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I cannot miss a Saturday! I love 💕 this program!
I used to love this show but ever since the presidential election it is like they can’t move on. Although I did not vote for him it also was not my first disappointment either. They seem to be reaching much too far to make a joke about something that is not funny anymore. Move on ... come up with a better candidate than the ones we had. It can not be that hard. Do something positive The jokes seem wore out and lazy. It is not funny anymore. Enough is enough! It’s now coming across as sour grapes! I’ll try again in two years. Your use to be better than this.
Amazing show! It informs, makes you laugh, and somehow Peter Sagal, Bill Kurtis, and the panelists manage to make the negative news from around the world a little easier to deal with. I listen to the podcast every week no matter where I am in the world.
I love this show. Easily the best NPR show ever. Did you know that this is also an option 😎😎😎😎😎
Entertaining approach to the weeks news. Real people that bring us together in laughter while keeping us informed.
This is quite possibly the best news show on the planet!
Stupid doesn’t begin to cover it.
I used to really love this show. Gave me a good laugh every week. But since Trump appeared the show is same-old same-old every week...make fun of Trump, make fun of the First Lady, overall mocking and crass jokes. I wish it would go back to what it was before. I don’t love or even like Trump by any means but the constant bashing of anyone just gets old really fast.
I usually listen on delay on Monday or Tuesday. WWDTM makes my commute bearable.
I love how Hilarious this Podcast is awesome 😎
I’ve loved this program for years! Thanks for the weekly dose of humor - the best way to digest the news!
I used to love the show and looked forward to every Saturday morning. But I am so sick of Sagal’s Pompous condescending personality. And when he called Billy Idol talentless That was the last straw. Idol has recorded some of the best songs in rock ‘n’ roll history. But Peter is just too self-absorbed and snobby to acknowledge that. If you heard that show you could hear a lot of the audience booing him.Just the sound of his voice makes me sick to my stomach. Please join Garrison Keillor in the trash bin of NPR hosts. Dikkhed.
Today’s news is hard to stomach, but WWDTM makes it a little less painful.
Sometimes it can be a little disappointing when they mock God or creation but the interviews and jokes are hilarious. I’m pretty sure I laugh out loud at least once or twice minimum in ever program. Great work!
Listen to this show every week!
Terrific. Always a pleasure to listen to. Host Peter Sagal is wonderful as is everyone. Cleaver segments, where the guest panels compete against each-other; some with call in participant and one with a celebrity guest. Lot of fun
Love the regulars and guests. One of the best shows on the radio.
If you do not subscribe,SUBSCRIBE!
It’s great!
I am 10 years old but I enjoy all of the humor on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and I want to go on wait wait jr. someday! I love Paula pound stone and Roy blunt jr. the best and all of the panelists ROCK!
The wittiest show on radio is always most hilarious when Paula Poundstone is a panelist, but every panelist brings a unique brightness to the program. I so enjoyed the podcast of both Adams for its brief foray into the earliest history of “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!” How wonderful to be able to access it more than once a week!
Tired of the continuing bashing of President Trump. I didn’t vote for him, but, none the less, there must be some other news to report and make fun of. I keep trying to listen with the hope Peter and crew can do better. Usually I have to delete the episode 1/3 of the way through, out of disappointment.
For me, this is by far one of the best programs around. It keeps my informed, makes me laugh like crazy and let's me keep my head about me while it appears everything is burning down around us.
Love every minute of it!!
I’ve been listening to wait wait since I was 18 and my radio reader show was replaced by this new News/talk show. I rarely ever changed the channel from NPR and of Click and Clack could make me listen and laugh when I was even younger, then maybe this show will be “okay”. Was I wrong... it was AMAZING and I now I have an addiction. I can’t even have a good Saturday unless I get my Sagal fix. I now have my 10 yr old groaning when I turn on my “funny people show”, as she says, but even she can’t help but try to solve limericks and gets squealing happy if she gets it right. Thank you for all of the long and happy years, and I expect many more to come.
Sexual violence, assault, harassment, or any related misconduct is not a joke. Ever. Regardless of gender. Suggesting that someone cannot find women who have committed such crimes is not a laughing matter. Sexual violence is a terrible act of human cruelty and it is not a gender specific crime. Nor is it fair to suggest that it is. I find it absolutely abhorrent to ever use this subject as a source of humor. Consider the pain of victims who are listening and how your words affect them. Laughing at someone’s pain or suggesting it didn’t happen is unacceptable. I am extremely disappointed that this show isn’t choosing to be aware a considerate, especially given the current climate regarding sexual violence.
