Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

Reviews For Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

I started listening to this a few months ago and it’s so awesome!!!!!!!
We listen as a family to this every weekend, my kids have grown up playing "wait wait" and doing pretend quiz shows. Ahh good times. Paula will always be our favorite guest, but they're all fantastic. Keep up the great work!
For my sanity I need my weekly listen. Listen to it with the kids in the car. They might even learn a little and get interested. And. It’s just human. Left leaning.
I’m a junior in high school, and I’ll be honest; I learn more about what’s going on in the world from this podcast than I do in school. A great way to learn the week’s news while also remaining fun and interesting.
Fantastic, funny, and relevant!
Makes me laugh with funny news that isn’t horrible. Makes fun of trump.
I listen to a lot of podcasts, this is one of my favorites - might still be in 3 years when Trump is no longer in office.
I like the format but the jokes are wearing thin. The only time the show is witty is when Poundstone is on, otherwise it is middle aged humor. I am really really really tired of the soccer and World Cup trashing.
Yes I know it’s a broadcast radio show, but WWDTM is the OG on my podcast feed. I don’t usually go after other reviewers, but seriously? One star cause you don’t like their sponsors? Weak. They have to stay on the air by taking *someone’s* money. That’s like a bizarro-world five star review. “Well, let’s see here, I want to give the show 1 star. What can I critique them for? The host? No, he’s self deprecating and keeps the program moving. The guests? No, they’re well-varied and typically top notch. The production values?! No, the only time they ever suffer is on the road and outdoor, and even then, pretty good. Ooh! I know, the panel is almost always all liberals! Yeh, but they’re mostly liberals no one’s heard of. And have you seen our President? Yeesh. I know! I’ll go after the sponsors!”
I worked in the oil and gas industry for 10 years. I know what they mean by ‘we are using the newest technology for better energy usage.’ Bottom line is that we can’t pull any more carbon to the surface environment. It’s like selling cigarettes to a person with stage 4 lung cancer. O & G needs a boycott. Hard pass. Too bad, bc I love this show. 1 star bc it’s more important than any great show.
I have nothing else to say but it’s the best podcast eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can’t stop laughing most of the time. Peter Segal is the best host ever. They don’t let me hid it any administration get away with anything.
As long as you can keep up with the speed of the host, this is a funny take on sometimes very serious subjects. Great writing and often very good in-prov by guests.
....same oh same oh...constantly bashing our President. Really enjoyed this podcast first couple of times I listened, but the same ‘humor’ became very boring.
Bring her back😺😺😺
Not sure if I should be proud or ashamed that this is where I get a lot of my news. I'm gonna go with proud. Hilarious and actually pretty informative new quiz show.
It’s hard to get your news updates now a days. I listen so I can get updates on current events and usually it makes me laugh.
It's definitely good for a laugh, but be warned the show always makes a mockery of Trump. If that's a sore subject for you, say away.
WWDTM is a hilarious and insightful look at recent events, interspersed with great pop culture references and guests. Peter (host) is glib, funny, and engaging. The various panelists have very different personalities, each bringing a different slant to the show. If you get to Chicago, try to make a live taping -- it's even better in person!
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Best podcast.....


always a great show, keep up the good work!
Good pod
When this was first played I was not happy about it. Then is listened to is and found it interesting so I started to download them and I listen to this when ever I can!
Wait Wait... Don’t tell Me is the greatest podcast I have ever listened to. Also the funniest. Loved the episode Retta. Great job NPR!
This is my favorite podcast. I know this by how excited I get when it shows up on my feed. Also. Virginia Heffernan (no relation! ) is my favorite. She sees this for the amazing political ride it is. Thank you Trumpcast for keeping me informed.
In the description of the recent episode “Keith Hernandez” I think that the title is supposed to say MLB first baseman instead of MBA first baseman.
Always good for a laugh and some knowledge.
It’s hard to listen to regular news shows, so I rely on Wait, Wait to help me find some humor in the alternative facts (LIES) the current WH administration is always pushing. Thank you Peter, Bill and the wonderful panel members who help me.
I enjoyed this show for a little while but the leftist “nose up” liberalism has become too much to put up with. Ask me another is still ok.
I’ve been listening since I was a child and now it’s right on my phone every Saturday! I love every minute of it!
Paula was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️ Perfect in every way! I love it !
Thank god for the humor infused by this program into the gruesome realities of American politics! Between the antics of Peter Sagal and Paula Poundstone i have been forced to laugh when my soul was bruised and sorrowful after listening to the latest news flashes. This program showcases myriad comedic talents who make me able to breathe easier. Never doubt - any of you - that you have lived in vain. And, btw,you are loved more than words allow me.
I wish that Helen Hong could be the regular host from now on. She is incredibly amazing at making me laugh.😁
She's annoying as a panelist and as a guest host. Has a grating voice and an annoying habit of laughing at her own bad jokes. Please don't do this again.
I always look forward to this podcast! It makes me laugh and I enjoy the opportunity to call in and play the games!
Always entertaining, great guests, great quizes. Jonathan Coulton is a fabulous musician, Ophira is the hottest host on radio
Loved this show for years and years! Who knew the weeks news could be so fun!?!?!
I’m sorry, I cannot always listen. One of the people on the show keeps breathing in the mic when others are talking. It really triggers my Misophonia. I hope they can get it right someday. It’s very frustrating.
It is super good
I wanted to like the show. But I found the humor, humorless and at times fairly cruel. Very slanted with a liberal bend to rival the staunchest left wing socialist. Ugh. Don’t waste your time.
I think she is about the most brilliant, quickest adlib wits, and funniest among the many hilarious panelists. This show helps me survive the trump dumps. The dumps that started when donnie entered the news as an idiot rich boy on others coattails.
I listen to this podcast faithfully. It makes me laugh. There have been times when I have listened in my car where I was laughing and feared I would go off the road. I am constantly jotting down the little bits of news oddities that I hear so that I can share them with my friends (not while driving, of course!) Paula Poundstone is my favorite guest when she is on although all of the guest are quick- witted and amusing.
There is a distinct difference between the current presidential administration (President Trump) and actual Nazis. See, Nazis are responsible for one of the greatest acts of genocide in history, as well as being an aggressive military power that invaded almost every country in Europe. President Trump, regardless of your political affiliation, is not this. Now, I can take a jab or two from the left but this was a bit much. My wife and I listened for years, calling this one of our favorite shows on NPR, but today’s comment on President Trump, saying the administration has Nazis, belittles the memories of those in the Holocaust. It dilutes the hard meaning of what a nazi is. Very disappointed, look elsewhere for your game shows.
These folks are so sharp and witty. Always worth the listen.
We love to store up these podcasts to break up long drives. I listen to dozens of different podcasts, but this is the only one that I consistently listen to every week.