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Awsome I love it
Maeve is almost single handedly keeping this ship afloat at this point. (Dulce also a welcome presence). Otherwise the humor feels increasingly stale, and the politics and worldviews increasingly dated and shortsighted. Longtime and semi-loyal listener with much love for the show, but think it is in need of some growing pains.
More Maeve please I want more Maeve Higgins
i love u paula poundstone
As an original fan since’98, I’m listening to Andy Richter fill in for Bill on 3/16/24 and, no offense, but I want Andy to stay! Peter is fabulous with Andy’s energy— not having to deal with the bloated arrogance of ‘Bill’s character’ makes for a lighter, fresher, more entertaining show. Thanks WWDTM, thanks Peter, thanks Andy!
Have listened for years and look forward to it every week…don’t think I’ve missed any. Have a great Paula story…on the other hand , Maeve’s no-nothing comedy just isn’t funny. :-(
32 years of listening Forever in love
Definitely one of my favorite game shows of all time! I have to verify some of the stories, because they sound almost too ridiculous to be true, but they are almost always depressingly real. The host and guests do a fantastic job of making the weekly news a little bit less scary, and a lot funnier!
I Love Your Show 😛🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
Love the show for car rides and bedtime. Love Maeve Higgins, Paula Poundstone, and Dulce Sloan especially.
Great guests. Great celebrity players. Dulce Sloan though makes this really hard to listen to. She’s just not funny or clever. Less of her please.
Used to love this show..regular listenener.. Absolutely mortified at the disregard for Jimmy Carter NOT FUNNY. Not comedy at all. I gave it more time and was shocked at the classless “comedy” coming out. Fully dissatisfied and very let down. So trashy. What a sad day Major let down. Find some class.
Dulce can be a bit much. This week was especially so
Love when Tom Papa fills in for Peter. He’s great!!
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Dulce Sloan’s opinions are idiotic and her voice and laughter make the episodes that she’s on unlistenable
So great and funny! Love this show!!!Peter is the best!!!Also...STOP THE HATE COMMENTS!!!!!!!Stop hating on Dulce Sloan and Neguin Farsad!!!
I’ve loved WWDTM forever, but the Jason Isbell interview has to be my favorite. What a wonderful, self-depricatingly comedic human being.
It’s now February, 2024. Insulted and annoyed by constant reminders in WWDTM feed to resubscribe. Would you please acknowledge my resubscription? We have been dealing with illness; I have tried to get this straightened out. The podcast brings us joy. We support it and NPR. Show becoming perfunctory and a little less clean than before, for my taste, anyway…mushrooms, Feb. 13th mistress day? And Negin…it’s all been said. Always disappointed when she’s on. Totally skip is she hosts. Cringeworthy, but don’t mean she’s unworthy. Would love more Peter, Roxanne, Mo Rocca, Paula, Faith, Maeve.
Super-dee-duper show! Bill Kurtis and Peter Sagal are so much more a humorous team than Karl Kasell and Peter ever were, and they still manage to take each day’s news to point out the incongruousness, interregnum, or irrationality. The guests add humor to the mix, and collectively, they are the most outstanding method to savor the day’s affairs. In my judgement, the Mo Rocca, Tom Papa, Maz Jobrani and Dulce Sloan episodes are the most impressive.
Love this show! I do have to say, as a native Oregonian, that I think on the February 10 show in the Bluff the Listener game you meant “Hermiston,” not “Hermiton.” 🙂
When I go to the car with my dad I always ask him to play Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me! It is such a funny show and not all shows make me laugh as hard as this one.🤪😜So I kindly thank Bill Curtis (idk if I spelled it right) And Peter Sycle (again,dont know if I spelled it right) For producing such a funny show. I like to guess answers abif I was one of the players. Again thank you for bringing fun into the world of podcasts. Also , I’m reading the reviews and many people are being hateful towards ningún farsad. So I kindly ask you to stop and ignore hate comments
Great show!!!!! Thank you. Excellent ! DDH
In response to “Great Except . . .”: Dulce Sloan is such a great addition to the show.
Please, no more Dolce Sloan! Just terrible whenever she speaks!
Love the show …but the brassy sound tone and constant echo are unlistenable . Please fix the sound quality!!
I got hooked on this podcast years ago and never miss an episode.
Peter iz funni
The last episode was not available in app OR on wait wait’s own website until well after Dec 30. Please put the correct episode info
I love your show! I look forward to each new episode. I would like to suggest you use Alonzo Slade as substitute host when Peter is away. Nicky Farsade is obnoxiously annoying and not funny at all. She reminds me of a hyperactive seven year old with an unpleasant voice. Otherwise thanks for being on the radio: a true breath of fresh air and something to make us laugh!
Please ask Karen Chee to tone down her delivery. She’s witty and a good host, but the grating squeals spoil the show. Add Neguin Farsad to that. Please, Guest Hosts, your listeners don’t want tinnitus.
Actually really good and funny nice for car rides and stuff good overall especially with Paula poundstone
Peter is a pro. Bill is fantastic. Guests are great. Just skip the episodes that Negin Farsad hosts. Absolutely horrible, poorly timed attempts at humor.


By pojklss
I’m sure Emma Choi is a delightful individual,but hosting is not her forte. As with her spin off show a little while back,her recent hosting of the regular show made it almost intolerable. Other than that the show as a whole still gets at least 4 stars from me
Paula’s a pro, Negin has to drop the radio voice, Luke should take over after Peter
Improv humor is so funny, they are so clever and quick witted and intelligent, it cracks me up.
My mom listens to this show, or she used it to. I have no interest in this show but um.... probably good work!
I love WWDTM but I wish thier was MORE Everyone and their mom!! And I love it when Paula Poundstone and Maeve Higgins are on the show!! 🤩
This show is everything wrong with modernity and the 21st century. I’d prefer to listen to North Korean propaganda, it feels less state-sponsored than this agitprop under the guise of comedy.
As usual , obscure and undesired ex”public” figures from our past come back like a bad junkies relapse. Nobody asks for this but thats never a fact that gets considered by sociopaths, greedy money chasers and needy spotlight fiends.
A show that offers a somewhat quick review of the week’s news, though often interrupted by plugs promoting Leftist politicians and Leftist agendas by the program’s staff and guests.
This show has traveled with me around the world and brought me so many laughs. My kids are now fans and ask to listen to “our podcast” together. Thank you for all the joy, weird stories, and actual news! Love this show.
I would just like to say Bill Curtis‘s voice is the most amazing voice. It’s so therapeutic, and so amazing.
between having clinton on and the woman doing her exaggerated over the top black woman thing, this was a one star week. hey but that happens sometimes Peter
He’s really the only thing I enjoy about the show at this point. It’s a little cringy.