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I love how Hilarious this Podcast is :)
Occasional low brow humor is sprinkled in with satire, sarcastic humor, and information. Does not fear self-deprecating humor, a trait I like in comedy. Definitely left/liberal leaning, as can be expected for an NPR show who tries hard to cater to its target university-aged audience. Enjoyable listening.
The least painful way to stay current. A spoonful of sugar...🎶
I love Wait Wait. I listen every weekend and it always makes me laugh. Peter is so clever and Bill is hilarious! The only criticism I have is that the show grinds to a halt every time Roxanne Roberts speaks. She seems to think she is so funny because she laughs at all her little quips even though nobody else laughs.
This hilarious quiz show is an excellent way to stay updated on current events and wacky pieces of news from around the world. It actually makes the news digestible and funny. Also, Maeve Higgins, a new panelist this past week, is a riot! Please have her back every week?!
Bill and Peter are amazing. Maeve Higgins is the wittiest, most likable panelist. Please put her in all future episodes. Please go back in time and edit her into all the episodes. Helen Hong was a great substitute host. She is a fun panelist too. With my permission, you can put Helen and Maeve on all episodes and either Tom or Adam or anyone named Duane.
Every Saturday I go to the podcast page on my iPad to see if the most recent episode has dropped. The format of old time radio game show mixed with current affairs and of course humor, in all forms from groan to belly laugh, is what draw me in every week. Peter is sooo smooth at keeping the pace going and the inmates under control on the panel it is masterful. His quick wit is amazing and I just love the way it all just falls into place and makes me a fan of the show more every week. The panel is such a wonderful and quirky mix with Faith and Mos and Tom and of course Paula. Please nobody pass away just yet so we can all live another week for this program!!
Best in show don’t miss a single episode!!!
This is a great way to get the news and see the funny side of human nature.
The most amazing show! It makes me happy
A very funny program! Since Doonesbury no longer publishes daily, this show is often how I get my news!
1. Unfortunately, 9/11 was my middle daughter’s entre into “talk” radio. 2. She hates “talk” radio now, but I am happy to report, “Mom! NPR is not talk radio.” 3. Clearly I’m a superior parent. 4. I want to be Miz Paula Poundstone when I grow up (it was Betty White. The kid’s quote was the tipping point. 5. I have a frog named Carl Castle. The kid reminded me I also have on named Michael Feldman, but who here cares. 6. I LOVE Bill Castle, his openings make me yearn for Depends; but Mr. Castle holds a special place in my heart. 7. I had a crush on Mo Rocca until he was on television (be nice. I also have a crush on Peter Whatshisface. I have a policy not to google him.
Favorite part of the week is when wait wait don’t tell me comes out! Great listen every time.
Extremely fun news quiz, keeps me well entertained!
Sometimes it's the only way I can stiomache the news; with a heaping dose of hilarity and amazing panelists. I tune in every week.
The best podcast ever!! I need to laugh everyday! and who doesn't right? I look forward to this every week and I hate when it ends. I listen to the podcast so that I can savor it. I just wish there was more than one a week. I'm sure Peter will say that if WWDTM is what keeps me sane then I'm in a whole lot of trouble!! :) With all the crazy stuff that is going on around us they all help me get through the week. It gives me hope!! Love you guys and keep doing what you are doing! Zehra I listen to a lot of podcasts and WWDTM is THE BEST
It's hard to imagine anyone not liking "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me". While there are ocassional episodes that are duds, they are far outnumbered by the one's that put a foolish grin on my face. Keep up the great work!
Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! has been a staple in my life for about 10 years now. As a young millennial that might seem strange but I love the smart, and entertaining approach to the news especially with the current political climate. I find that listening to Up First (though helpful and well done) depresses me most days, but Wait Wait is always there to make my Saturday afternoon drives better! Thanks for always being the best!
Listened to this show over a year now it’s my go-to for Monday morning to have a bit of a laugh in a mindful time. It’s a great mix of comedy with current events on a regular basis. The show has also introduced me to books and shows from their guests.
Enjoyable interview. Moved smoothly and amicably.
when I first started listening to this podcast, I binged listened for 9 hours. The comedy is so good at times, it's laugh out-loud funny. Thanks for making such a great podcast!!
