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This show used to be about phone calls to people across the country to get various opinions. Now, it’s just a narrative controlled show. It’s disappointing. This used to be my favorite podcast. Meghna was doing great as a replacement for Tom, but now the writing has just changed completely. Sadly, unsubscribing
Have had your podcast for a while lately with all the one-sided reporting you guys of been doing I am deleting it
Stop cutting off guests for ads. Just edit them in Later like every other podcast.
The program would be better if it did not lean so hard left.
Show used to make an attempt to look at issues from all angles but sadly it’s slid into typical 1D viewpoint. The unremitting beat down of agenda driven topics gets old. They used to provide relief from liberal war drums with non political topics but no more. It’s one whole story after another.
I used to listen to this show more regularly but recent changes have contributed to an overall dive in quality. They pulled the call-in bit (allowing some listener input), the subject matter covered now seems narrower and also more redundant. The subdued “soundscape” audio and music they have now is pretentious and bland. This show went from being one of the best things on US radio waves to becoming kind of an average podcast. I used to tell everyone about On Point. There’s a lot of content out there right now that is similar to this and better produced.


I listened to about 10 episodes and there were flashes of good content and then a slide back to agenda driven information. I had hoped for better.
Regular talking ads like are common in public radio are fine, but the produced ads in this podcast are out of character and don’t fit. Disrupts the mood of talk radio and gets in the way of enjoying the content of the show.
This used to be a lively, engaging show when Ashbrook hosted and there were live callers. It’s now completely sterile and will only present views that the most anodyne NPR-type will find unobjectionable. And it seems like every show now begins with melodramatic music to highlight just how serious these topics are. I regret dipping back into it whenever an interesting-sounding topic lures me.
She is smart, informed, and engaging. She is pretty much the reason I listen to Boston radio despite not living there. Why hasn’t she been hosting the show lately?
Recently David Brooks has been hosting the show. It is a better show for it because he is clear and concise. As much as I want to like Meghna, I have found it incredibly frustrating to listen to her meandering mumbling challenges in finding the thread of her own thinking. In a climate of political correctness and cancel culture I’m afraid that an obviously better qualified host in David Brooks will eventually be replaced again by Mumbles Meghna
Sampled the podcast with the California exodus episode which basically quickly dismissed there even was one and didn’t mention once one party rule or homelessness issue. So the exodus is overblown and what’s needed is getting rid of Prop 13? Wow.
Meghna is absolutely amazing. So committed to each interview and interviewee. Wonderful choice of interviewees and the topics are deeply important. I am amazed every time!!! Thank you!!! Edit: i am getting a little frustrated by the amount of coup, insurrection and impeachment coverage, although it’s /certainly/ not all you’ve done so maybe i’m being unfair. if you can, would love an update about how immigrants are being treated at the border, biden’s executive order, RAICES’ position on it (since they have been so active at the border), etc.
Used to be a good discussion with caller and experts where debate was had, spin was called out, now it is just the same red meat that has made so many NPR shows groan worthy.
Your balanced discussions make me a loyal listener. The insurrection at our Capitol on January 6, 2020, which included current and former military members, frightens me. The presence of a Confederate flag and a Camp Auschwitz sweatshirt are equally abhorrent to me. I would like each denunciation of racism to be accompanied by a denunciation of antisemitism. These forms of prejudice and hatred destroy our society and our democracy. The white supremacists at Fort Bragg in this episode, had a synagogue as their first target before they murdered 2 black individuals.
I end up skipping most episodes now. The last one i tried to get through was titled “Historians reflect on current times”. A couple minutes into the show the guest says “look I’m not a historian” and then goes on to explain that all republicans are racists so i just go ahead and delete that one and move on in my play list. Love Jack though. I will keep trying in hopes of hearing his commentary.
I’ve read posted reviews. There is very little openness to changing times. So many want to go backwards and criticize the female over the male. I say that opinions should be embedded in factual information but many seem he’ll bent on keeping the division going to justify their opinions which often are being presented as fact. It seems that they want a black and white split (insinuation ) intended. I hope the show brings more historians and keeps repeating history so people can learn where the policies originated. How about expanding your view. And finally, if you object yo Meghna you should never listen to Sean Hannity or anyone who talks lies. I want to hear from everyone including the host.
I've listened to On Point for 15 years, ever since I started my first job and needed some good news programs to listen to while I have my headphones on. You can actively ignore the complaints of "leftist propaganda", the show does give both sides to every argument and allows prominent right-wing thinkers on to give their voice. The issue those commenters have is that they don't believe factual reporting and believe reality is biased against them. My complaints stem from the changes made to the program in 2020 (It's been rocky since Tom Ashbrook's departure years ago, but Meghna is a phenomenal host in her own right). They brought in David Folkenflick who was a terrible pick for the news roundtable at the beginning of the year, and he didn't last. They stopped taking calls from listeners. They then cut the show in half, opting to only do one program a weekday instead of two. And the bulk of their shows have been with guests that have zero public speaking, communications or radio skill; who are incapable of presenting a cogent thought without stuttering, stalling for time or departing on random tangents. The problem is the change in format for this more "narrative" driven presentation. They invest less effort into the show than they used to, giving you half the content at one tenth the quality, they prioritize the opinions and anecdotes of people on the street over experts and provide no real insight, information or new perspectives for the listener to walk away feeling smarter for the hour spent. There are a few gems, particularly when the show does have expert panels or fellow journalists to discuss the facts of the matter. But those shows are so few and far inbetween these days that I can't feel justified in staying subscribed to listen on a daily basis anymore. I miss the weekly roundtable of the week's news, I miss the invitation of subject matter guests talking with one another and answering questions from listeners. I even miss the annual shows that seem to disappeared entirely, including their Thanksgiving meal programs, books and music of the year programs as well. My hope is that this show will go back to its former glory. But sadly the trend seems to be downward, not upward, and the talent of Meghna, Jack Beatty, Jane Clayson and Anthony Brooks feels wasted on a program that feels lost and adrift in the ocean without any real direction or promise.
Love! But....can you bring back the week in politics section? I’m missing it a lot
One of my absolute favorite podcasts! Thank you for keeping us thoughtful and smart, Meghna!
Updating my review after the new format: I’m a native Bostonian and have been a loyal listener for two decades. Unfortunately, I think the recent rethink of On Point is not working. The audio diaries duplicate content within the episode and I’m already tired of the format and delete them unlistened. I also am now skipping whole episodes. The new narrative style, pre-recorded content, and lame music is not working. Bring back the Friday News Roundup! Getting more of Jack Beatty is a pleasure, as is Meghna’s great interviewing, but overall I’m disappointed with the new On Point. We don’t need another This American Life. I know budgets are tight due to the pandemic, but it doesn’t make sense to screw up something that works. Kudos to Meghna and the On Point team for their thoughtful, nuanced, intellectually-rigorous coverage of news and culture. I’m more than a bit confused by the sharply negative reviews here saying that On Point and NPR in general is partisan; if anything, I find that public radio has tried too hard to present both sides of the story since the 2016 election, sometimes to the point of having a conspiracy-theorist crackpot face off with a professor or scientist or other expert. That said, I find Meghna to be eminently balanced in her interviewing.
This is in line with if you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. I do believe we need more young people leading the way. Old politics needs to go. Radical change is needed & required.
Loved hearing Meghna set that listener straight. Americans are only an exception when it comes to being ignorant and stubborn.
Meghna Chakrabarti is a great host.
This used to be my favorite npr show. It started taking a downturn in the spring with covid with no more listener calls. Then a few weeks back, they announced they were making major changes. I haven’t listened since. Either the topics are the same as what I listened to on npr the past 3 hours, or they are painfully boring shows about irrelevant subjects (a lot of basic school history lessons I’ve had drilled into my head since I was 10, episodes speculating about an uncertain future that never seem to go anywhere, a lot of very depressing topics that fill every moment of every other news show) I end up tuning out after 5 minutes. I noticed the same thing recently happened to a few other npr shows I’ve subscribed to for years. Originality, individual voice, improvisation, happiness, and music all seem to be gone, and instead I’m back in a history 101 lecture taught by a tenured professor who hates his job, trying not to fall asleep as I’m retold stuff I learned in elementary school. Such a shame. I unsubscribed. Hopefully they’ll get better next year and I can resubscribe.
