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The dull (despite the hosts best efforts) reporting of true crime is occasionally broken up by ~edgy~ commentary that falls short of comedy and lands somewhere around “Maybe if I talk really loud and say something outrageous it will be funny”. Better podcasts out there that cover the same cases and more interesting ones. Hard pass.
Great show, edgelords in adult form. Harrison was the funniest, bring him back! Keep up the good work plz.
I’d rather listen to my blood drain out of my body . Then listen to this rubbish


I’m so sorry your soul is so empty to make light of 9/11. Humanity is extinct. I never would have expected this from Dee.
Pretty good podcast for a bunch of heebs. Maybe if Dee wasn’t such a Jew, he’d release more podcasts so I could get through my commute every day of the week instead of just one.
My theory is that Wackerle didn't leave the show voluntarily. He was kidnapped by Steele as payback for the snub at the podcast expo. Now Wackerle is chained in Steele's basement, where Steele has his way with him, and they only come out once a year to to a holiday show. Probably for the best cuz Harrison is a great cohost. Dee is....well, he's a jew.
Started listening in 2014 and haven’t missed an episode since. First podcast I ever listened to and still far and away my favorite. The hosts somehow manage to make the most gut wrenching stories hilarious- highly recommend!
One of the best indie shows out there. Amazing hosts , stories and callers , never disappointed with anything they release .. Keep it sick and keep wrong !!!!!
Sick and wrong ,will for ever be on my podcast machine...
I hate these kikes but harrison is a dream boat
I listen to a ton of podcasts and was getting tired of most when I stumbled on Sick and Wrong. So happy I have hours and hours of great content. Love you guys ❤️
If I had to delete all but one podcast, this would be the one that remains. It is the best way to start the week, and has been my go-to for the past several years. Cheers!
I can dig it!
Gallows humor at it's best!
This used to be one of the best podcasts out yourself a favor don’t listened from like 450 on,it’s total garbage.


By h8124
F ing love it
I’ve been listening off and on for 10 years, and the show has only gotten better! Harrison is a great addition to the show and I personally like him better than Wack. Happy he solved his cotton mouth problem... his earlier episodes are rather nauseating :-)
Sttill makung me laugh after all of these years. been listening since episode 3.
Just got an board, and have about a half dozen episodes under my belt so far and am loving it so far. Geniuine out loud belly laughs. Bravo !
Honestly one of the most amusing and satisfying podcasts I've ever listened to. These two interesting characters, Dee Simon and Harrison P Lovecraft descriptively narrate current events and peculiar happenings. Their West Coast experiences and opinions are brilliant and exotic to my midwest-tailored mind. What a messed up duo! Please keep them coming fellas!
Sick & Wrong is my favorite podcast in the whole wide world. Dee's sidekick, Harrison, has filled the void left when Wackerle decided to take a long break from podcasting and from that the show continues to improve. Keep it going Dee because one day the show will pay off like nobody's business!
Let the hilarity ensue. Who'd have thought sordid ish would be so funny!
Great funny show here. S&W (aka "Sad and Wrong") is about various weird, ugly, funny, and completely dumb things happening all around. Once started, you can't go back w/o it. The hosts, Dee and Harrison, are very good.
You tell me
Me likey. Funny, gross, smart and just dumb enough.
This is the greatest podcast! The hosts, Dee and Harrison, are the most entertaining dudes to listen to. No other podcast talks about the things these guys do. It's great knowing people have a sick and wrong sense of humor like I do.
A love story for the ages, up there with The Notebook, Titanic, Romeo + Juliet, "O", Ten Things I Hate About You, She's All That.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years now, and it has gotten me through many long and boring commutes. Dee and Harrison do not disappoint. And they also definitely live up to the name. It is both sick, and wrong, and sometimes just ridiculous. Do yourself a favor and listen. It will poison your mind and soul in the most wonderful way!
I stumbled upon this episode a two days ago and have already listened to 6 episodes. I think I’m a new fan… the hosts are funny, smart, crazy and talented. What I like the most (besides the humor) is the openness to the show… it’s refreshing to not have a overly PC podcast; there are no holds barred here. I’m going to download more episodes after I write this, and the best thing about being a new listener is that I have years of shows to look forward to… highly recommended!
Love this podcast. It shows you the dark side of news while making inappropriate jokes. Which is awesome 😂
It's no "from the ville" .. But then again , wat is ??
I've listened to everything else out there, but this is the only podcast that is any good at all. Everyone else is boring and sound like dullards.
Listen all the time. Love you guys
just a great podkaft, they talk about lighter side of sick and wrong world
These guys make me laugh every episode! Keep up the good work!!!
Face it....we live in a world where things, beyond what you want to call normal, happen everyday. These two sausage heads brings out the best of sickest and the wrongest stories you don't want to hear but yet its what everyone wants to talk about. If you want to hear your average, boring, and who gives an ish story....this is not for you. If you want reality of what society's funniest, darkest, and just bizzare acts of nature (that could be your neighbor or pastor) listen in every week. Normal ish is out....let Dee and Lance penetrate your mind with their news and comedy
I can’t keep these reviews clean enough for apple. But just heard your reading of my previous review, and wanted to say, not a chick, its giga-tigga like gigabyte, and my cats name is diddle. Subscribe to this podcast for some sick and wrong “stuff”. this podcast is totally safe for work. also i’m a bundle of sticks. not a chick, bundle of sticks, like your brother. Is that clean enough? keep it sleazy.
Hate to hear a grown man cry, so I'm telling the world this a great show. These two guys are like peanut butter and jelly. Like Chuck D and Terminator X, like Ren and Stimpy.... They help me get through my very mundane work existance. Thanks boys! Listen if you really want to know what humans are capable of.
Title says it all.
I didnt listen it for 5 Years, and now Start again))) Love it steel)))
This podcast is not for easily offended people. If you cant laugh at other peoples misfortunes go listen to a hippie liberal podcast. Dee and Lance are great.
Hey Dee, it's your old San Franciscan neighbor. Just wanted to let you know that me and my old lady have been listening to your podcast since I was at my O'Farrell spot, and dig every episode you guys come up with. Listening to the podcast is just one of our things we do together while riding the couch. Keep it sick, keep it wrong! - Marek
i started at 1 and im at 100 now .... cant wait to catch up to the new shows!!! just wounder if anyone ever said that d's brother sounds and seems to be alot like mr. slave on south park... ha ha ha keep up the great shows!!!!
Love from Ukraine :)
For an hour or two a week, these two dumpy middle aged yuppies remind me of what I found humorous when I was 14. And by that I mean I've been a loyal listener for several years. Also they mock all of the "professional" podcasts that irritate the feces out of me.