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This show used to be my Absolute favorite podcast. But it lost its warmth and flow after removing Tom Ashbrook for rubbish reasons. Sorry,but the quality of shows has fallen. If Tom ruffles some feathers in the pursuit of excellence, so what. Unfortunately Tom was a victim of Me Too gone too far. BRING BACK TOM! I’m sure I’m not the only listener that feels this way and waiting for him to return on air.
Used to be my favorite and one of the best podcasts available. The quality of the show has taken a nosedive since Tom's sacking.. I gave the show time to recover and get back to it's previous quality, but It has not so I have given up. Sadly, I am moving on.
I’m an old listener to the news roundup from back in the Tom Ashbrook days. Whatever you want to say about what happened, he was a highly informed, highly professional discussion leader. I listened anxiously as WBUR tried out a series of hosts in the wake of Ashbrook’s departure. Why in the world was David Folkenflik chosen? He is awkward and rude, stumbling over his own words and interrupting both guests and panelists mid-thought while strewing “um”s through the entire hour. His understanding of the issues seems paper thin. It’s agony to listen to him. Meghna Chakrabarti is a thousand time’s better (if not quite on Ashbrook’s level). The show needs an articulate host!
Tom Ashbrook must come back. I used to listen to this very day. Now, perhaps once a month. Please, please, bring Tom Ashbrook back.
On Point has great topical stories and thoughtful coverage.
I really liked Tom Ashbrook's veracity and depth many issues.
Megnha and David have done a fantastic job keeping what worked and made this show great. Love it - It fleshes out topics, taking them wherever they may lead. Callers aren't front loaded (obviously) and the genuineness shines through. Great for current events, politics and big issues of the day
Content is great. Journalism and guests likewise. I don't think the call-in feature adds anything to the show. I'd rather listen to the conversation in the studio instead of having the host constantly cutting those conversations short because, "We have to take another call."
I just recently discovered the podcasts of this program. Really enjoying the thoughtful conversations. Regarding the job-shaming episode, I believe that any job is to be respected and all work is dignified. My problem with the economy (in the U.S. and Israel where I live) is that some work doesn’t provide an adequate income to provide for decent housing, food, healthcare, etc. That is unconscionable to me.
David Folkenflik had a wide-ranging interview with Secretary Kerry. My only slight criticism is I wish Secy Kerry could have been allowed to finish his thoughts without interruption from the host. I much appreciated hearing Secretary Kerry’s advice to the citizens of the US. Be a voter!
He seems to acknowledge his wrongdoing and is deserving of a 2nd chance. His show is too important and his voice is missed at a time when American media needs such informed and in-depth discussions. Bring back Tom!
Used to love Tom Ashbrook but get why he had to go. Wasn’t sure I would continue listening but have been pleasantly surprised that we continue to get 2 interesting and well produced shows every weekday. Especially like week in review every Friday.
If there was ever a need for a thoughtful conversation, it would be today.
Bring back Tom Ashbrook.
Bring back Tom Ashbrook. Show lacks character.
I still listen, but I miss Tom.
As a long time listener, I appreciated this show for giving an opportunity for conversations between differing viewpoints on important topics. It has sadly morphed in recent months into some Hannity and Colmes-esque conservative platform that severely limits challenges to conservative narratives or only lets tame criticism in. Shame on those responsible for warping such as great show.
Can’t do it anymore. Just unsubscribe today to this show that I’ve been a fateful listener for years. If in the future on point decides to put so called experts from both sides of the topic and a host that allows more callers from opposing views I’ll come back. Right now it’s just another preaching to the choir show.
