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I have learned sooooo much by my Afropop teachers- and fallen in love with so much music along the way. Thank You George!!! You are the best teacher ever!!
I’ve loved this show for a longtime, even more now in Quarantimes. Always stimulating and puts me in a better mood!
I am so glad that I stumbled on to this pod cast, a lot of memories and excellent music. Wow that was salsa music. I miss the sounds, originally from the Bronx, I use to sneak into the Hunts Point Palace and Tropicoro and Cheetah, and enjoyed these same hits, the 60’s and 70’s to me were the best , especially when Fania began and that concert at the Yankees stadium was crazy lol. I hope to hear more history like this. Thank you.
I used to listen on WDET in Detroit, Michigan in the 1980’s and I’d make cassette tapes to send to my sister in Oklahoma where they had nothing like this. Thanks for making these podcasts so we can listen again!
My favorite radio show of all time. Great music from all over the world, wonderful host, erudite contributors. Brings the music, culture, and people of the places visited alive. They actually go to most of the countries whose music they feature, and talk to the musicians and people.
This is the best program I have ever heard about music through out the black diaspora. Couldn’t be happier with this programs content. I learn so much. They did an episode about Barbados music that I loved.
Great introduction to so many artists and styles! Keep up the great work!
I came here because of influence of Afro in Latin America. Bamba Mejicana.
Bringing amazing African music to new ears for decades (and cultural awareness), so great.
If this show doesn't make you move, then you must not have a pulse!
George is the real thing! I listened to him in WNYC in the 90s and could not be a better program. Music, anthropology, politics, history; I discovered Somi music through this program and many others like the Tsapiky music of Madagascar.I listen religiously
It’s such a pleasure to have Afropop here. I’ve been listening to it for years, on the radio, and it always warms my heart. Now I listen more often via podcast, and I enjoy doing so on the subway, its rolicking rhythms matching those of the train!
Afropop Worldwide is such a beautiful resource. What a wealth of music, and the human stories behind it. Thanks y'all!
Have been waiting for this. Great music, great feature stories, music unavailable via podcast (which means, effectively, to me, didn’t exist) until now. Subscribed, oh yes!
There's clearly a reason why this program has been on the air for over 20+ years. Invaluable programming that features some of the best radio journalism that you can find out there. Their coverage of not only the music of Africa and the African diaspora but the cultures, histories, and people that a part of these stories and scenes is top-notch and rivaled by no one. And the way Afropop Worldwide takes big subjects and churns them out in a digestible, entertaining but also highly informative and insightful manner is truly unique. In many ways, Afropop Worldwide sets a standard both journalistically and for public radio that all other types of media outlets should aspire to reach. A thousand stars!
In depth interviews and well researched. So entertaining and informative. The African Diaspora is so influential, a never sending source of inspiration for planet earth. Subscribe and find out for yourself. Many Thanks to host Georges Collinet for his dedication and sharing.
Amazing podcast showing the influence of African music worldwide. Every episode is a journey to a far away place. Great style and delivery!
I've been listening to this program since the mid 80s. Used to listen on VOA. I have gone to relying on podcasts when my affiliate doesn't carry it. would love to be able to get the full length version instead of this teaser.
disappointing. fine program, much prefer entire show to short sample.
You can tell, just from the few minutes they give you, that Afropop Worldwide is an excellent program, but they only give you a few minutes, which makes the podcast a disappointment. If I smell chicken, then I want the chicken, not just a scrap of a wing!
I originally subscribed to this podcast because I was looking for a show dedicated to Afrobeat. I quickly discovered to my delight that Afropop Worldwide reaches and explores many genres of music with thoughtful commentary.
AfroPop worldwide is a real gem of a radio program. They do a great job of exploring African music throughout the Diaspora. Their shows are well researched, timely, and the music is always interesting. Often the recordings of music (both from the field and studio) are interspersed with interviews with academics as well as musicians themselves. I would like to hear a few shows that tie in African musical elements from different parts of the world, instead of staying specifically in one place. Also, the longer the podcasts the better!