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I like to listen but it drives me crazy that they play the same calls (literally the same call) on different podcast episodes.
Practically every episode answers a call about a wet basement and the answer is always about gutters and drainage. LOTS of sponsor plugs.
There is potential for a great show here, when there actually is content being delivered. There are way too many ads relative to the amount of actual commentary. Between the ads and the intro jingle that plays constantly, there is very little actual content. I also wish that the hosts would disclose when they are recommending a sponsor’s product. I believe that’s important for credibility.
Love this podcast. My husband and I are trying to ”expand our territory” and we are getting some great advice here! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the masses.
This is a great program. Keep up the good work! Very funny and helpful. I appreciate the banter.
I love the info you provide but hate that you have to answer the same mold and mildew, drainage and basement questions. Everyone must understand that commercials pay the bills and I find the info occasionally useful
Good show. Well put together. A lot of product advertisement but a lot of substance as well. On the most recent episode they recommend Rust-oleum's "Restore" deck paint, which is the worst product on the market as many people are aware (look it up). Instead, I'd recommend SW's "SuperDeck." Good show. Leslie's voice is hot too.
Pretty lame if you ask me. The only thing that makes this show even worth the time of day is Leslie Segrete. She is FINE. The show is just paid advertising disguised as a home improvement show. They push a lot of products that are terrible and unproven. Example: Easy Water. This thing is a salt-free water softener. There are reviews all over the place attesting to the fact that this piece of junk does NOT work. It doesn't remove any minerals and it doesn't make the water feel any different. It's just a piece of crap that's not proven and relies solely on hype and shows like these. Another example is lumber liquidators. They push the hell out of this company, as they do with Trex Decking. Look them up and decide for yourselves. You can listen to the show all you want but you're not going to learn anything at all.
Please stop telling the phone number to the show after every caller, WE CAN HEAR.........


By Houjim
I've enjoyed listening to this podcast, but the theme song and song breaks are incredibly annoying. I really wish it was instrumental instead...
I listen to this podcast all the time. It is very helpful for the newbie DIY person like me. Leslie and Tom work well together and have alot of experience and insight into the best way for a home owner to proceed on the next big project. Keep up the good work!
I've only listened to 5 episodes so far, but so far so good. A few questions have come up multiple times, but that is to be expected considering that it is primarily a call in show and not a seminar or something. I enjoy the flow and feel that it is helpful for me as I have a house that needs a lot of work.
I really would have to dissagree with the people saying there are a lot of commercials. I feel like there isn't too many. Once and a while they will throw one in there but its a free podcast, would you rather pay for it? The only reason I didn't give the show 5 stars is because of the God awful theme song. They play it more than once an episode too which drives me up a wall. Though I usually sigh heavily when a woman tries to give me advice on home remodels Leslie is informative and not annoying in the slightest. She knows when to talk and more importantly knows when not to.
The podcast is informative for a couple of months, but it quickly becomes repetitive. The same questions come up time and again, and the hosts end up giving the same advice over and over. After you've heard eight or ten installments, the chances that you'll hear anything new with further listening are pretty slim.
I am enjoying this podcast a bit more than I used to. They seem to be mixing it up a little more. What follows is my former review of a year ago. More than half of this podcast is commercial advertising of some sort. Of the remaining - most are calls that refer to the same solutions over and over - many of which point back to those same ads. Listen a few times and you will get what I mean. Not many people are likely to subscribe for very long. I rarely listen anymore and will unsubscribe. They need to mix it up more and limit the commercials.
This show has lots of information and Leslie and Tom obviously know what they are doing. So I will live through a few commercials so they can make some money and keep the podcast coming. People expect someone to give them free info and not try to make a buck get what they ask for. Nothing. I just saved a few hundred bucks fixing my bathroom myself because of this podcast ... works for me.
Way too many ads, but Tom and Leslie are well informed and offer good advice.
Love the concept. Hate the HUGE number of commersials. And, call me jaded, but does anyone besides me wonder why they seem to always recommend products from the shows sponsors?
This is exactly what a podcast should be. Plenty of content and lots of knowledge. I have learned so much. Subscribe! You won't regret it.
I really enjoyed this podcast and have subscribed to the series. Tom & Leslie are extremely knowledgeable and have a quick wit that makes the show both entertaining and a real home improvement education. I recommend the program to anyone who either owns a home or dreams of owning one - there is advice here for all ages.