about not automatically updating. As noted, to update feed: Unfollow, then Follow again.
I ALWAYS play the most recent episode first thing in the morning
Great news content but the episodes do not update anymore. Have to unfollow and follow again to see new episodes