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This show used to be great I would be thrilled to listen each Saturday, now it makes me shutter. Some of the humor is cringeworthy and I am shocked at the hideous things that Peter says on air. It makes me sad. What happened?
AWESOME but please please please bring back trump dump.
Awesome show so funny I recommend to anyone who listens to the news on tv or on NPR to try it out you will love it the cast is great every time and guests on the show are very interesting to learn about. I love Mave Higgins and the other cast members and all you haters stop being rude to the cast especially Mave Higgins sometimes she is not funny on an episode and she is funny on the next one. Also they are not answering the celebrities questions they are giving them hints to help them out. I don’t care what you say about me and or my review about this I stand by my comments and I know a lot of people will stand by me if they agree. # Leave Mave Higgins alone and enjoy this show every Saturday morning
Why is this NPR podcast now a subscription?
I love Maeve Higgins.
I listened to this show for years because the news headlines they pulled from were not usually politically biased but that has changed. They have embraced the polarizing commentary of all media which is a shame.
peter is a great host and the guests are always super funny. I think the bluff the listener game is the best segment and I would not mind a whole episode of just that.-Corgilover69
This is my favorite hour of the week I try to never miss it. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me is good comedy good news and fun.
Funny news roundup.
Who’s going to pay extra for this? Who’s going to bother with last week’s panel show about current events?
Enjoyed listening to this show until they stopped airing this weekend’s episode without a subscription. You can’t listen to a a news show a week later. Sheesh.
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Please stop having Maeve Higgins on the show, I HATE her! She is bad at the show, she tries to be funny but she’s not, she doesn’t care about any media, and she’s just dumb. 😡😡😡
Maeve Higgins is consistently the worst panelist on the show. Not funny or smart, just plain stupid. Please find anyone else to have on the show other than her. I’d rather listen to Trump rant about the Big Lie on Tucker Carlson than listen to this untalented hack try to be quirky and cute. She fails at everything she does, just look at her career. Please NPR, stop using this woman and find literally anyone else. Other than that, one of my favorite podcasts!!
As I said I am a nine-year-old and I think wait wait don’t tell me its hilarious the jokes are always spot on the sound effects are very realistic and they sound like they’re in an actual stage when they’re actually filming in a closet I like to listen to the show with my parents on the car ride and it is very entertaining I think you might be surprised that a nine year old is listening to it and the nine-year-old is getting that is why I am writing this a five star review Adios


By npr_87
Thank you for making me giggle each week and I also appreciate your forward thinking, science believing attitudes!
Three panelists and host Peter Sagle present the news of the week in quiz form and make the news screamingly funny. It’s absolutely the best podcast ever and I and millions like me won’t/don’t miss a show, even if it’s a week or so since I drove enough to hear it every week. The miles fly by whether hiking or driving, but you may get funny looks from people you pass, they not realizing that you are listening to the funniest look at the news you’ll ever find. The best show on NPR!
Maeve Higgins is funny in other contexts but really not very good on this show. She doesn’t seem to know or care about the news. I like many of the newer panelists, especially Paula Poundstone, Alonzo Boded, Luke Burbank and Faith Saylie. I guess I’m old, but I certainly miss Charlie Pierce and Roxanne Roberts.


Funny and clean I laugh every episode
The people who host the show sound like the typical reporters who pronounciate their speech to make them sound fake. The lame sound effects and the game show like environment just adds to the boringness that is NPR. Finally, any NPR show should not receive any funding from the taxpayers. If people want NPR they should pay for it just like any other podcast.
STOP TELLING THE CELEBRITIES THE ANSWER OF THE QUESTIONSi if your gonna do it do it to the regular people too
I had to cut the number of podcasts I listened to due to time constraints, but there was no way I was giving up Wait Wait. It's always a way to brighten the day!
I’m a long time listener and a physician. I find Peter’s constant “anti-vax” bashing nauseating. This reflects the intolerance that has poisoned our country and promotes hate and division. Unfortunately, I can’t listen anymore. Peter, besides sowing intolerance, your judging of Aaron Rodgers actions is grossly miscalculated. For his demographics, it is true that the vaccine causes far more morbidity than leaving his chances to catching the virus without it. That’s a fact. Rather than bashing him for being anti-vax or for lying, why not ask what is happening that a highly intelligent, fit, and successful person feels unsafe for being forthright?
this is so entertaining, I’ll listen to this when I draw,do homework ect. It’s so fun to listen I love when he says “this is the mpr station wait wait don’t tell me.”
Always fun listening to this show!
This show use to be funny.
Not laughing if any more. Y’all used to be funny, now you’re just petty and insulting. Everything that’s wrong with things now.


