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This podcast is a treat because it focuses on taking photos, not on gear. I am enjoying listening to current and back podcasts.


Sincerely love this podcast. Was a big turning point in my photography journey. Changed worlds. I hope to shake your hand one day. Forever grateful. Thank you.
I have followed you since the history of photography in your classroom, sometimes the audio was difficult but I understood. Missed you while you were gone thought maybe you had moved to Italy and decided not to come back but glad to see that you came back to continue to inform us that follow.
Camera Positions by Jeff Curto talks about the philosophy of why we photograph. When he talks about the ‘why’ he takes it to a place of ‘how’ in that we, as listeners, photographers, artists, have to think.
Jeff always has something for every photographer, whether it be the beginner, or the advanced photographer. But don't expect much about equipment, it's mainly about taking, and thinking about, photographs. I've been following this podcast for years, and still learn something new. Highly recommended.
A great Podcast ! helps me with information on photography then applying in my daily photography life work flow


By Rdonson
Jeff's podcasts almost always include a gem of insight or inspiration. I started with his history of photography podcasts and I've been hooked for several years now. I'm a big fan of his guidance on critiquing photographs.
I always enjoy listening to Jeff Curto. I've listened to his school class now for three years running and always get something from each lesson, especially now that it's video-based.
I recently emailed Jeff and received a response very promptly. This is the first time I've actually contacted a podcast host, and hearing back from Jeff reminded me that this podcast can be not only listened to, but also interacted with.
Professor Curto is a superb teacher, bearing very good information. Highly recommended!
Finally, a podcast that discusses the thought process of photography and not just reasons to spend more money on gear. Jeff is really pleasant to listen to. I appreciate the whole concept of this show. Thanks, this will make me a better photgrapher.
The podcast is relatively short but not shallow. Mr. Curto's topics and examples are efficient and seem to reach a broad audience. I never have to ask myself, "What did he mean by what he just said?" I find myself anticipating the newest installment every week.
Free schooling from a photography historian and visual guru... genuinely intriguing and useful stuff for anyone looking to better themselves as a photographer.
Art is my passion. There are millions of 'how to' podcasts, books, workshops, webinars, etc that speak to one's left brain but very few that thrill and inspire one's right brain. Jeff Curto SINGS to my right brain. Every time I listen to Camera Position, I am filled with ideas to ponder, new directions to explore, and interesting links to research. Thank you Jeff!
Professor Jeff Curto is generously shares his knowledge and experience on the Camera Position Podcast. His insights into the creative aspects of photography are useful to anyone interested in photography as a career or an avocation.
Excellent podcast from Jeff Curto, educator and lover of all things photography. Mr. Curto has taught Photography at the college/university level for more than a quarter of a century. Thinking of taking a History of Photography course at your local university? Save your money and download a semester of Mr. Curto's History of Photography podcast -- listen and view his class presentations on his website. This podcast, as the title suggests, is about the creative side of photography -- you would want to check out The Digital Story, Martin Bailey's Photography Podcast, TWIP or Tips From The Top Floor for podcasts more focused on the technical side of things. *Camera Position* really inspires, stoking the creative sparks in every episode with new ideas, different ways to look at each frame, all in a very intelligible, pleasant presentation. Once the technical side of sides is second nature to you, load up this podcast to explore the reasons you've picked up the camera in the first place -- to find images that resonate with you, images that are somehow more than just the empirical data captured on the camera's sensor. Journey through the bigger questions around photography and find out the "why" rather than the "how".
I have listened to all of the episodes of Camera Position and Jeff Curto is a strong podcaster as he comes from an education background. However, I have 2 fundamental reasons for only rating this podcast a 3star: 1.) The podcast used to include images that would be chaptered within the podcast. By doing this, images being discussed by Jeff would pop up on the listener's iPod or within iTunes as the recording progressed. Jeff discontinued this practice in the last dozen or so episodes and it severely impacts the value of the material. Now, when Jeff discusses 6 images in the Gallery Photographica Exhibition in episode 97, for example, you do not see the images he is discussing. You can go to the website to see the material, but this has no value if you are listening to the podcast while in a waiting room, parking lot or exercising. With a photography podcast called "Camera Position" it is obvious that Jeff's subject matter is very visual and this component of the podcast is sorely missed. 2.) While Jeff's output has improved a bit recently, Camera Position will go weeks or even months without an update. If Jeff continues to produce regular updates, I can see bumping my rating up to a 4. But without item one being fixed, I cannot give this podcast the 5star rating that it probably deserves considering the compact, educated material presented in each episode.
