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I always look forward to this podcast! It makes me laugh and I enjoy the opportunity to call in and play the games!
Always entertaining, great guests, great quizes. Jonathan Coulton is a fabulous musician, Ophira is the hottest host on radio
Loved this show for years and years! Who knew the weeks news could be so fun!?!?!
I’m sorry, I cannot always listen. One of the people on the show keeps breathing in the mic when others are talking. It really triggers my Misophonia. I hope they can get it right someday. It’s very frustrating.
It is super good
I wanted to like the show. But I found the humor, humorless and at times fairly cruel. Very slanted with a liberal bend to rival the staunchest left wing socialist. Ugh. Don’t waste your time.
I think she is about the most brilliant, quickest adlib wits, and funniest among the many hilarious panelists. This show helps me survive the trump dumps. The dumps that started when donnie entered the news as an idiot rich boy on others coattails.
I listen to this podcast faithfully. It makes me laugh. There have been times when I have listened in my car where I was laughing and feared I would go off the road. I am constantly jotting down the little bits of news oddities that I hear so that I can share them with my friends (not while driving, of course!) Paula Poundstone is my favorite guest when she is on although all of the guest are quick- witted and amusing.
There is a distinct difference between the current presidential administration (President Trump) and actual Nazis. See, Nazis are responsible for one of the greatest acts of genocide in history, as well as being an aggressive military power that invaded almost every country in Europe. President Trump, regardless of your political affiliation, is not this. Now, I can take a jab or two from the left but this was a bit much. My wife and I listened for years, calling this one of our favorite shows on NPR, but today’s comment on President Trump, saying the administration has Nazis, belittles the memories of those in the Holocaust. It dilutes the hard meaning of what a nazi is. Very disappointed, look elsewhere for your game shows.
These folks are so sharp and witty. Always worth the listen.
We love to store up these podcasts to break up long drives. I listen to dozens of different podcasts, but this is the only one that I consistently listen to every week.
Paula, Moz, and Mo are my faves ! Thanks for so much news and fun.
I used to listen to you guys all the time. You were funny. Then Trump became president. Now, he isn’t my favorite president of all time. But, he is the president, like it or not. But you guys are constantly bashing him, making fun of him, etc. it finally got to be too much, so I quit listening. Sorry, but it was just too much!!
Enjoy this every week! The stress of current events can be tamed a little with this cleverly written show. The panelists are witty and quick. I send my condolences, however. Carl will be missed. Thank you for many years of listening fun.
I love this show & the ability to listen anytime is wonderful. My two favorite panelists, besides host, Peter Sagal, are Mo Rocca & Paulo Poundstone. Always funny, often hilarious, it’s interesting to learn about current events in such a humorous way. RIP Karl Kassel.
All you Paula Poundstone haters need to stop writing reviews. She is hilarious and by far my favorite comedian on the show.


By jububu
Great news for you and your family
Funny show, but the political remarks get exhausting. We get it, you hate Trump.
Great show. Full stop. Sarcastic, snide, flip and occasionally just a bit tasteless. And I mean all of that in the best way possible.
Always fun!
Best podcast ever and Sorry for your loss Carl Castle


By NvEdgar
Your whole podcast is just slander nothing but trash
Several months ago I stopped listening the Wait wait don’t tell me podcasts. After Carl Kassel’s recent death I resubscribed to the podcast expecting to hear several tributes about Carl. Well, they replayed one of his show intros and spoke about 20 seconds about him then moved on to the non stop Trump bashing. So please change the name of your show to reflect the content. Just call the show “We hate President Trump” and be honest about it.
From the moment Bill Kurtis introduces himself to the credit roll, this podcast is fun and interesting.
One of the few shows that informs me and has me laughing out loud during the entire thing.
The best part of Saturday morning!
Can’t wait to tune in to this group’s highly funny and entertaining podcast each week. Everyone has their favorite panel members, I know. Mine is Paula Poundstone!!! I laugh out loud at her lines. I do so enjoy the hilarious interaction between the panel members.
I love this show. I listen to it as soon as it comes out.
The droll Paula Poundstone always makes me laugh (what a character) and Helen Hong is a hoot as well. Totally enjoy the show!
Greatest podcast I’ve heard. Hilarious and definitely entertaining. I’m a truck driver and listen a lot when NPR is not available. Just wish I could go back and listen to it from the beginning in 1998.
One of a few enjoyable ways I'm able to keep up with the national news in the U.S.
Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me is "The Lord of the Podcass" because WWDTM is keeping us informed & laughing at foibles & stupidity of elected people & others when the basic emotion is to want to cry at the deteriorating intelligence of humanity.
Irreverent and hilarious.
This show is hilarious as well as informative. The rotating panelists are a hoot, and the weekly regulars are good enough to be the show all by themselves. But the combination of all of the parts of this show make one worthwhile and entertaining podcast.
This has been my favorite show for years! Still the best and funniest show! Thanks and Paula you are my favorite!!!!!! Sorry Peter:(




THE best comedy you will listen to. Every Saturday. Can’t get enough.
This show used to be pretty good but now that the trump admin has come into power it’s like the only thing they know how to make jokes about.
Great podcast for those who like to catch up on the week’s events, and have a good laugh while they do. Not your typical stuffy NPR show, this one is genuinely hilarious.
And I like Paula Poundstone the bestest.
Thank you!
Been listening for years. Always entertaining
It is really joyful to listen and kill some time.
I love how Hilarious this Podcast is
This program has been my one hour a week relief from the stress of the national news. The comments made by the host et al are exactly what I am thinking, but way funnier! Must listen for those who need to laugh at the news!
Paula Poundstone somehow manages to significantly lower the IQ and hilarity of Wait Wait every time she appears on the show, but if you stick your fingers in your ears and go “lalala” when she talks, it’s not half bad. The rest of the time, this show is an exceptionally funny and informative way to pass time and catch up on interesting tidbits of news!
I love this show. It’s funny and educational and makes me laugh out loud at work.
I’ve always loved this show. Love that I can listen to it on my phone. Someday I’m going to make a big donation to NPR but in the mean time all I can do is give them my nice words.
Can’t remember how long ago I started listening but it was a long time ago. I’ll be 80 in a couple of months and a far left liberal since I could walk. The program is like an old friend and wouldn’t miss it ever. Keep stirring up the world. It surely needs it. Thanks. Randall De Trinis (born in Brooklyn now in Virginia!! Yikes!
This podcast makes me laugh out loud anywhere I am. The host Peter Segal is a genius when it comes to comedy. I also learn about the going ons of the world.