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This has been my favorite podcast for many, many years! Thank you for such good storytelling.
I have not followed sports since Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and Casey Stengel - the wonderful Yankees. But one early Saturday morning I heard Only A Game on my local public radio station, I set my alarm for every Saturday to listen to human stories that just happen to have a sports theme. The loss of this show in a time as divisive as we have been in many a year is truly a disaster. It will be greatly missed and mourned as best of radio.
I hate to see this end. You’ve been part of my life for a very long time on Saturdays and I don’t even like sports especially! But both hosts have done a tremendous bit to make the world a better place really. And we need that now more than ever
Eliminating a program that routinely makes you laugh and think, and that relates what you love to do and watch, is dumb. Do we want more politics? No. Do we want more relationship stories? No! WBUR and its little lackey clone, RI’s the Public’s Radio, have received their last donation from us for no longer producing this unrivaled gem.
This has been one of my favorite shows from NPR for more than a decade. It is why I became a sustainer for WBUR. I may have to switch my NPR money to WGBH. Only a Game has been a unique and beloved sports story telling property. It’s demise narrows the appeal of NPR.
Don’t any of you recognize what you have in this show? An hour a week to get away from the insanity of today, and you’re canceling it? Shame on you.... you’re letting us down!
Great hosts and guests every episode; fascinating and inspirational profiles; insightful, frank, and funny observations and analysis. This has been a show I looked forward to every week as a delicious break from the usual news. So sad to see it go.
I’m saddened by this show being cut. I’m not a TV type sports fan. What I so much enjoyed about Only a Game were the stories about sports people. Listened to it every Saturday am religiously. I’m now at a loss and hope there will be a podcast soon hosted by Karen Given. She did a great hosting job after Bill Littlefield retired.
In a world that bombards us with misery, Only a Game constantly brings a smile and an occasional tear. Without question it is the best part of the week.
Don’t go, please don’t go. I look for you every weekend. Why do you have to go? Is someone making you go. Let me know who and this old man will break out his cane and knock some sense ito whoever is making you go. Please dont😪
Last show?! You are more relevant then ever. And from a personal standpoint, I can think of no other show in any media that I have consumed as long as this show. I am absolutely heart broken.
I listened to Only a Game for the last fifteen or so years, and was saddened when Bill Littlefield left. Since then the show has been for the most part a showcase for LGBT, women’s issues and other politically correct themes. Still a good story here and there, but for the most part the show has become increasingly hysterical and to me at least, it is not surprising that Only AGame is being axed. What was once a great hour of listening has now become something else. I should add when I got my first iPod in the 00’s Only a Game was one of the first podcasts I subscribed to, it’s being cancelled will save me the trouble of unsubscribing.
Just finished listening to the July 3 edition of “Only A Game”, subjects included Satchel Paige, Fritz Pollard and Marcie Washington. Very inspiring and well done. I am very disappoint that this show is not going forward.
I really appreciate the show. Their takes on sports and race was fascinating. Thank you keep up the good work.
how can wbur make such a callous decision? In a time dominated by corporate perspectives in sports which seems to play an increasingly disproportional place in the minds of many Americans, "Only a Game” provides one of the few non corporate perspectives, whose frequently refreshingly critical analysis of sports is so sorely needed in our myopic world. