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After a long day of not working and exhausted 🥱 I found this show on my podcast feed! What an awesome collection of wit! Thanks 😊 made my day and I’ll be back! Michelle
I love this podcast because it’s so funny and the stories are really interesting
I enjoy every episode but especially love when Dulce Sloan or Maeve Higgins is on, they are both hilarious!
Like so many others, I have been a loyal WWDTM subscriber for years, but finally broke down and unsubscribed just to keep "Everyone and Their Mom" out of my feed. Please separate the two podcasts and you will get your five star rating back!
ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I hope it keeps airing for another 20 or so years. But please, make everyone and their mom a different subsricption
I’m sure they do this to try to get people to subscribe but I promise that it’s having the exact opposite effect on some folks instead. I can’t even mark these stupid subscription only episodes as played to get them off my feed and to make the episodes I actually can listen to easier to find. I’m fixing to just stop following WWDT entirely instead of wasting time scrolling through useless bonus episodes.
Honestly, this show is the only thing that makes sense of some of the incredibly stupid things you hear or read in the news cycle these days. I hear something absurd and think, “I bet that’s going to be a question on ‘Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me!” And then it is, and I feel smugly smarter. Love this show!
wait wait don’t tell me makes me in a better mood already once I start listening. everyone is so funny and they talk about current/not boring issues and topics. this is really weird but it kinda helps me fall asleep. not like it’s boring but it just calms me down and makes me laugh after a stressful day. 10/10 LOVEEEEEEEEE
I’ve listened to & enjoyed Wait, Wait with my family for years. Now, they’ve become so over-aggressive in pushing their subscription service that I can’t find an actual episode without sorting through all the faux episodes for subscribers only. I think I’ll unfollow. I don’t need the annoyance.
Love WWDTM it is funny and timely! I am tired of having to mark everyone and ….. as played! It just does not hold my attention and I cringe when I see it show up in my podcasts app/notifications. It is an unnecessary step to mark it as played. I am sure there is a great audience for that show but not for me.
Went to a live show and now I know they cut out all the funniest parts of the show. V disappointing
But you need to get Paul and Sasha from "Community News with Paul and Sasha" on WWDTM. They are a perfect fit for your show and should be regular guests. They're so smart and so funny! Please, please book them!
please take everyone and their mother off of this subscription! I HATE that it shows up in my feed with no way to remove it. has nothing to do with wwdtm and it’s…awfully mediocre
Can’t believe this left wing crap gets federal funding. #defundnpr
I’ve been a WWDTM listener for decades. Trying to stay one. Harder and harder with the introduction of a terrible spin-off (Everyone blah blah blah) and the attempt to monetize WWDTM. Have you guys actually stopped caring about your listeners?
I have loved WWDTM for years, and I will always a listen. But I must tell you, the “Everyone” episodes aren’t great. And I also dislike the shows that are re-runs of NMJ. Its a podcast. You can’t do re-runs on a podcast. Otherwise, keep up the good work.
Make one with the host of the Netflix show is it cake
I love the show, I have for years. I listen exclusively to the podcast. I don’t want all the “bonus” material cluttering up my stream. I don’t need the new show. I don’t want the bonus discussions. I just want the Wait-Wait podcast. Please return us to sanity.
Love the show and Tom Papa but he made a joke on most recent show that did not make sense … said he has the “advantage of living in LA and being 3 hours ahead of his family on the East Coast “…whaaaa?
This show makes me happy even when the subjects in the news are upsetting. Everyone is entertaining but Maeve Higgins is my queen! Can’t get enough of her. Had the pleasure of meeting Peter after a show and he was personable and kind. Thank you all for producing a show I look forward to every weekend.
Loved the game show but confused and annoyed by the added episodes that are completely different than the original show. For now I’m going to unfollow. Thanks for the many good years though.
You officially have my notice to stop putting “everyone” in my downloads before I cancel completely. Wait Wait gets 5 stars. Everyone gets 1. Here’s your 3. The law of averages.
Please, please make it stop.
I love Wait Wait and listen every week, either live while driving between errands or over podcast while walking the dog. The main reason I donate to NPR.
Does anyone really like this show? It’s been running for ages and anytime I’ve ever had the displeasure of tuning it’s got the worst dad jokes and the dumbest trivia. If anyone find this funny or entertaining I’d be truly amazed because it’s pure torture to listen to.
I never miss an episode. Funny and informative.
