Reviews For pouringdown

Pouringdown is inspired. Inspired in that it’s art that’s possible for anyone to create in today’s plug and play world. Snap a photo with your camera, or Polaroid or cell phone – it’s possible. The curiosity Liss creates in each of us is like the need to eat or sleep – it’s necessary. Daniel wants us to see it all. He shows us that it’s not just walking to work every morning, it’s not just walking your daughter to the park or witnessing the first green of the spring thaw, but it’s life. It’s his life sort of painted over our own. It’s real and it’s beautiful and sincere. The whole post is a reminder to stop and see. Pouringdown is an inspiration to go create something from anything and know that it’s art simply by the merit of creation. To quote a friend, “You can’t help but to make art, art is a symptom of living.”
Each piece is a gem -- not only stunning visually, but philosophically compelling and utterly poetic. He shows us his life through his own subjective lens, plucking sheer beauty from everyday existence. Time and memory seem to be perfectly distilled in his capable hands. Trust him to deliver every single time.
Truly sublime. Pouringdown demonstrates the connective power of this new medium at its highest level. The deft marriage of visual imagery, music & words to express his experiences and emotions can’t help but draw you into your own humanistic musings. If the purpose of art is supposed to reflect life, then the postings succeed. You never know what will be posted next, and the videos manage to convey the breadth of the human condition. Sometimes they can be humorous, sometimes bold, sometimes vulnerable, sometimes subtle but almost always beautiful and hopeful.
Pouringdown v-casts present an original and thoughtful look at life and society. Part video-blog part social journalism the videos draw you in with a fresh perspective on the stuff of life. The videos are sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, sometimes gritty, but always refreshing and thoughtful.