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They are mad a judge ruled the cdc was not able to dictate masks. Boo hoo. Read the science on masks and also wear one 24/7 if you like but don’t force me when masks don’t help. Look at the data for Sweden and Florida compared to CA and NY.
wow, this show is no longer about hacking just constant vaccine talk. nothing even about the virus itself. both for-profit bio weapons. 2600 can no longer hide its pro-capitalism big pharma love
Laughing at the MAGA fool reviews. The program has always been against fascists. That’s what you guys are.
Thanks for this fantastic show. Lots of shows about OSINT; have you guys ever thought of doing a show focused on TSCM?
I miss the old days when Emmanuel was surrounded by more peers whose opinions were counted as equal to his even when different (like Jim’s for example). With the exception of Alex, who still brown noses a bit, the current crop are all sycophants who agree with anything Emmanuel says. Diversity of opinion is strength, a strength this show is now sorely missing.
Great show but lay off the politics of hating on conservatives. Get back to what the show is about.


By sidnrbf
This main guy talking is a huge a hole and lacks a lot of common sense, probably knows nothing about hacking if he’s opening with the questions he’s asking. Skip!
Off The Hook and WBAI are pieces of living history, definitely worth paying attention to
Used to love the show but it has gotten so cringy to listen to politically. There was an episode about the convention where just the presence of a MAGA hat at their convention was enough to cause them all to loose their minds and become unable to focus. Yet in the same breath they will try to say they support free speech. They have lost their focus on the freedom of the internet and hacker society and turned into a bunch of political nuts. Can’t say I find common ground unfortunately anymore. Maybe if it wasn’t 70% politics. Came here for the tech, hacks, and carefree exploratory and innovative spirit. Leaving with a mind numbing anti-freedom and anti-innovation loss of hours.
I came here for 2600, but the lefty political mumbling exhibited here is tiresome. Another reviewer here put it nicely, and also informed me about the show's positions on Wikileaks, and it is embarrassing for a hacker podcast to have that opinion over someone because an American news corporation convinced them. Assange is at risk of an early death in UK prison because the US government is mad that he was sent an NTLM hash by Manning, the transwoman who lifted classified documents by physically accessing an an Army computer, and you support Manning but decry Assange, and you do that because an American news corporation told you that Assange should be put down, die in prison, be droned, etc. Embarrassing for a regular milque-toast tech-commentary podcast to masquerade as a 2600 podcast.
Been listening to the show for a couple years now – we did a cross country road trip binge on older episodes (early 90s!! and some 2000s) from their website. still as good as ever. Never change! Never stop!
I desperately want to enjoy 2600 but these guys flip flop so many times to maintain their lefty cred. These guys spent years defending Mitnick but the minute the narrative is spun Assange helps Trump they’re ready to abandon him oh except for the Manning incident. Don’t waste your time. Time has passed on 2600 there are way more quality outlets for this subject.
The show has really gotten long in the tooth. A bit too political as well. I respect the hosts for expressing their political viewpoints but their bias against Trump really makes it sound like a liberal rag. I can get that from the mainstream news if I want. Basically, the consistent political bias made the show abrasive to listen to and it alienated some viewers. It’s not devoid of content, there have been some highlights but not enough to continue subscribing.

By pleaz
Love the hosts' interactions and the stories they put together on the week's big and small news in technology, privacy, and politics. Great stuff!
Since this show has been broadcasting back in the 80's yes the 1980's it has rarely failed me as a great source of weekly info on security and just plain good public knowledge. Give a listen and you too will be hooked. From the minds that have brought you 2600 magazine for almost 30 years now. Enjoy the information and feel the freedom !!
The show covers a lot of current events. And the hosts are always quick to interject their personal opinions. I would like to see more legitamate legal advisers on the show as a lot of information presented requires listeners to take the hosts word for it. The program is thought provoking. So long as the listener is capable of independed thought. Good work. Keep it up.
Rabid fans of the magazine 2600 will find Off The Hook to be a great weekly fill while waiting for the next quarter's issue. Each show is an hourlong panel discussion involving the latest in the technical world. Heck, even the WBAI fundraising shows are fun to listen to, especially when Emmanuel plays clips from HOPE conferences and Bernie S. urges listeners to donate. (He always seems to be successful!)
If you are looking for a tech show that really makes you think and covers obscure topics ranging from ham radio to hacking/ phreaking this is it!
This show is excellent. Topics typically include technology, society, privacy, and how politics ties in. Both technically savvy and those less savvy can benefit from listening to this show. I find out a lot of great things from this show that you won't hear on mainstream media--it's an ear opening experience. Highly recommended.
Hmmm. What to say? The show is very entertaining. It not only centers on technology...but the group discusses social privacy laws and first amendment rights. The main driving force of the show is Emmanuel. Without him, the show descends into a boring soup of facts and carefully crafted responses. Not to slight the other members, but Emmanuel brings a lot of passion to the show - which is why I LOVE his other show - Off The Wall.