Consistently informative. Tom Ashbrook has the ability to take topics you cannot even imagine being interested in, and making them enormously fascinating. His warmth and authentic concern for the viewpoints of the callers puts this program into the five star category! Updated Review: 6/18 Unfortunately, that previous review no longer holds. The four-five stars is now down to one. This is especially true for the cerebral, but heartless, Jane Clayson. Is management even listening to these shows? Can’t you hear how poorly she treats callers? (She routinely cuts them off, and often is not even polite about it! )Well, it’s obvious to me that that she loves talking to the guests but only barely tolerates callers. What a disgrace! The only enjoyable week since you yanked Tom away was when Robert Seigel was the guest host. No one else even approaches the bar set by Tom. I dearly miss him. JES
Yes. Robert. Thank you. If not Tom, then Robert.
I was a devoted fan of Tom Ashbrook, but thank you for rousting Robert Siegel from retirement. I had forgotten how good he is. While he does not have Tom’s hilarious bombast, he is equally well-read, insightful and up-to-date on his guests. He is the ideal host: intelligent with a fine sense of humor, able to ask challenging questions, unflappably polite. He draws out his guests (or guest correspondents on Friday), corrects them or the callers when they’re misinformed without insulting them, and keeps the show lively and moving along. As one other commenter noted, pausing the guest(s) before the break without strangling them is a skill that few hosts have. Robert can watch the clock without appearing to rush his guests. May he continue moderating “On Point”!
Robert. As seasoned as you are,Jane is proving to be a formidable and amicable competitor. May the best man win. ....I am biased.
Thanks to To Robert Siegel for coming out of retirement to host On Point. He is such an excellent host and interviewer. I had taken him for granted when he hosted All Things Considered. It’s great to hear him again bring depth and thoughtful conversation to the topics. Janet Kessler Ventura Ca
I’ve given the show a chance since he was forced to go but unfortunately have come to understand that it was mainly about how good he was. Since then I’ve found other podcasts to replace my need for intelligent analysis of the news. Please bring him back so I can come back as well. Missing Tom.
I was just listening to the widowed fathers episode and got so fed up with Jane’s inconsiderate manner that I had to pause to write this. She kept cutting the men off and abruptly saying such tone deaf things like “thank you” right as the men were sharing extremely painful and personal stories. Such an emotionally incompetent person should not be facilitating a conversation like this. Yes, she has to keep the podcast moving, but there are many hosts out there who handle transitions and moving forward with more professionalism and grace. I am unsubscribing.
I totally understand the decision to do away with Tom Ashbrook, and I understand that his replacement will not have all of his strengths, but PLEASE try harder to find someone who can carry the show. Only, I believe, 3 people have been filling in (auditioning?) since Ashbrook left and they are all very stiff! Ray Suarez is painfully square, and he is a classic mansplainer. I may unsubscribe soon if you all don’t start trying out other (younger, perhaps?) talent.
As an independent I used to love On Point because there was always a neat topic and politics had lots of respect for all sides. It’s pretty hit or miss now. Not worth my name anymore, it’s just like any other show.
Since Ashbrooks dismissal, this podcast has become sub-par/below average.
Somehow reformatting this into 20-30 Min episodes would make it perfect!
For a long time, I would not miss an episode of On Point...but with Tom Ashbrook gone, I rarely find it interesting. C’mon, everyone makes mistakes; forgive & forget and get Tom back where he belongs!
Was so heartbreaking to see Tom go. Very sad if all accusations are true, but I’m so relieved that the show quality (especially Jane and Magna) maintaining the excellence of the show.
Previous review: The Epitome of Fine Journalism Thoughtful reporting with exceptionally selected guests Tom brings meaningful analysis to a variety of highly relevant topics. Fascinating and always insightful. Bravo and thank you for this wonderful program. NOW: The quality of this show has degraded to the point of being not worth listening to. Everything that Tom Ashbrook brought, painstakingly deep research and a gracious interview style, are absent now. Abrasive hosts are unable to effectively lead a conversation and quality insights are long gone. I used to marvel at the depth of questions and knowledge this show used to bring to a wide variety of topics day after day. Now it is amateurish and frankly barely worth your time to listen. Sadly, you are better served finding something intellectually deeper.
This show was made interesting when Tom Ashbrook was hosting. Other hosts just don’t bring the life that Tom used to bring to the show.
