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The best Biblical teaching I've ever heard. Alliance Bible Fellowship is the only thing I miss about Boone and the only reason I go back. Thanks for making the podcast freely available.
I am proud to say that I go to Alliance Bible Fellowship. It is a wonderful place to be. I have been going there ever since I was born. Everyone is welcomed with open arms no matter who they are or what they have been through. It is a blessing to have such wonderful pastors (Scott Andrews, Glen Massey, Scott Burns, Doug Cheshier), but it is also truly wonderful to have such kind and Godly people attending it. I know God is doing great things and will continue to do so.
This church welcomed me when I lived down in Boone, NC for two years. Now that I am on my own I still like to go back and listen to Scott Andrews, Scott Burns, and sometimes Glen Massey(my favorite). Anyways this is a good, big church for the mountains of North Carolina and its nice to listen to them on iTunes. This podcast is very exellent. Thank you ABF Boone.