Was a pretty unbiased show since Tom would call out anyone with the perfect follow ups. Now it’s just people in agreement on the borderline radical left with no rebuttals.
Magma is awful. This podcast has become painful to listen to
I’m not enjoying the latest changes. The dramatic music, the “usually” depressing interviews with real people. Just cover a topic and call it good!
We listen to this show every day. It’s topical and so well crafted. The producers are so adept at pulling it all together. But the real treat is MEGNA. She is funny and honest and so, so smart. And she knows just the right questions to ask to clarify those spaces where the listener hears what is said but may not totally understand it. This is mastery, and makes the shows so satisfying to listen to. And all of that on live radio. She thinks on her feet faster than the speed of light!
So powerful to hear this episode. Thank you for speaking truth to power!
One of the best NPR’s and WBUR radio shows. The new format is creative, informative and a nice blend between interviews and the stories presented. Meghan’s voice brings the story elements to life! Congrats!
I subscribed to this podcast because of the quality and intelligence of many of the guests, but I had to drop it because the host, Meghna Chakrabarti, is a bigoted, narrow-minded moron with a smug and undeservedly self-important vocal delivery.
The last thing we need at this time is more narrative podcasts. This show was excellent as is, especially the Friday news roundup & analysis. Unsubscribing.
MC involves her own opinions way too much in these discussions. Thus is NOT a liberal versus conservative rant. Whoever the guests, I am interested in what the guests have to say, not in her personal opinion. MC constantly interjects her thoughts/feelings and on occasion she argues with guests. I find this so irritating that I only listen to the Friday news roundup and breath a sigh of relief when I hear ANY OTHER HOST do a professional job. Which they all do.
Make America Great Again Very well done brainwash

By DW-99
Let the guests talk, please.
The host is the reason I stop listening to RadioBoston and OnPoint I wanted to listen to the espisode America's Reckioning with Racism. I gave up and deleted the podcast after 10 minutes.
28 August 2020 I have listened to OnPoint for over a decade. I used to listen daily and would try not to miss a single episode. I knew that this show, like the rest of NPR, had a leftward lean but it was nonetheless informative, entertaining, and relaxing. Times have changed. OnPoint does not maintain even the semblance of objectivity. It is negative about every single thing Trump and the GOP does. It celebrates almost everything the DEMS do. Believe it or not, I want to listen to the people who see things differently from me. Yes, I’m a moderate conservative, but NPR and OnPoint can no longer be this news source. My relationship with NPR is like a long, slow breakup. There is a feeling of loss and estrangement. The only constants are the radio station, WBUR, the incidental music, and Jack Beatty being a loveable old lefty.


By phl2stl
I admire and respect Meghna’s journalism and ethical work in delivering discussion on multiple sides of issues. Brava Meghan!
I usually really like this show, but I’ve discovered that it’s full of extreme leftist propaganda, which sometimes isn’t easy to detect because it’s nuanced in these very clever, sneaky ways. It’s been this way for a long time, but I’ve never been interested in politics, so I never really paid attention to the carefully laid out indoctrination woven into each episode, until the virus hit and for the first time in my life, I started paying attention and... I don’t know if I’ll ever listen to another episode, but if you’re down with socialism and if you’re one of those people who still considers the mainstream media conglomerates to be a source of reliable news, then this podcast might be perfect for you. The crazy thing is that I’m liberal on most issues. That’s why I listen to very liberal shows, but it’s unfortunate for these shows that I’m also intelligent and I actually prefer to think for myself. What a concept! Meghna, I’m not interested in your obviously biased opinions that you attempt to frame as fact. I’m not interested in identity politics or any of the woke nonsense that’s often peddled here. Right now, all I’m interested in is the unity of the American people. I’m not interested in division. Moving on to better shows... Update: 8/21/20 (it’s been a couple of months) Actually, Not So Nuanced I like you Meghna, but maybe one day you will work for an organization that doesn’t hate this beautiful country and just to be clear, by “this beautiful country”, I mean The United States of America. Now, I’m not saying you have to work for Rush Limbaugh, but it would be awesome if you didn’t work for the establishment and if that day ever came, I would definitely listen to you again because you are a very good interviewer and you have an excellent voice! It’s totally