The departure of Tom Ashbrook was a disappointment. I continue to listen to On Point for an in depth discussion of important topics. The Ray Suarez 50 year retrospective at the Kerner Commssion report on Race in America was superb! Is there a plan to have another regular host?
I listened to this podcast religiously for many years. However, over the past year or so the quality has declined quite a bit. The stories just aren't all that interesting. I miss the older hard-hitting investigative stories for which Tom Ashbrook was well known. Lately, the stories all seem to cater to millenials or be about millenials. They are softer, less analytical, less critical, less interesting, and usually disappointing.
This used to be my favorite podcast and best way to stay informed while living abroad. However, without Tom's thoughtful interviewing style, it's just another news show, and not a great one. Tom would always respectfully consider every point of view and thank each caller. These replacements haven't figured out how to handle the callers and often abruptly cut them off or offer no feedback or response to their questions/comments. I now only listen to the Week in the News, because I still like Jack Beatty.
Tom Ashbrook, however flawed a taskmaster he was, gave this program its flavor. It’s not been the same since he’s been gone.
Big mistake to let Ashbrook go without trying to remedy the problems. While I respect the guest hosts individually in the other work they do, the show is a mere shadow of its former self. Used to never miss a show every day. Now I rarely listen except on Fridays....love Jack Beatty. HUGE loss for listeners without Tom Ashbrook.
I have listened to hundreds of OnPoint podcasts, but without Tom Ashbrook it's no longer worth the time. It was an enormous mistake to fire him. A real loss, especially in our troubled times. Ps. Jack Beatty is fantastic.
I used to love this show. Cant stand it anymore. Pls bring tom bk.
Since they fired Tom for highly questionable reasons, this show has died. It's now unlistenable.
Tom was the best host out there. Now that they fired him this show has gone from stellar (my favorite podcast) to just kind of ok. The drop in quality since his departure is really evident to everyone. It’s unfortunate employees felt abused by Tom’s management style, and I do sympathize. I wasn’t there and don’t know how bad the environment was. But he certainly did push them to make one of the best shows out there day in and day out. Despite the suffering they should be proud of the work they did. I hope Tom is able to get some help and come back with a new show, and I hope his former employees find closure. I’ll give the stand in hosts a chance to grow into it but so far nobody holds a candle to Tom’s hosting. I do like Ray, and hope he fills in more.
I loved On Point. Loved. Past. Without Tom and his inquisitive and probing questions; without his seemingly endless knowledge of the topic at hand; without his genuine curiosity and ability to craft questions in such a way, with passion, to evoke a panelists equally passioned response - I feel...I know - On Point is now just another talk show with guests. I will miss you On Point...I guess we all have to move on sometime.
Feeling betrayed and dismayed by the decision to can Tom. He was a force of nature and the best two hours of the day on radio. The show is not very good without him. Is it any surprise that he had to push staff out of their comfort zone to create quality content?
I come to this show daily to hear Tom for nearly 10 years. Tom was concise and brought to listeners clarity on the most complex subjects. The guests were challenged by Tom to offer real contributions to the conversation on both sides of any issue. I am disheartened to hear of his firing and I will look forward to tuning in to Tom when he finds a new home. Until then, On Point is no longer my go to show.
But I’m so angry at him that I never want to listen to him again. This used to be my favorite podcast and I listened to every Friday show and any other shows where the subject grabbed my attention. I now occasionally catch the live broadcast shows but can’t bring myself to download the podcasts. I’m so sad. Now that I finished Slate’s Slow Burn podcasts (Absolutely fabulous), I need a new favorite.
Without Tom Ashbrook this show is a shell of its former self. At this point it’s better to just cancel the show and make something new.
Tom Ashbrook was the show for me. I stopped listening when he stopped hosting. I understand it was a complex situation and I sympathize with the accusers. Unfortunately none of the other hosts compare to Tom and I can’t listen anymore.
Listened nightly for years. Unfortunately the show is a shadow of its former self after the dismissal of Ashbrook.