City Hope Church

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By Nurse I
Loved the church when I attended, now that I'm far away...I find myself seeking a true word. I always find truth at Bay. Thank you for this podcast ministry.
Enough said
I love everything about Bay Community especially Pastor Jerry Taylor- Thank you for all you give us every week-you are a blessing and it is because of Bay Community Church that I am reaching out to more people and drawing them closer to God!!! How exciting!!!
I thank God for Pastor Jerry Taylor! I think 'The God of Now' may be the BEST message I've ever heard and I get something new out of it everytime I listen to it. I encourage all of you to listen to any of his messages though-God has blessed him with an amazing ability to decipher and break down those symbolic allegories in the Bible that I have trouble understanding sometimes. God is deep and multi-levelled and he will take you as deep as you want to go with him! Thank you Pastor for submitting yourself fully to his call for you!