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As an independent I used to love On Point because there was always a neat topic and politics had lots of respect for all sides. It’s pretty hit or miss now. Not worth my name anymore, it’s just like any other show.
Since Ashbrooks dismissal, this podcast has become sub-par/below average.
Somehow reformatting this into 20-30 Min episodes would make it perfect!
For a long time, I would not miss an episode of On Point...but with Tom Ashbrook gone, I rarely find it interesting. C’mon, everyone makes mistakes; forgive & forget and get Tom back where he belongs!
Was so heartbreaking to see Tom go. Very sad if all accusations are true, but I’m so relieved that the show quality (especially Jane and Magna) maintaining the excellence of the show.
If there was ever a need for a thoughtful conversation, it would be today
Previous review: The Epitome of Fine Journalism Thoughtful reporting with exceptionally selected guests Tom brings meaningful analysis to a variety of highly relevant topics. Fascinating and always insightful. Bravo and thank you for this wonderful program. NOW: The quality of this show has degraded to the point of being not worth listening to. Everything that Tom Ashbrook brought, painstakingly deep research and a gracious interview style, are absent now. Abrasive hosts are unable to effectively lead a conversation and quality insights are long gone. I used to marvel at the depth of questions and knowledge this show used to bring to a wide variety of topics day after day. Now it is amateurish and frankly barely worth your time to listen. Sadly, you are better served finding something intellectually deeper.
This show was made interesting when Tom Ashbrook was hosting. Other hosts just don’t bring the life that Tom used to bring to the show.
The departure of Tom Ashbrook was a disappointment. I continue to listen to On Point for an in depth discussion of important topics. The Ray Suarez 50 year retrospective at the Kerner Commssion report on Race in America was superb! Is there a plan to have another regular host?
I listened to this podcast religiously for many years. However, over the past year or so the quality has declined quite a bit. The stories just aren't all that interesting. I miss the older hard-hitting investigative stories for which Tom Ashbrook was well known. Lately, the stories all seem to cater to millenials or be about millenials. They are softer, less analytical, less critical, less interesting, and usually disappointing.
This used to be my favorite podcast and best way to stay informed while living abroad. However, without Tom's thoughtful interviewing style, it's just another news show, and not a great one. Tom would always respectfully consider every point of view and thank each caller. These replacements haven't figured out how to handle the callers and often abruptly cut them off or offer no feedback or response to their questions/comments. I now only listen to the Week in the News, because I still like Jack Beatty.
Tom Ashbrook, however flawed a taskmaster he was, gave this program its flavor. It’s not been the same since he’s been gone.
Big mistake to let Ashbrook go without trying to remedy the problems. While I respect the guest hosts individually in the other work they do, the show is a mere shadow of its former self. Used to never miss a show every day. Now I rarely listen except on Fridays....love Jack Beatty. HUGE loss for listeners without Tom Ashbrook.
I have listened to hundreds of OnPoint podcasts, but without Tom Ashbrook it's no longer worth the time. It was an enormous mistake to fire him. A real loss, especially in our troubled times. Ps. Jack Beatty is fantastic.
I used to love this show. Cant stand it anymore. Pls bring tom bk.
Since they fired Tom for highly questionable reasons, this show has died. It's now unlistenable.
Tom was the best host out there. Now that they fired him this show has gone from stellar (my favorite podcast) to just kind of ok. The drop in quality since his departure is really evident to everyone. It’s unfortunate employees felt abused by Tom’s management style, and I do sympathize. I wasn’t there and don’t know how bad the environment was. But he certainly did push them to make one of the best shows out there day in and day out. Despite the suffering they should be proud of the work they did. I hope Tom is able to get some help and come back with a new show, and I hope his former employees find closure. I’ll give the stand in hosts a chance to grow into it but so far nobody holds a candle to Tom’s hosting. I do like Ray, and hope he fills in more.
I loved On Point. Loved. Past. Without Tom and his inquisitive and probing questions; without his seemingly endless knowledge of the topic at hand; without his genuine curiosity and ability to craft questions in such a way, with passion, to evoke a panelists equally passioned response - I feel...I know - On Point is now just another talk show with guests. I will miss you On Point...I guess we all have to move on sometime.
Feeling betrayed and dismayed by the decision to can Tom. He was a force of nature and the best two hours of the day on radio. The show is not very good without him. Is it any surprise that he had to push staff out of their comfort zone to create quality content?
I come to this show daily to hear Tom for nearly 10 years. Tom was concise and brought to listeners clarity on the most complex subjects. The guests were challenged by Tom to offer real contributions to the conversation on both sides of any issue. I am disheartened to hear of his firing and I will look forward to tuning in to Tom when he finds a new home. Until then, On Point is no longer my go to show.
