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At 54 years of age I’ve been listening to WAIT WAIT for over 25 years. When all else was going wrong I would tune in and WAIT WAIT would always serve to wash away my sorrows! LOVE YA!❤️
This podcast is a great listen people say the podcast is biased but who cares it’s funny also aren’t we all biased? Love all the panelists especially Paula Poundstone, Meave Higgins, Alonso Boden, and Joel Kim Booster. BILL KURTIS IS DA BOMB 💣
This is AWSOME I loooooove it I’m 9 and it’s my fave pod Pls do not make best offs😭😭😭😭😭😭 I hate them so don’t make more best of’s Ps to yall ignorant 1starers yall soooo dummies cuas I think dulce is cool and yall just making a racist impression on me so you better pick up dat pace cuas this pod is AMASING
Most of the panelists are very funny. I find it hard to listen when Negin is on though, that laugh is sooo annoying...
This podcast has all the headlines you wouldn’t usually see. I have seen people say that it’s very left leaning politically, which is mostly true, but please don’t write a review about how you have to be educated to not like this show. If you don’t like it that’s fine, but have a little respect for the people who enjoy this podcast.
Especially enjoy Paula Poundstone, Maeve Higgins, and my personal favorite, Tom Papa. Thanks Peter.
This is a very funny and awesome podcast
Especially enjoy Paula Poundstone and Maeve Higgins !!!
Anything for a laugh, but I gotta say that encouraging a guest to share her pleasure in the crunch of biting a living octopus is repulsive. Further exploring the method: cut off the arms first, then the animal waits in agony to be eaten. Horrific. Anyone on the production team have any empathy?
Hilarious and irreverent. It’s the radio version of Saturday Night LIVE!!!
Very few things make me laugh out loud these days… But “Wait, wait.. “ does it every time. Thank you, Peter Segal, Bill Curtis and guests! Couldn’t get through my daily walking routine without Podcasts…
A few of the recurring panel members lately are making it hard to love. Maeve Higgins is funny but just too dumb for the show. And I’m tired of hearing Mo Racca blurt out everything passing through his mind in a frantic scramble to find an even plausible answer. Dulce, I’m pretty sure is drunk during the show and pretty sloppy near the end. She is too loud and obnoxious for NPR, however, she is funnier than the aforementioned two.
This is arguably the best show ever, not just on NPR or on podcasts, but period.
Amazingly clever game panelists, often amusing ad libs, and does a great job of shining a light on the silliness of our world. I just wish Peter (and sometimes his panelists) wouldn’t feel the constant need to make parenthetical jabs reflecting his progressive bent. Mocking the right and fawning over the left just turns what was a great diversion into another divisive production. There’s nothing wrong with mocking, just recognize that there’s plenty to be mocked across the political spectrum.
I’ve tried a lot of podcasts, this is by far the best. DON’T LISTEN TO THE BAD REVIEWS. This podcast is truly amazing.


Was funny and dynamic. Now recycled woke jokes by recycled hacks. The problem when you see the world through a single lens
This is the most consistently funny show on radio, on television, in a podcast, and any other medium to be invented in the future.
Even nerds can’t like this garbage. Unfunny. Lame. Full of cüm-guzzling slüts.
Makes me laugh - really need that now! Thanks, ya’ll.
I look forward to hearing this podcast every weekend. It makes it easier to swallow the bitter pill of news that happens during the week.
It's always funny and I enjoy hearing the news from Wait Wait! I ❤️this podcast!!!
I wanted to love this show. I hoped the mean spirited “humor” would get better after the election, but it seems to have become a habit. I’ll go where people are nicer.
I love listening to it and relaxing.
Great show as always and even better with Dulce.
It gets me through the pandemic
dont listen to the bad reviews this is the BEST podcast


Thanks intern Emma. This made me laugh. Also I love WWDTM. Been listening every Saturday for years. Gives me news and laughs.
W so far a area assersAw
I’m not is fan of Dulce. She’s loud , stupid and incredibly annoying. She is also a Tiffany Haddish rip-off. I’m a POC so not racist , just don’t want to hear a fake dummy laugh her way through one of my favorite shows.
Latest woman hired has a laugh that is like nails on a chalkboard and makes ignorant comments to guests that demean their careers. I am canceling this podcast and shutting off the radio show after many years of being a loyal listener.
Dulce Sloan is one of my favorite panelists! Her laugh never fails to make me laugh. She is a joy, a delight, and a marvelous addition to the WWDTM Universe.
In an ardent counter to the two reviewers who claim they will skip if Ms. Dulce is on—she makes the show every time she comes around. She is subtle and hilarious, mocking and breaking the NPR waspy form and taking the show to a new level every time she’s on. I will listen just because she’s on, she’s brilliant. Everyone has favorites and non-favorites, but there is more going on with those two reviews. Let’s not dismiss black women for being what you called her—that just makes you seem loud and ignorant yourselves.
Why aren’t all of the episodes on here? Would like to listen to an old one that has an audience like how Will Smith is watching old recorded news in I Am Legend.
I love the show for its humor but I often hear a news item that I have missed and I look it up to learn more details. I saw a live performance at Tanglewood a few years ago and came to appreciate what a massive weekly effort it is to put the show on. Thank you so much.
I too have listened to WWDTM for years and love the show. But I have to agree that when Dulce Sloan is on, I usually skip it. She’s not just loud, she interrupts guests. Her laugh feels like being poked in the eyes with a stick—jarring and very annoying. Worst of all, she doesn’t seem to know even the most common things, much less bothering to inform herself of the news. That’s not amusing, it’s lazy, and missing the point of the program.
I recommend to anyone who likes comedy.
Love this show - please get rid of the new people!
I’m a devoted listener to WWDTM. Over the past 17 years, I don’t believe I’ve missed an episode. I enjoy all of the guests and panelists, but going forward, I may have to pass when Dulce Sloan is on. She is very loud, obnoxious and uninformed. She makes it a hard listen.
I love this podcast but I disappointed that some people dislike it because of political views or offensive jokes, I don’t think these people realize that it’s hard not to be offensive while making fun of something, but still.


By MyndiB
Peter and Bill are constant entertainment. The rotating players are so fun. Thanks for adding Dulcè to the crew. Love her laugh.
Peter, Bill, and the whole revolving crew always puts a smile on my face even after 7 years of listening (as much as possible). It’s always fun/educational/surprising/so enjoyable. I’m always open to more of it.
Thank goodness for pod casts. I usually listen with my Airbuds and my bursts of laughter and random shouting out answers seems to makes my spouse nervous!
The most Informative, Entertaining,Relevant show Bar None. The guests are varied in background, the hosts ask relevant questions, and the audience get educated and entertained!!!!! Well done NPR
Just listened to the Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody episode. Peter here’s your reason to go to Fargo—a giant pretzel with cheese sauce, sausage, and assorted sides at the Wurst Bier Hall. The beer drinkers in my group enjoyed that offering too!