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...even at maximum volume. Your mic levels are wayyyyyyyyy too low.
Please bring MGO back in Metal Gear Rising.
I've been a listener since mid 2006 and I have enjoyed this show since and have been an avid listener. I was a little sad when Ryan Payton left an to hear Sean Eyestone taking his place, feeling kind of like he wouldn't be able to fill Ryan's shoes, but he's doing a fine job at it. Keep up the good work! I highly recommend this podcast!
The Kojima Productons Report crew are all great to listen to and have fantastic personalities. It's no wonder that people of a calibur such as theirs work at a company that produces such fine proudcts. Keep up the good work.
Koji-pro team knows how to create, produce, but never destroy when it comes to building games and recording podcasts along with being honorable to the fanbase whether it's metal gear, zone of the Enders, snatcher, or policenauts. They know how to please their fans. Keep it up Team Kojima.
All the news you need to know about Metal Gear Soild.
Very entertaining Only con, they laugh loud into microphones
The American's that are on the Kojima team make a rather interesting podcast. Short and simple for the most part.
Great podcast, wanna see the sessions keep coming, but where's Ryan how is he, miss listening to him?
This podcast makes me want to play the whole Metal Gear series over again.
Very informative.
I've been an avid listener since the first podcast and it is always insightful and full of great stories that you would never here of otherwise. I highly recommend this to anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing the MGS series.


By ifhd
if you are a fan of metal gear you will love this.
LOL it's weird in some way, because I couldn't imagine an interview with the voice actors from MGS, but its cool for all the fans of MGS.
This podcast owns everything on iTunes, it does not just include news about MGS, but interviews with producers, voice actors, reporters, etc... In one sentence, absolutley anything about Metal Gear! This is THE best source of information for any MGS fans, or newbies.
Ryan speaks the truth, bring that fool back.
Solidly the best podcast around on videogames and information...Thank you Kojima Prouctions and keep up the great work, hope to hear more soon...get that integral podcast out soon!
WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE AT ITUNES, there's soundtracks to games like Fable, HALO 2, Army of two,Timeshift, and a bunch of others SO WHY THE HECK ISNT THERE METAL GEAR SOLID SOUNDTRACKS THEY REALLY NEED TO GET THOSE ALBUMS CLICK YES IF YOU AGREE. And it's a really good podcast also so you should get it
Ryan Payton does an amazing job with this podcast, relating info about all thinks Metal Gear and Kojima Productions.
Its a great podcast when there are new ones. Its been over a month since a new one has been uploaded. Thats the only reason for a 4 instead of 5. Please make some new ones to get me even more hyped for MGS4
One of the BEST videogame podcast available. Ryan does a great job hosting; keeping it professonal yet very funny at the same time. Good coverage of the MGS games, answering fan questions, and the guest hosts are amusing especially Mark. Keep it up Ryan and come back soon.
I just listened to the entire back catalog and its fantastic. there are some sound issues early on but its still great. I wish it would come back!!
No updates on why there hasn't been a new episode. I guess when things started going badly for MGO they went into hiding. How does the sand taste?


This week's podcast is late without any explanation so I'm giving it 1 star.
If your a MGS fan then this is for you. Every thursday I sit at my desk at work, eagerly awaiting for this podcast. MGS 4 will own in 08, believe that.
this is an amazin podcast (beware of sum spoilers but usually they tell u b4 hand) AKI ROCKS!!!
This is a great podcast and the funny thing is i found this podcast all by mistake and i ended up liking it. The podcast gives you intel of the workings of kojima productions and some viewer mail. Ryan Payton one of the execs of kojima pro hosts this podcast and he gives great hints about all mgs reports and reveals if the crew will appear at a convention and sometimes release dates for their games. bottom line subscribe to this podcast today!
If you are a fan of the Metal Gear Series and are awaiting the new Metal Gear Solid 4, than this is definitely for you. Over the past several months, host Ryan Payton has had a gaggle of guests from producers of the game to voice actors and many within the game industry to talk about MGS4 and the industry in general. This report makes for a great listen for all MGS fans and fans of the gaming industry.
wow i was psyched that you actually got to interveiw Quinton Flynn! Best voice actor ever... keep it up!
This podcast may have started as toothless videogame PR, but Ryan and co-host Ken didn't take long to get comfortable and conversational. They reveal a lot not only about their sleep-deprived life working with Hideo Kojima, but about Japanese culture, the philosophies of other game auteurs like Suda51 (the guy behind Killer7 and Contact), impressions on their semi-secret research trip to the middle east, and Ken's perverted humor. As you can see though, they took a break back in June and haven't put out any more. They're just in too deep with MGS4 now apparently...
Great podcast... bring it on back. Too much to talk about right now. Summer break's over, no? isoge! isoge!
If you are a metal gear solid fan this is the perfect podcast for you. They give you all of the latest info on MGS and tons of other stuff. With all of the new MGS games comming out this is definitly something to listen to.