But I’m so angry at him that I never want to listen to him again. This used to be my favorite podcast and I listened to every Friday show and any other shows where the subject grabbed my attention. I now occasionally catch the live broadcast shows but can’t bring myself to download the podcasts. I’m so sad. Now that I finished Slate’s Slow Burn podcasts (Absolutely fabulous), I need a new favorite.
Without Tom Ashbrook this show is a shell of its former self. At this point it’s better to just cancel the show and make something new.
Tom Ashbrook was the show for me. I stopped listening when he stopped hosting. I understand it was a complex situation and I sympathize with the accusers. Unfortunately none of the other hosts compare to Tom and I can’t listen anymore.
Listened nightly for years. Unfortunately the show is a shadow of its former self after the dismissal of Ashbrook.
NPR must realize that OnPoint WAS Tom Ashbrook. In protest of his firing, I am unsubscribing from this podast. In addition, it is important to note that the other hosts on this show are nowhere near as good as Tom. His range of knowledge on so many subjects, as well as his empathy and fairness in collecting views from people all over the country, is second to none. The show's regular female hosts, esp. Jane Clayson, on the other hand, are painful to listen to and really are a step down from Tom. I must say that Jane Clayson's manners as an intervewer are atrocious as she frequently interrupts guests.
This was at one time a great show but sadly without Tom Ashbrook it's not of the same caliber. I think his firing was an overreaction driven by current events. I hope Tom finds another home for his talent because there isn't much out there anymore.
This show now is unlistenable
Tom did a great show, but messed up in his treatment of his staff.
On Point used to be astonishingly good — among other distinctions, an island of sanity and calm decency in an increasingly polarized media landscape. With Tom Ashbrook’s suspension, it has become mediocre. I’m willing to give the people who have stepped in some time to find their rhythm, but the gap in intellectual quality, interviewing technique, and commitment to balance is so vast that I am fast losing hope. I have already greatly reduced my listening frequency; if Tom Ashbrook doesn’t return soon, I may stop listening to On Point altogether.
Too bad about T.A.'s misbehavior; I'll miss his show. That said, Jane Grayson is (was) my favorite guest host. I don't know if she's interested, but she'd be this show's best replacement!
Please show the latest reviews at the top. I want to read what listeners think now, not have to scroll through 11 years worth of reviews first. Hope Tom can make amends, get some professional development in the latest manager-employee relations techniques, and come back as host. Many great fill-in hosts (Not Jane Clayson), but it’s Tom that is the heart of the program and who listeners want.
Topics mostly cover progressive concerns. Guests are almost exclusively on the left, including weekly news analyst Jack Beatty. The few conservatives brought on are NeverTrump neo conservatives, leaving a wide section of America without a voice on this show. The only reason to listen is to try to understand what the left is talking about.
The experience, insight, and tact that Mr. Ashbrook uses lends to his ability to get answers to tough questions. Bring Tom Ashbrook back to On Point.
He ask the questions I need answers to. He not soft and does an excellent job. He is why I’m here commenting.


Real conversations. Interesting topics. Fair presentation of ideas on both sides. Keep it up!
When I started listening to NPR (during 2016 election), Tom Ashbrook's skills as a radio host really stood out to me as stellar considering everything that was going on elsewhere in media, especially on TV. He invites people from both sides of issues, and never lets things denegrate into shouting matches.--at the same time, he does call people out (respectfully) when they're making noticebly questionable assertions. Definitely recommend, especially the weekly wrap-ups on Friday.
Wide ranging and incisive, On Point offers citizens seeking to get informed an invaluable service.
Tom is the kindest most gentle interviewer/conversationalist ever! !!! Intelligent and wise and also grounded I love listening to you everyday thank you for raising important questions and allowing smart people a platform to get factual information to the masses xo
The first episode I listened to was about the California fires. Shamefully they, like all the corporate media, omitted discussion and recognition of the tragedies in Mendocino county. Why is it that only Sonoma and Napa are important? I'll not waste my time listening again.
I love Tom Ashbrooks. He’s such a thoughtful, balanced, yet sharp host. This is one of my absolute favorite radio shows/Podcasts.
I love Tom’s sensibilities and his smart take on current issues. Thanks WBUR for this engaging program.
Tom Ashbrook does a nice job. He communicates well, asks strong questions. Topics are relevant. Guests are fluent and knowledgeable.
Excellent, intelligent program. Keep up the great work.
I listen to 20 different podcasts and this is the best.
Tom is the best podcast host hands down. Fantastic direction and content.
Our country is being slowly poisoned by a lack of civil civic discourse. This podcast is my antidote.


Great political news one of the only fair ones out there!!!
I very much appreciate this podcast and love the way host Tom A. seems to go in great detail and ask insightful tough questions. I like the variety of topics and they tend to be super informative. I like that the show tries to differentiate guests' facts from opinions even if they are the featured guests.