Not for gear heads, but a very helpful, inspirational podcast about photography and photographing. Glad to see Jeff back on schedule- I bought his app, both to help support and to keep it all together.
Curto's pleasant voice and easy demeanor make him a pleasure to listen to. But his subject, photographic creativity, is almost unique. There are a ton of podcasts with a guy droning on about what you ought to do. Curto talks about how it is possible to think about making great and find your own voice. He often uses great examples, sometime his own. Even his seemingly practical topics, he is ultimately talking about aesthetics. He makes no apology for beautiful photos, so if you want your work to show how miserable life is, this is probably not your guy. If you believe we live in a beautiful world and you want to share that beauty with others, sign up now. He also avoids interviews, of which there are quite enough, thanks.
Talks about the create side rather than the gear side of photography. While gear is great it is the photographer that makes the picture.
This is a new way to learn and be inspired to take more pictures. I have recently downloaded this and i am catching up on the episodes. This is something that made me take more pictures and be again inspired to make more images and apply what i have learned.
You will want this if your serious about learning photography. The title sums it up. This is so good because it goes into the mindsets and motivations of photography so much more than the mechanics. There are tons of other podcasts that cover the mechanics and also photography as a profession. It is very unique as a photography podcast. Also, Jeff is well spoken but I have trouble hearing him a little. No problem, I listen through iTunes and set the EQ at the podcast level by right clicking and choosing "Info" (for the podcast at the top level, not just a single podcast). If you choose the Options tab you can boost the volume (I chose 50) and choose an EQ preset (Eurythmic or Dance work best for Jeff's voice). I hope this is helpful and not too verbose.
It is very good to have Jeff back again. I have missed his wisdom and thoughts on photography and look forward to many more podcasts.
Thanks Mr. Curto for a great podcast..I have subscribed to many and yours is by far one of the best. I listen to it each evening prior to falling asleep. Great information. Thanks again.
.......sliced bread. With butter. And jelly. And butter. Sliced bread. Top notch photography pod-cast and jelly.
Just discovered this and started from #10. The earlier episodes don't have any images he talks about which makes for a harder listen. Soon enough though you get to see what he's talking about as he talks. Not a tech oriented show at all, which is refreshing (however episode 43 and 45 on the zone system is technical in nature, but one of the clearest and simplest explanations of how to convert the zone system to what your shooting I've ever heard. Download the pdf from his website it's very informative).You can tell he knows his stuff. Great podcast for the person looking for more than tips, tricks, and tech talk...
This podcast is great in that it helps any photographer to work on their creative vision. Jeff uses a variety of photos from his outstanding collection and also from Masters such as Ansel Adams to make his points. There has not been a single episode (I'm trying to catch up from the beginning) that I have not learned something from. I listen to the podcasts on my commutes back and forth to work, the only problem I have is that they make me want to go out and MAKE photographs immediately. Thanks for all your hard work Jeff
Very easy listening, it gives me inspiration to improve my photography
Jeff is a professional educator and a good one. It really shows through in these short looks at the photographic process. Listen in and enjoy while you think about what it is to make photographs. These podcasts are a great gift to those of us with a passion to make photographic images.
The one thing that is immediately clear is he is in love with the name of this podcast. You could make a drinking game out of the number of times the words "Camera Position" is said in every podcast. Apparently lots of folks find this to be as good as it gets. I wonder if the scale went higher if it would be 10 out of 10. There are sadly very few good podcasts on photography.
Great pod cast that talks about the actual photo not the technical.
I think I have heard all of Jeff's podcasts and I look forward to the next. Many photography podcasts spend a lot of time talking gear. I prefer to hear about talking photographs. Thank you Mr. Curto. I wish I could take your class, in the meantime, I look forward to your next podcast.
I just discovered Camera Position a week ago, and it has very quickly become my favorite photography podcast. The focus of the podcast is on the creative process, which is incredibly refreshing, since there are too many photography podcasts (and magazines) which focus heavily on equipment. The pictures used to illustrate the ideas being discussed are wonderful. Jeff Curto's ideas and concepts have opened my eyes to new creative paths for my own work.
