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Wat is this?
5stars because tails is so freak'n awesome
Sigh, sorry peeps. I guess we can't download these. ): Well... I have to give it 5 stars cuz I have loved Sonic for as long as I remembered. P.S. Sonic Colors is an INSANELY addictive Wii game. Trust me & try it! Ps I love Tails! Keep up the good work, buddy! Pss plz make this 4 u.s. fans! Psss reach 4 the stars is awesome! Make a voice memo on ur iPod
The sonic colors song reach for the stars is so addictive I love it


By Twiggy4
I love sonic,it is awsome.I wish I could hear the music
I think it's unfair we can't buy any of this stuff but I gave it 5 stars cause sonic is freaking awesome! ^^"
Why can I not bye this stuff! But I still like sonic.
Why can't I download the songs from this album? But I still give it 5 stars cause I love sonic!


Why can't I download any of this??? I love sonic


I push it cud it's free but it just takes me back to the list
I heard you have to be in England... Still I put 5 star in support of any Sonic Fans! :)
You have to be in England to watch it guys sorry
How do you download this podcast
How do you download the stuff?! It's stupid anyway,
I wana c it
I can't wAtch or hear at all how do this every time I click it doeS not work please help
I want to watch these, how do you view them
Please put a review to tell me. PS. Sonic rocks!!!!!! Also u should get the I'm a freaken taco pic XD
how do you know how to liesten
i like it
What can I say other then I am a huge fan of you and all of your friends (Go Darkspeeds!!!). I really enjoy everything sonic and this pod cast only makes it better! Keep up the great work.
yes, finally archangelUK is on itunes! :)
AAUK is awesome with all of his shows
I just adore Sonic that i made up a hedgehog named Season. I love this podcast soooooooo much!!! I look forward too the new Chaotic X ever other podcast. P.S can you play sonic the hedgehog's theme song on the newist podcast ???
It had me from hello! That was a movie that I never saw, but the line works. Incredible. Just incredible. I previewed the prelude and I subscribed right then and there. I have every episode so far. The only problem is that they're long. It might take me a week or 2 to finish everything, but it's definitly worth it. That deserves about 20 thumbs up. That's saying something coming from me.
That was great!!Hurry up and make a second episode!LOL!!!!That was so funny!!!!!!!!