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This show isn’t funny. At all
After a long week of following concerning, scary, or depressing news, it’s wonderful to have Peter, Bill, and the panelists put a humorous spin on some of those news stories. It never fails to make me laugh out loud at least once and I look forward to seeing it in my feed.
You all absolutely nailed it. What a wonderful relief to listen to you all after every rough week of the current craziness in our country. This thing you have all created and contributed to has a tremendous positive influence on millions of us. Wishing you all the best and thank you SO MUCH for all you've given us.
Even better than car talk. I’d give it a bill-ion stars.
I listen to the podcast while walking and while driving...and I get there so much more quickly with your fast-paced humor. Great variety in guests. Thank you.
I enjoy the content of Wait Wait, but the audio quality often makes it unlistenable. Especially when on the road, the show sounds like it was recorded inside a toilet. Please, for the love of God, listen back to the show and hire audio engineers who know what they’re doing. It’s an embarrassment to NPR.
Please stop speeding up the speed of the podcasts. It sounds foolish. They talk so fast you miss some of the dialog. I stream the podcast so I can listen at my leisure. I don’t mind the length of the actual show.
I love the show, but my dog is terrified of game-show-style buzzers and bells. She starts trembling during the opening moments of Wait Wait because she knows the noises will come. Same thing with the Tonight Show and Ellen. Please switch to dog-approved sounds. Otherwise, you’re perfect.
I honestly really liked this show.. then I read the words “Stacey Abrams”. No thanks. Delete. Have a nice day.
You will never stop listening and loving it
I love this show! My family listens to it, and the jokes are great for people who don’t listen to it. And Peter, I want you to know that I laugh at you Listener Limerick Challenge puns.
This has been my "go to" podcast when ever I heard out for a run. I have been listening to them for a long time, even before you could listen to them on your phone.
Love this show and everyone on it but wanted to throw out that Maeve is a fantastic addition! I wish she’d come on every week! Cracks. Me. Up.
Awesome show! Always funny, clever and informative. A little lefty, but still fantastic!
One of the best shows on the radio. The most hilarious presentation of the news for real!
Keeps me updated while living overseas.
This is my bread and butter podcast. Gives me the news (which I avoid during the week) and makes me smile. The panelists are awesome, so glad that wait wait is around.
Each week Peter Sagal and his guests bring an hour of pure joy, spontaneous laughter, smart humor and just mirthful fun into my life. This podcast is unique among all the others and I look forward to each Saturday when it becomes available to listen to it. Peter and all his regular panelists are in this to bring levity to the weeks news (and BTW, they are all wicked smart and funny). You cannot be disappointed in giving these guys an hour of your time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!
If I could only listen to 1 podcast for the rest of my life, Wait Wait would be the one ♥️
My whole family loves listening to this podcast, especially my youngest. We live in the Bay Area so it is almost impossible to see the show live. Maybe someday...meantime, keep up the great work entertaining us and keeping us sane during these tough times.
Hilarious, entertaining, love it!
I absolutely love this show. It’s witty, hilarious, and the political commentary is right up my alley. Paula Poundstone has long been my favorite panelist. I do, however, have to take off one star because they have so many “Best of Not My Job” episodes which are just compilations of previously aired guest appearances. It wouldn’t bother me too much if they were only two or three times a year, but they are much more frequent than that and they often overlap. Over the course of all of these “Best Of” episodes throughout the year, we will hear the same re-airing multiple times. I understand it’s public radio and they may not have the budget or the time to do a show every single week, but it can get repetitive. Other than that, this is an AMAZING program. Kudos to NPR and all the people at Wait, Wait for putting on such a great show and for keeping it alive for twenty years. You’re doing the world a service!
I have been listening this show on the radio and now by podcast for many years. I know that Peter is a comic genius, but who knew that under all that gravitas both Carl and Bill were very funny men? This is one of my favorite shows and I enjoy listen to it even though I get funny looks at the gym when I listen with my ear buds and no one knows what I am laughing out loud about. And I loved hearing the “inside baseball” episodes called Naked and Ashamed. Faith’s interviews and insights into the inner workings of the show were delightful. Please have more of these! Keep up the great work, and thank you for a sanctuary of sanity every week!
It makes me so happy and I’m only 10 years old
One of the first podcasts I listened to, and still a must listen every week for the humorous take on the week’s news
Pretty formulaic. I still listen, but other programs are overtaking it. Too many of the jokes are forced and predictable. It used to be that as soon as I got a new episode, I wanted to listen, but now it can wait a few days if I have a new episode of any of about a half dozen other podcasts.
And the podcast is very good when you are having a conversation with your friends and family that they can be a little bit more fun than the other people who don’t want to play the game and then
As with all NPR podcasts, I try to listen and ignore all the leftists comments and Trump-bashing, but it quickly goes over the top and I have to turn it off. Too bad that they can’t get past that.
BEST PODCAST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best podcast ever
I am a kid so I might not understand everything but I do know that this podcast puts me to sleep every night and that it is hilarious and to be honest my favorite Guest is Paula Poundstone and I just love the podcast and I hope they keep going for the next 20 years
Terrific. Always a pleasure to listen to. Peter Sagal is wonderful as is the *’regular’, rotating panel & scorekeepers: Carl Castle (R.I.P.) and Bill Kurtis. Cleaver segments, good rapport. Lots of fun.
It seems NPR is now trying to track podcast listener behavior.I am unsubscribing
In case anyone at the show is listening: Love the podcast, but am curious that the pitch for funding asks me to contribute to my local NPR station. If you asked me to help fund you directly, without siphoning off funds for NPR fees and administrators, I'd give! Also, it looks like I can't review "Naked and Ashamed" directly, so I'll add here that I HATE that title. Why are you ashamed? It's the lamest play on words I've ever heard.
Best npr show comedy and news
I sampled WWDTM when I drove someplace w my then 24 yr old son during the show broadcast on WNYC. It was a great listen - clever, funny and informative. I missed their visit to NJ a few yrs back and the recent one to Carnegie Hall. But that won’t happen again— so bravo on your milestone and a special thanks to Faith for the wonderful “naked and ashamed” interviews! Now will someone please give me the secret codes to listen to the outtakes and stuff on the cutting room floor???
Smart, downright funny. My favorite show by far. Keep up the GREAT work!
I live this podcast so much, but it seems to lack some content! I need more funnies!
Candid & verified what I hoped was true: that the cast love and respect one another through the same serious irreverence they share on Wait Wait. I am sure I will listen again to these!
I skip the shows with Paula Poundstone. She’s just not as funny as she thinks she is.
One of the best cures for homesickness while living abroad, wait wait is a joy.
Great show, keep it up!
Not only is it funny, but I sometimes get news I didn’t know before!
Listen, I get it the president does funny things. I understand that he can be annoying and unprofessional. But enough is enough! Move on to other subjects! Or at the very least please do NOT MAKE the first thirty minutes all about the trump presidency. I’ve stopped listening because it seems to be very discouraging instead of uplifting. Let’s continue to be liberal and love EVERYONE no matter how we feel about them. Or at least be respectful.
WWDTM is a salve to all the numskullery we hear about the rest of the week from the news. A good laugh.
Loved the naked and ashamed. Great learning about the cast and crew. Awaiting g Peters segment.
The most amazing show! It makes me happy i in the future want to have a podcast like this
I love these podcasts with Faith Salie! Her interviews with the panelists and staff of Wait Wait are a delight to hear.