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Sonna Vista. This is an extremly entertaining podcast. I discovered this gem by accident and fell in love. I feel like I know Robin, Parvis, Sheri, Sean, John and the rest of Robin's friends. I love that it is just regular people talking about what's important to them. I also love the special bonds Robin and her friends have. You can often feel the sincerity coming through the head phones. This is also a technicly superb podcast. I just wish they would start back.
This show is what a podcast should be. They cover a wide variety of topics, high production value, and hilarious.
You get to tune into a weekly chat between friends, on topics important and trivial, and luckily were all invited to listen in. It's consistantly entertaining,
They're funny and fun to listen to. They're better than your local morning radio crew, so if you can listen to mp3s in the car, this is for you
This is what a podcast should sound like. And this one sounds exactly like itsself! Believe me when I tell you that I go to sleep AND wake up to this show. I got hooked on show 5 and I have fallen in love with Robin, Sean, Parviz, Sherri, Jon, Jason, Jason, Jason and Parviz. If you like comedy, current events, t.v. talk, comics, and dogs, tune in! Now go suscribe, I'm not joking! NOW!
Actually, I've never really listened. But I'm on it every week, so how bad can it be? Seriously, though, there's a lot of lame crap out there that sounds like two kids in a closet talking into a fisher price recorder. Schnauzer Logic is the Bentley of Podcasts. Robin deserves a steady gig (so I can ride her coat tails...)
Okay so I'm a part time guest on the show, but take away my segment (win john dekoven's money) and you still have (actually probably more so without my segment) an awesome, creative and original show. Robin's interviews are well done and I've learned a lot from his guests. The "breaks" which are actually music is always from great bands that I have not heard before. The banter between his co-hosts Parvis and Sean (or other guest co-hosts) is alwasy great. My only complaint was that I wish there could be a new episode every day. Just listen to one episode you'll be hooked!
Part fraternity party, social commentary, and a hell of a lot of laughing...It makes my move from the West Coast back to the Midwest almost bearable. Lightning fast humor, infectious laughter, newly-discovered music acts, and discussion of everything from Don Knotts and Three's Company to Transamerica and the recent riots in Pakistan make this ABSOLUTELY a worthwhile subscription.
Robin has created a great and funny talk show, with music, great guests, and her infectious laugh. I enjoyed her on the radio in the bay area, and I've been enjoying listening to her via Podcasts. Well worth subscribing.