This podcast is a wonderful educational resource for photographers, and a brilliant example of how to use iTunes and the iPod to convey visual information. It is great to have a photography podcast that is not obsessed with the latest gadgets and firmware updates!
Jeff breaks down the creative process into easy-to-understand, easy-to-achieve steps. Do what he says and you'll become a better photographer despite yourself.
There have been no podcasts since #79 and now itunes says this is not a valid URL. This was a very excellent podcast but guess it's over. No goodbye? Hope all is well with Jeff.
There are many "photography" podcasts to choose from, and many are very good for what they teach. Unfortunately, most of the podcasts deal with the mechanics of collecting an image on film or a digital sensor. In Camera Position, Jeff takes us down a different path - one that teaches us the use of our personal preferences, our own emotions, our own likes and dislikes and our personal goals in creating images that have meaning to us. Jeff uses numerous examples of his excellent photography as well as images by photography masters of the past to illustrate his points of discussion. He also interjects enjoyable anecdotes from 16 years of photographic travels in Italy to illustrate how his own persona is projected into his images. Put the RGB, layers, DOF, ISO and the thousands of technical aspects of (digital) photography aside and let Jeff take you down the path to explore the soul of your images. You won't be disappointed.
With three hours on the commute every day, Jeff is like having a good friend in the car. Thoughtful, insightful, and encouraging - Jeff inspires you to think about your photography. A welcome compliment to the gearhead podcasts, Curto will have you googling the masters of photography to SEE their work. Pepper #30 by Weston for example. This is so good, I'm adding his History of Photography to my subscriptions....can't get enough of it!
A sincere approach to what creativity is all about in "making photographs" from a purist who is able to capture and convey the spiritual elements of the process of photography. Jeff Curto makes you think about why you are doing what you are doing and I agree that this is an essential element of creating captivating photographs.
Every time I would pick up a photography book to learn more, I would get discouraged. All of the technical detail would leave me lost and thinking I could never improve my photography. Jeff Curto's approach to teaching has opened photography up to me. His approach to technical instruction does not complicate photography but instead makes photography something that can be understood. I am gaining an understanding of what makes a photograph work. I am also gaining an understanding of the technical side of creatitivity.
Here it is, in clear language explaining all sorts of facets of photography. A professor at a community college, he openly shares his vast knowledge of not only the creative side of photography, but the history of it as well. Great job, Jeff!
Talking about technology is easy, since there are so many things out there to talk about. However, nothing really helps you improve your photography like learning how to improve your composition. Jeff Curto's Camera Position is probably the best podcast on composition and everything else that isn't technology. He takes the time to embed examples of what he is talking about in the podcast so that you can see it as you whatch on your iPod or in iTunes. This is a podcast that you must listen to if you are into photography at all.
Several minutes into his podcast, Mr. Curto has chosen to interrupt it with two to three minutes of sponser advertising. For me, this is not acceptable and I will unsubscribe.
Very refreshing to find a podcast that is more focussed on the photographic component and less so on the digital darkroom aspects. With Camera Position, Jeff bridges history of photography with wisdom of the masters in easy to understand language.
It has not been updated in a while ... also it keeps trying to download the last podcast that I have ... odd
Just what I have been looking for, and now I can't get enough. Thanks Jeff for creating this show and sticking with it.
I recently found Jeff Curto's "camera position" podcast and it is now a favorite! I'm starting way back at the beginning so I don't miss a single show. These podcasts are just the right length -- you learn a unique nugget from each one. Jeff is an excellent teacher and presents his explanations clearly. In my opinion, he is a highly talented photographer, but projects humility, patience and a nice easy-going style. I wished I lived in Chicago so I could take a class from him in person!! As an advanced amateur photographer, I learn something new from every episode. Thank you, Mr. Curto!!
Thought provoking insights to the creative side of photography. In a very quiet way, Jeff challenges you to develop your creative eye. I learn something from every one of Jeff's podcasts. Thanks for the fabulous contribution, Jeff!

By Fac73
Thank you for taking the time to share your point of view of photography. It's interesting to see all these photos and have a professional photographer guide you through their work. Thanks Jeff!