WFUV's Take Five

Reviews For WFUV's Take Five

Another long time listener to this Bronx, NY station (till I moved just outta range ;...( This five minute visit with these "city folk" (americana, folk, jazz, rock, country, jamband, ..., ) artists is just enough to inform you about what's going on with them, while still leaving you wanting more of their music... Check out the 'cast, and then visit their website for more...
WFUV is the radio station that all other radio stations should be compared to. Not only do they play a large variety of great music, or introduce their listeners to new singer/song writers/bands but they also listen to their audience. Weather you are a supporting member or just a fan of good music, they are always supportive of their listening audience. Once you listen to their programs and DJs you will know there is pure magic being broadcasted weekdays from New York. Take Five everyday
I first listened to this station to hear an interview with Luka Bloom. I was hooked. What a great radio station and what great music. Definately worth listening to. I found it difficult to move away from the radio. The combination of interviews and music really grabs you.
Hello, I've been listening to WFUV's public radio for years and I love it the station is the best imm so glad that they put take five on itunes it was really smart of them I hope more and more people listen to it a because this is worth your time. Thank you Zachary Maller