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This show is great. Josh has a passion for Israeli music and a warm personality. He has created a nice following of Israeli music enthusiasts, and greets us each week when we say hi on social media. I listen to Israeli radio as well (Kan Gimmel), however, it is hit or miss as to whether they will be playing new music when I tune in. I love all periods of Israeli music, but I know that when I listen to the Israel Hour, Josh will keep me up-to-date with what’s new in Israeli music that very week. That, mixed with some great theme/holiday shows containing music from all periods. This broadcast/podcast will enrich the life of anyone who loves Israeli music, or who wants to learn to love it! My kids like listening!
Josh consistently provides fabulous music and commentary. If you are unable to listen live every Sunday, you’re certain to love the rebroadcasts through the podcasts. Download and play them while traveling, driving, walking.... sing and dance along.
Josh, and occasionally Merav and the rest of the mispacha, do a great job of introducing the listeners to the best in Israeli music, new and the classics. I personally love the interviews with the artists. Kol Ha Kavod!
Love the selection of music, and how the host talks about the music and the artists in English!
Best source of Israeli music for those living outside the country
And my girl loves it!!!
This show has great music and insightful and knowledgeable commentary and interviews. It is unfailingly entertaining. They may not be making new ones, but the old ones are great.
You are very good dj ,you'er the best israeli musik show in usa and on podcast . I love your music , & if you all love this music . You will love bnai jeshurun in manhatten in 88 st and west and in the wast side com in fraidey night and enjoy the butiful servic and you can come to a diner with us a big groop in one of the resterant ask for theo and you will find us at Bj chazak ve amatz thank you very Mach for the best music in the world
This is an absolutely terrific radio show if you love contemporary Israeli music! Please keep broadcasting and making the podcasts available -- it's a treasure!
Being a former host of The Israel Hour, I'm glad that the show has expanded into podcasting. Downloads are slow (do them overnight) at the present, but it's great to be able to take the best in Israeli music and features wherever, whenever. Thanks, Josh!