Piano Jazz Shorts

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A great set of fantastic personalities. I love the historical content and the great life-story telling.
Too short. Each music selection lasts just a few seconds, then they fade it out. Either they should do it right or not at all. The first one I listened to had a lot of canned applause, done badly.
This is such a wonderful show. It’s a pity that these podcasts cut off much of the music.
But please let us hear the whole show.
Why can't all music podcasts be like this. Short sweet to the point. Good music. I love it!!
The Whole Show!!! The Whole Show!!! The Whole Show!!! The Whole Show!!! Pleezze???
Very much a fan of Marian she's one of the best at her age and still playing and doing panio jazz. Just wish you people do the whole podcast of the shows espeacily the two searies of the 30th. Annaversary shows from panio jazz. Also you should concider recording the 30th. Annaversery shows.
I was really hoping to listen to the whole show since I'm not always able to listen to it on the radio. Unfortunately it's just the talking with only a small taste of the music.
Please, NPR, give us the whole thing in a podcast. Neither of my local public stations broadcasts it and I can't always listen to it on the web. A full podcast would be sooooo nice. Marian is a gift from the gods, as are her guests.
WTF. Let us hear the whole thing. It's a treasure. Don't be exclusive. Thanks.
I was really excited when I saw the tab for this. Finally, I'll get to hear all the great modern musical minds speak intelligently about improvisation. But alas, the heaviest cat she had on so far was Ron Carter (who is HEAVY indeed). I feel this is a watered down version of what could be a flavorful set of musical insights. But, everyone must start out somewhere on this path of auditory enhancement.
One of the finest shows on NPR. Insightful and talented McPartland brings us up close and personal some of the great jazz talents of her time. Her normal show time is Saturday night when our family is out recreating. Please consider running the entire show as a podcast!
I just wish they offered the complete program on podcasts. Streaming the show from their website is nice but I'd love to take it with me.
This show is exellent. I only wish the full length versions are available.
This podcast is the best. I wish it could be longer :-(
This show is such an amazing treat. It can't be that difficult to podcast the whole thing. In fact, wouldn't it be easier (no editing it down to 7 minutes, just record, and rip!)?
Piano Jazz shows are great. You learn a lot about the artist and it's such an intimate setting. Marian is a great show host, making everyone feel at home. You'll get hooked once you start listening. Alicia Keys is very musical and it's cool to hear her in this setting.
This show is a National Treasure. I have been listening for years the only problem is it's on at 9 pm on a Saturday night when I am out with the wife and friends and often miss it. Now with Podcasts that no longer needs to be the case but only 7 minutes? Please! Put the full show up NPR. This show deserves to be heard. Everytime I have a friend tune their car radio into this show they are blown away. It is an Island of class and art in a crass world.
This is a wonderful podcast. The conversational style mixed with music is really great to listen to. I wish the whole show were put on the podcast...I would love to hear more of the music.
this woman has some serious chops. who is she? where did she get dem chops?
Marian McPartland mixes her brilliant improvisational piano music and conversation with guests that is free form and social. Like admiring friends picking their respective musical brains. Don't overlook this podcast.