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Informal stock picker podcast of two guys talking stock and a bit economic trends. Picking stocks while having a drink - what could go wrong😂
Show them a little love ... the Value Guys! They are two investment advisors that basically go over a value screen each episode and name and talk about a couple of stocks that bubble to the top. They present it while (as if?) they were having drinks on a Friday evening after work.
If Jim Cramer didn’t have corporate stiffs to answer to, I’d like to think his show would be similar to TheValueGuys!
Too bad I just found this show recently. Llove the analysis these guys are doing. Please come back!
Just started listening, but really great stuff. Noticed a bit of a slowdown, please do more! Fantastic resource for anyone looking to get into the value investing style. Here’s a toast to you
Keep up the great podcasts. Love the Fed Res Economic review at the end -- I actually followed along this last time online. And enjoy the Gimme Shelter bit at the end. Seems to fit. Thanks again.
This has quickly become one of my absolute favorite podcasts. "Val" and "Mo" have a terrific chemistry; the give-and-take between them is downright hilarious at times. In addition to the laughs, Val's stock screens provide an excellent starting point for additional research, and the macro discussion towards the end of each show is an easy way to stay plugged-in to broader economic trends. I can’t recommend this show enough.


Love these guys! Follow me on twitter @ValueWatch for investing updates and interesting articles
The strategy of investing in stocks whose foward ev/ebitda (under 1) plus vl growth rate plus dividends has really paid off for me. I run a vl display only screener and then import into excel for the calcs. I also like the new format with cash and a small cap option. Thank you


By Sa..Re
Best best best best best.....I hope you get it.
I am a MBA student and I really like the quick analysis and information provided on the show. I probably have heard less about valuation in class as much on this show. They give the reason they are attracted to a company and go on to provide a valuation. Keep it up
It's a brilliant idea for a podcast. These guys, both Wall St. veterans, know their stuff. They understand valuation. They apply the right metrics. It has the potential to be a terrific show. Unfortunately, the show is marred by sniping, put-downs, and needling. Which is surprising. The hosts are friends. But they attack each other throughout the show. Distracting and unnecessary.
If you don't listen weekly - your loss. Seriously, You can actually learn something that will make you money with these guys.... Unlike Cramer. Keep up the great work guys- Makes my weekend-- a little sad, but what can you say...married 24 years and 3 kids.
Thanks for the great podcast guy's! I'm a Finance/Economic's major and it's been great to get some "color" on the world of securities analysis. Plus i'ts been fun pinning down your true idenitys on the many conference call's I listen to each week. So far I'm 1 for 2, but I think Val will be a little tougher to figure out since he comes from the buy side. Keep up the good work. Oh yeah, during your shows, we are indeed "mildly entertained" and often in a simular state of mind on our college campus!!!
If you follow the value style of investing, this is a podcast worth checking out. The Value Guys do a nice job of applying their vast analyst expertise to Valueline's Investment Survey each week and highlighting stocks selling at low valuations. If you have a long investing time horizon these ideas should pay off nicely. The value guys are passionate about value investing and dedicated to bringing this podcast to their listeners. They have over two-year's worth of podcasts when you subscribe. Lots of great analysis at your fingertips. I highly recommend checing out the value guys. Keep up the awesome work Val and Vern!
Almost a bad day today- for some reason the 21 Dec Show only downloaded at 1 min 31 sec, so I thought you guys may have understandably took this week off. Fortunately not, just an easily correctable download problem. Keep up the great work and I know there are more listeners out there than those writing reviews. Thanks from all of us for a quality product. P.S. Decided to buy RAD yesterday! Don
I wanted to thank you guys for the great stock picks. I made out like a bandit this year and to no small part with your help. I bought JOYG, PLT, KCI, UNTD, BVF and CRDN. After BDK got hit last week I picked up some of it as well. I think you guys do a great job and I would gladly pay to listen each week.


By sww
Great Stuff!! - I have been following for 3 months two picks I purchased are up almost 15%, they seem to be about a month or so ahead of the market. (lets just keep this our little secret...)