Love this show.
The best way to keep up with current (relevant and non relevant) events!
Bill and Peter are amazing. Maeve Higgins is the wittiest, most likable panelist. Her comedy is honest and grounded. Please put her in all future episodes. Please go back in time and edit her into all the episodes. Negin Farsad is also super fun. Helen Hong was a great substitute host. She is a fun panelist too. With my permission, you can put Helen and Maeve on all episodes and either Tom or Adam or anyone named Duane.
This is my must listen, it’s always great. And to the guy who dissed Ms. Poundstone in his review, I say, How Dare You!! Paula is a national treasure.
WWDTM The Naked and Afraid series is absolutely fantastic! Luke Burbank’s Wendy’s story was hilarious!! Keep up the great work.
Thank you for panelist Maeve Higgins! please have her on your show as often as possible— great combo of panelists for her debut!
This is not really a review, more of a thank you. With everything that has gone down with the USA gymnastics team I thought it was extremely refreshing to see Ali Raisman in this light. She and the cast were funny and entertaining. But the most important thing that I noticed was how respectful they were towards her. They did not hit her with 1 billion questions that she would rather not answer about the gymnastics scandal; she was just on to lightly promote her book and have fun. The entire cast and crew of the show has my respect.
Occasional low brow humor is sprinkled in with satire, sarcastic humor, and information. Does not fear self-deprecating humor, a trait I like in comedy. Definitely left/liberal leaning, as can be expected for an NPR show who tries hard to cater to its target university-aged audience. Enjoyable listening.
The least painful way to stay current. A spoonful of sugar...🎶
I love Wait Wait. I listen every weekend and it always makes me laugh. Peter is so clever and Bill is hilarious! The only criticism I have is that the show grinds to a halt every time Roxanne Roberts speaks. She seems to think she is so funny because she laughs at all her little quips even though nobody else laughs.
This hilarious quiz show is an excellent way to stay updated on current events and wacky pieces of news from around the world. It actually makes the news digestible and funny. Also, Maeve Higgins, a new panelist this past week, is a riot! Please have her back every week?!
Every Saturday I go to the podcast page on my iPad to see if the most recent episode has dropped. The format of old time radio game show mixed with current affairs and of course humor, in all forms from groan to belly laugh, is what draw me in every week. Peter is sooo smooth at keeping the pace going and the inmates under control on the panel it is masterful. His quick wit is amazing and I just love the way it all just falls into place and makes me a fan of the show more every week. The panel is such a wonderful and quirky mix with Faith and Mos and Tom and of course Paula. Please nobody pass away just yet so we can all live another week for this program!!
Best in show don’t miss a single episode!!!
This is a great way to get the news and see the funny side of human nature.
The most amazing show! It makes me happy
A very funny program! Since Doonesbury no longer publishes daily, this show is often how I get my news!
1. Unfortunately, 9/11 was my middle daughter’s entre into “talk” radio. 2. She hates “talk” radio now, but I am happy to report, “Mom! NPR is not talk radio.” 3. Clearly I’m a superior parent. 4. I want to be Miz Paula Poundstone when I grow up (it was Betty White. The kid’s quote was the tipping point. 5. I have a frog named Carl Castle. The kid reminded me I also have on named Michael Feldman, but who here cares. 6. I LOVE Bill Castle, his openings make me yearn for Depends; but Mr. Castle holds a special place in my heart. 7. I had a crush on Mo Rocca until he was on television (be nice. I also have a crush on Peter Whatshisface. I have a policy not to google him.
Favorite part of the week is when wait wait don’t tell me comes out! Great listen every time.
Extremely fun news quiz, keeps me well entertained!
Sometimes it's the only way I can stiomache the news; with a heaping dose of hilarity and amazing panelists. I tune in every week.
It's hard to imagine anyone not liking "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me". While there are ocassional episodes that are duds, they are far outnumbered by the one's that put a foolish grin on my face. Keep up the great work!
Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! has been a staple in my life for about 10 years now. As a young millennial that might seem strange but I love the smart, and entertaining approach to the news especially with the current political climate. I find that listening to Up First (though helpful and well done) depresses me most days, but Wait Wait is always there to make my Saturday afternoon drives better! Thanks for always being the best!