You get rid of this awful weekly short you've started. If I wanted to listen to an entirely different podcast, I would subscribe to it. I just want to hear the show I’m here for. Other than that. I love Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.
Get rid of the Everyone &. Annoying. I need to get rid of the pay to listen episodes. Annoying. Until this happens this is a three star show
New paid content is v. bad, and I can’t delete it! What are they thinking?!?
Wait wait is always a funny show, a nice twist on the news, and it’s fun to talk to people in different professions and interview them with a funny twist. I genuinely enjoy it. I listen to them all! Emma cho is not funny. I think she does try, but it’s just not entertaining. She makes jokes but they simply are not funny, and her interviews are dominated by her bad jokes. She’s clearly a hard person to work of off, and even if the interviewee is funny, its hard to listen to. I think the cast seems to like her, but she’s alienating the casts fans. I suggest getting rid of her podcast and her making less appearances on bonus episodes.
Wow, why don’t you spin off this new episode into its own podcast feed. That way I can unsubscribe. Ugh 15 minutes I can’t get back. 10/12/2022: I see I’m not the only one that would rather not have EA in their feed. You should listen to your customers!
For every episode hosted by Emma Choi I’m reporting it to Apple before deleting the episode. I subscribed to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, which is supposed to make me laugh, not annoy me. Right now hoping that Maeve Higgins is one of the panelists is the only thing keeping me subscribed. Now there are episodes I can’t listen to without paying or mark as played without playing also clogging the feed. Way to ruin a good thing!
Can you please, pretty please, move the “Everyone &” episodes out from under the “Wait Wait” umbrella? Clever marketing idea, but it’s a disappointment to see the Wait Wait image in my downloads only to read it’s an Everyone episode.
Piling on to say “Please separate EATM” and just leave the weekly show.
Long time listener and die hard fan of wait wait..but really can’t stand that the “everything and” podcasts are mixed in (to the point I almost want to unsubscribe entirely). They are clearly very different shows. Please allow listeners to subscribe accordingly.
Still love the show, but they’ve cluttered the feed with a second show that is not worth the time, and now there are subscription episodes you can’t mark as played. Makes it a pain to navigate.
Love Dulce Sloane! Love Tom Pappa! Love the new guy who wrote about the unzipped jeans. And of course, Maeve!
LOVE WWDTM but as much as I tried, I cannot deal with EATM. Please separate these shows. I get so excited when I see an unplayed episode on my feed and am equally if not more disappointed and annoyed when it’s an EATM episode.
The “everyone &” content is not for me. Please stop forcing it on me; I beg you. Wait Wait was PERFECT until this extra nonsense jumped into my feed.
………………… Good (:
Unsubscribing because of Everyone and their mom. Sick of it in my stream.
Wait Wait (the hour weekly show) is great: solid 5 stars They started adding 4 or 5 of these lame filler shows to the podcast; they all not good: 1 star 5 filler shows x 1 star = 5 (shows)(star) Wait Wait show x 5 stars = 5 (shows)(star) Podcast show rating Average: 10 (shows)(star) / 6 (shows) = 1.67 stars Wait Wait: Why ruin Wait Wait podcast rating with these low quality shows?
Came to echo the others - please separate out the Everyone content. It’s not good (my opinion only), and for subscribers who have been listening for many years it’s irritating to be auto subscribed to her content. Just do an ad instead!
I love the original Wait, Wait and also the new Everyone & content! Keep it coming.
It finally came to it, Wait Wait is now charging for content. Geez! I guess NPR is not NPR anymore. Goodbye WWDTM! (Wave)
I’ve listened to WWDTM for over two decades, first on the radio and now the podcast. Its a great show and delivers exactly what it promises— news with a twist. It’s really aggravating to have a second show in the same feed. Everyone and . . . is deserving of its own feed. When I’m driving and in the mood for some Peter and crew, then another E& comes on, I have to pull over to get my player back in the show I want. Please, please, please separate them.
Love the show- been listening for years. Only gave 4 stars because of the forced Emma content. Unfortunately I can’t put the podcast on “play next episode” anymore because of the Emma-led content that is on there. She might be a fantastic behind the scenes producer but she is not a good interviewer or entertainer.
I LOVE Maeve. And Bill Curtis! There couldn’t have been a better person to inherit the role. Update: months later, EATM is still being forced on us. Why? Ad revenue? WWDTM is one of my all-time fave shows. PLEASE break out the Wednesday show. It’s not cute anymore to keep it it in the WW feed.