Reviews For Starship Exeter: The Tressaurian Intersection

I was wonderfully surprised by this video presentation. The production team captured the flavor of the original Star Trek series and has made a episode, that ranks amoung the best of the old show. Great fun to watch.I Loved the retro costumes and sets, and thought the music including the theme song was excellent. Thanks for the great Star Trek treat!
Most fan-made Star Trek movies are painful to watch, this one is actually better than some episodes. Besides some underacting on the part of the cast, the biggest weakness in the show is the childish and angry captain (explicably played by the producer). This guy makes Captain Archer look like Spock.
No, its not as good as the real series but I was surprised at how good it was. The sets and effects are very well done and the acting, while not exactly Oscar worthy, is good enough to keep the story going. I found myself envious at the project. It looks like a lot of fun.
Fun and compelling, interesting and attention grabbing plot, the special effects are reminiscent of the original, but benefit greatly from the march of technology. Any Trekkie would recognize this series as capturing the essence of the original Star Trek. The serial format of these podcasts keeps you wanting more. I subscribed and hope for the next installment soon.
This is a breath of fresh air for Trekkies. I use these podcasts as examples to my Video Production classes. Great camera angles, lighting, story development and sound effects. I hope there are more of these episodes coming out soon!
The production values meet, and sometimes exceed, those from the original series. A good story, too. I would take this over what they show on UPN any day.