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Reviews For APM: Performance Today - Piano Puzzler

This is a great way to really learn how to listen with sensitivity and removing your pre-conceptions. I also learn a lot about techniques and styles of great composers. The host is so friendly and warm and Bruce’s compositions stand o. Their own ad masterpieces!
This podcast is a musical treat for the ear and mind. It’s a gem- my favorite short podcast. Sometimes they’re so clever you can’t help going back to listen to them again for the craftsmanship of Bruce’s piano miniatures. Bravo!
So enjoyable to listen to these short puzzlers. I love the efficiency of the little program and the satisfying regularity of the formula. They’re such nice hosts. I learn a lot—and painlessly too!
Music is sine qua non for many of us. Then, an added level, to tease the brain in such a rewarding manner. Pure genius. Much obliged.
This past week's Puzzler included a selection from a Beethoven Sonata and for the first time since I've been listening, the Podcast included the Sonata it was quoting from in its entirety after the game. I hope this was not just a technical error and represents a change in format for the show as this would be a welcome edition to any already excellent show!
And by that I mean, I guess the hidden song 80% of the time and the mimicked composer about 20% of the time. ;) This is a seriously wonderful podcast!
The Piano Puzzler is fun for everyone. Bruce and Fred are great. They keep the Puzzler challenging, but they aren't elitists. This isn't something only music scholars will enjoy. My mother has studied and played the piano almost her entire life. I love music, but can't play an instrument. And we both like the Piano Puzzler.
These are great fun. Bruce Adolphe has the musical-combinatorial wit of Peter Schickele and the teacher soul of Karl Haas. The puzzlers are just challenging enough and Bruce is great at helping listeners figure it out. It helps if you know musicals and the Great American Songbook and the Beatles.
Superb educational tool. I teach a music appreciation class and this really demonstrates how melodies can be harmonized and modified. Excellent program!
I enjoy the show immensely. It is reminiscent of the late Karl Haas's syndicated radio show " Adventures in Good Music" in that it employs, education, mystery, wit, and entertainment.
I look forward to these every week. My roommates and I will sit around and do them together. We are music majors so this is great for our ears.
I just got an email from Bruce Adolphe saying that he's going to Minnesota in late October to record 16 new puzzlers. So, very soon we should all have 16 weeks of fresh Piano Puzzlers. Great news!
I really love this podcast. It's very entertaining and a challenge for anyone who loves puzzles, especially ones like these. However, it comes and goes. One week it's here, the next it's not...what's up with that?
Enjoyable and a pleasure to listen to. Completely worth every minute of your time.
When this pod-cast's feed from NPR stopped last year, I thought we'd never see it again! Three Cheers for Bruce Adolphe's triumphant return!!!
I am an accomplished pianist, but this Puzzler always seems to get me. It's always a fun challenge to solve this problem!
This program is excellent. My teenage son and I have listened to these on the way into school and really enjoy the challenge! They get the mind going in the AM. But there haven't been any in quite awhile! PLEASE, PLEASE bring these back! Some of us can't listen when they are broadcasted.
This podcast always brightens my week. Each time I listen, I learn something new--it's like I am back in my college music history class all over again. Listen! I promise you won't regret it!
I love this podcast-- it's a mix of amazing talent and fun twists on something familiar. I find it hard to catch this segment on my local NPR, so I was thrilled to find it on a podcast. I hope it will return soon! It was one of my favorites! Great job! Hope to hear you again soon!
This is one of my favorite podcasts! Where has it gone?
Can you name the popular song and the composer in whose style it has been rewritten? Sometimes I have to guess but I always love the music. I wish I had some more piano puzzlers!
This is my favorite podcast. Music, suspense, brain game, challenge, early morning wake-up--it has it all and more. The hosts are easy to listen to and never embarrass the players--I'd even give it a try. Where are they? There must be many music lovers who cherish this brief respite from daily grind. Where is it? I would do anything to persuade my local music station, MPR, to subscribe to it.
Its great. Take your musical knowledge to another level in a fun and friendly way. And I don't even mind missing it...here and there :) Bruce, Your work is amazing! We miss the podcast!!!
I really enjoy this podcast! Why haven't we seen any lately?
If you were a "Name That Tune" nut like yours truly you might really like this quiz...It's a bit hoity-toity but I believe that I am living proof that you don't have to possess a great breadth of knowledge to enjoy it.