I can’t see episodes earlier than this year, what’s up with that?
Very enjoyable! Once I was working the weekend paperwork at a hospital and I was laughing so hard by myself that the cardiologist came over to see what was going on…..
More misinformation than cnn msnbc and Fox. If you listen to this to hear obviously biased commentary you’re in the correct place.
I used to listen to the show every Saturday. Then teasing Trump was way too much. He was an easy target, of course. But he is gone. I listened 5 min of the last episode. Again, jokes on Trump. Hey, we have a new president and VP, and they make enough gaffes and mistakes that deserve your attention.
I see folks writing that the newer additions make things less funny. Could be - especially when listening to the fake stories. I do wonder if playing to no crowd during Covid took some additional the fun out and contributed to some of the extra dull talk, fake laughter, and extreme meanness!??


National Progressive Radicals - why do we do it?
The best podcast is ever listen to it it’s just amazing that I’m at home sick right now and it has Just kept me going because it’Amazing yeah you should really keep going keep it up you’re doing great amazing podcast.😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Continues to entertain
I love, love, LOVE, this podcast!! I listen to podcasts every morning when I workout or walk. During my walk this morning I wanted to look for something new and stumbled upon this (I’m a huge NPR fan), so I figured let me give it a listen. A few minutes in I was laughing and playing along with the quizzes. There was one point I was laughing so hard that some of the fellow morning walkers who I occasionally see stopped to ask what I was listening to that had me laughing that hard. Now this podcast is saved and will be apart of my listening routine!
I love the show, but it is extremely annoying that you can only see the 20 most recent episodes. I want to just binge all of the old episodes, but I can’t. I get bored really quickly, and once I listen to the newest episode once a week, I have nothing to listen to.
Funny, self-deprecating and a little bit snarky, WWDTM doesn’t take itself or the news too seriously. I love this show!!
I started listening to this on my way to a hockey game. My dad was driving me and
Such a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon
There is absolutely nothing worth salvaging. Diversity at the sake of quality.
I am 12 and I love this podcast best podcast on npr! TO ALL OF YOU STUPID 1 STARRERS! How dare you talk about ma girl Dulce like that! She is so funny! Her laugh is not at all annoying! Please feature her more in the future, along with Paula, Alonzo, Mo, and Joel! THIS PODCAST IS AWESOME!!!!!!
This is a great podcast and I laugh so much when I listen to it. It helped me get through the pandemic in one piece. I like all the hosts. Keep being great!
Always funny … it’s my go to podcast when I need a mental pick me up. I am guaranteed to laugh more than once. And that’s what I often need to carry on with my day.
This is for sure one of my favorites. I always look forward to it coming out each week. However, I’m finding that I can’t stand Dulce Sloan. She monopolizes the conversation and makes super annoying sounds throughout. I also find that she’s so loud that the other guests don’t tell as many jokes because it seems they can’t get a word in. I’m sure she’s a great person but the episodes with her I gotta start skipping.
Always the best program Out there- Humerous,, And the one thing I look forward to every week to make this world a happier one I. This crazy world- always panelist are great. However this weeks podcast with Dulce’ was annoying at the very best- her screaming at every possible moment was frustrating and quite frankly annoying! If you bring this panelist back you might want to have her tone it down or you will start losing viewers!
Me, my husband, my daughter and my child all love to listen to wait wait. It keeps the driver awake on long drives!