OnPoint. Maybe you can just branch off and do your own thing? Produce your own podcast, perhaps? I can’t imagine that someone blessed with such a deep and powerful voice of expression would use it for the purpose of pushing harmful propaganda and I am confident that the views you express on this show are usually given to you by The Powers That Be-signing your check. You’re much too intelligent to believe even half of what you claim to believe. It’s impossible because this is your country too, not just mine. You have been blessed with a voice that connects with the human soul and my wish is that you find a way to use it for Truth. It’s been really hard for me to delete these extremely left leaning podcasts because they really have been such an important part of my life. They’ve shaped me in ways both good and bad, just like most things in life and I’ve learned so much over these last couple of decades by listening to Fresh Air, OnPoint and many others, but I can no longer ignore the harm these shows cause to this great country, especially when they will never acknowledge what they do. Gaslighting is a terrible form of abuse. Instead, like every other establishment outlet, OnPoint chooses to ignore facts and instead, it marches to the drum beat of social justice warrior issues, a drum beat so off rhythm in a movement so confusing that black people are being silenced, insulted, assaulted, and in some cases murdered for not conforming to the beliefs of these dangerous radicals. There is more than one perspective and this perspective is obviously also OnPoint and should be considered news worthy, but not one of these liberal organizations have reported on any of it. Where is the humanity from the people who have claimed to be the most humane? There’s an absence of love and heaps of irony steaming all around us. It’s all become unbearable. Being gaslighted by the organizations we love and trust is a terrible form of abuse. We must protect our freedoms and our rights as American citizens and a part of that is having to let go of that which no longer serves us. We must defend The Constitution. We cannot allow ourselves to be exposed to this kind of Anti American sentiment. It’s simply toxic. Truth.
Love this show, Meghna is an excellent host. As a regular listener, it’s sometimes frustrating that encore episodes aren’t marked as such in the podcast feed. I’ll get a few minutes into the episode and realize, I’ve heard this before!
It would be beneficial to show the views of the other side more so we could understand it more. It does not feel very bipartisan.
Listen to all the podcasts since March 2020 and decide for yourself if both sides of an issue are being given adequate coverage without political spin. You will need to think critically because On Point won’t be doing it for you.
If you want Pelosi styled talking points regurgitated every episode then this podcast is great. Obvious career climbers with podcasts make Joe Rogan more relevant everyday.
Love the show, but this was a ridiculous discussion— so few parallels. The US is a MESS thanks to Donald Trump and his disastrous administration. The discussion with Finland was a terrible example bc we have almost nothing in common. C’mon, do better. This is a dire situation— we have no time for conversations with systems that aren’t in line with our nightmare situation.
I’m a left leaning independent but the leftward bias on this show is too extreme. Sometimes 2 guests present but both liberal. When conservative guest present, the liberal is given the last word and it seems that the mission of the episode is to make the conservative view sound ridiculous. I used to listen regularly but now just occasionally. Too much of a liberal echo chamber. Very unhealthy during this period of profound and dangerous division.
I miss Tom Ashbrook. He was a terrific host. That said, thanks to this show I know know what I hate so much about the US political system. It was summed up in the rivalry between two Alabama football teams. So often the Republicant’s and the Corporocrat’s are just playing a game. Scoring points. Pssss, when only two teams play we all lose. Looking forward to what comes next after the sclerotic oligarchy with stock options falls.
I love the variety of topics that typically follow the news cycle but without harping on the news itself. The commentaries provide additional insights and information that colorized the news stories to create a well rounded discussion. Meghna is my favorite host. She does great at facilitating the conversation, jumping in just enough to steer or add, but not dominating or taking over. Anthony Brooks bothers me though. He interrupts his guests so often just by starting to talk over them with his own thought. It comes across as the Anthony show! I get so annoyed at him that I can’t even finish the episode. Luckily he’s rarely on it. Jane Clayson is a great host too. She is probably the best at leading panels because she very rarely inserts her own ideas. Her hosting of Friday news roundups is wonderful.