Tight Lines® with Sammy Lee

Reviews For Tight Lines® with Sammy Lee

I've been listening too and following Sammy Lee for years and he still amazes me. How does he do it? How can he deliver this much information and with so many great, big named, guest in only 3 minutes? If you want to learn how to catch more fish from some of the nations best known experts; hear celebrities talk about their love of fishing and some of the strange things that have happened to them while fishing; and hear about the latest in fishing tackle months before the general public knows about it, then you really need to subscribe to "Tight Lines with Sammy Lee". I look forward to starting my day each Monday-Friday with Sammy's program and you will also after just a few shows. Heck, you'll even find yourself doing as I have after learning how to catch the 'big'uns' on "Tight Lines", you'll be saying to your fishing buddies, "Until next time, Tight Lines!" I recommend "Tight Lines with Sammy Lee" highly!!! 5 Stars!!!
This is without a doubt the best fishing show there is. I loadem up on my ipod and listen to them on my way to go fishing! Keep it up Sammy. Listen to a few of them and you will subscribe
What do you want from a short, information-filled program? It's short, but sweet!
Out of a three minute podcast, which is way too short to begin with, you get about 1 - 1.5 minutes of actual content after the intro and commercials.