Long time listener and Public Radio Donor. Loved, loved listenening to Faith and Mo chat. Such nice, funny people. Keep on doing what you are doing! I think every regular - Paula, Mo, Roy, Faith, Tom, Alonzo, etc. everyone, deserves their own highlight show. Like during the holidays when y'all are on vacation or during pledge week. Plus, Faith killed it when she hosted recently. Cheers. Barbara
I love this show and look forward to listening to new episodes every weekend! :)
I have to admit...THIS IS THE BEST PODCAST EVER! This comedic podcast is great because it is known for making fun of the news and I guarantee that you will make at the very least a chuckle listening. I am not kidding! This podcast is hilarious! I love their jokes about the news and right now we really need laughter and happiness in our society. Listen to this podcast and you will laugh your head off! 😂😂😂 BTW: I love you Paula Poundstone!
Would recommend. That is all
I love driving to work and listen the show before work. It sets the day for an awesome day. Thank you guys. From the beautiful Northwest, Portland, Oregon.


Go see them tape a show. So worth it!
I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the entirety of this pod. Amazing
I love Paula Poundstone! As well as the others!
Faith Sallie is a very funny and effective host. Watch your back, Peter!
I love listening to the show on NPR and it is so great to have it "on demand" in podcast form. The banter between the guests make me laugh out loud but I always have interesting news tidbits to share with friends. Love it. The mini casts midweek are always so silly and quirky.
I enjoyed this show for a little while but the “leftist/liberal fart sucking” has become overplayed and lazy (recycled Trump jokes). Ask me another is much more entertaining.
I love your show!!!!!!!!!!!
This show is great. An entertaining combo of news & humor. I just listened to my favorite episode ever, with guest, James Comey. Laugh out loud funny! This is a show my wife & I totally agree on. Favorite regular is Alonso Bowden.
This show makes news fun.
and I finally got to see them live! Love this show. It helps you laugh when thinking of the news as an alternative to the crying you really want to do.
Absolutely love this show!!! Both funny and informative!
I started listening to this a few months ago and it’s so awesome!!!!!!!
We listen as a family to this every weekend, my kids have grown up playing "wait wait" and doing pretend quiz shows. Ahh good times. Paula will always be our favorite guest, but they're all fantastic. Keep up the great work!
For my sanity I need my weekly listen. Listen to it with the kids in the car. They might even learn a little and get interested. And. It’s just human. Left leaning.
I’m a junior in high school, and I’ll be honest; I learn more about what’s going on in the world from this podcast than I do in school. A great way to learn the week’s news while also remaining fun and interesting.
Fantastic, funny, and relevant!
Makes me laugh with funny news that isn’t horrible. Makes fun of trump.
I listen to a lot of podcasts, this is one of my favorites - might still be in 3 years when Trump is no longer in office.
I like the format but the jokes are wearing thin. The only time the show is witty is when Poundstone is on, otherwise it is middle aged humor. I am really really really tired of the soccer and World Cup trashing.
Yes I know it’s a broadcast radio show, but WWDTM is the OG on my podcast feed. I don’t usually go after other reviewers, but seriously? One star cause you don’t like their sponsors? Weak. They have to stay on the air by taking *someone’s* money. That’s like a bizarro-world five star review. “Well, let’s see here, I want to give the show 1 star. What can I critique them for? The host? No, he’s self deprecating and keeps the program moving. The guests? No, they’re well-varied and typically top notch. The production values?! No, the only time they ever suffer is on the road and outdoor, and even then, pretty good. Ooh! I know, the panel is almost always all liberals! Yeh, but they’re mostly liberals no one’s heard of. And have you seen our President? Yeesh. I know! I’ll go after the sponsors!”
I worked in the oil and gas industry for 10 years. I know what they mean by ‘we are using the newest technology for better energy usage.’ Bottom line is that we can’t pull any more carbon to the surface environment. It’s like selling cigarettes to a person with stage 4 lung cancer. O & G needs a boycott. Hard pass. Too bad, bc I love this show. 1 star bc it’s more important than any great show.
I have nothing else to say but it’s the best podcast eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can’t stop laughing most of the time. Peter Segal is the best host ever. They don’t let me hid it any administration get away with anything.
As long as you can keep up with the speed of the host, this is a funny take on sometimes very serious subjects. Great writing and often very good in-prov by guests.