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A wealth of inspirational information. Highly recommended for teachers and students alike. Thank you for your service to the yoga community.
If you like yoga, love yoga, teach yoga or all of the above, then Yoga Peeps is for you. Lara Hedin's interviews with so many incredible yogis are done in a way to make you feel you are there sharing tea with them as part of the conversation. Yoga Peeps is a real gem of a podcast.
This is an amazing collection of interviews with well known yoga teachers of our times from all different backgrounds and training. The interviews are inspiring, educational and so well organized. The website is a great tool for shownotes as well. Thank you Lara for your wonderful work.
Fantastic podcasts! I have loved every one I've listened to. These are a true inspiration for a yogi at any stage... keep them coming Lara, please!
I've been a fan of yoga peeps from the beginning, and Lara's love for what she is doing shines through in every episode. Listening to yogapeeps gives you exposure to yoga teachers from around the world. I always learn something when I listen.
Thank you thank you for putting so much love and energy into this podcast---I so appreciate it! namaste-kate
Lara does a great job of providing listeners with a true sampling of what's out there for yogis today by speaking with some of the most inspiring individuals in the community. My one critisim of this podcast is the sound quality which is not always great. Often interviews are conducted over the phone and you sometimes get to hear Lara's dog in the background (which is actually kinda nice). If it weren't for the pretty strait forward Q & A format, you might believe you were overhearing a casual conversation. Yet Lara sticks to a loose script so you can look forward to hearing different answers to questions you've heard posed before to others. It reminds me a little of the pleasure of practicing familiar poses in order to gauge progress in your practice. At this point I laugh to myself when a guest responds with "ooh, good question..." Heck, I've heard it before and if I were going to be interviewed by someone, I might first listen to some of their other interviews. As a yoga instructor and mom living off the well-beaten yoga path, I have thoroughly enjoyed Lara, her interviews and her guests. I feel blessed and grateful to have tripped upon this gem and I highly recommend this podcast to all my yoga friends!
What a treat to hear such great interviews from so many different teachers!
Lara creates a conversational tone to her interviews, and thru her podcast I'm becoming more aware of the different aspects / perspectives on yoga. Whether it's Tips or interpretations on the philosophy of living a yoga life! Keep them coming Lara!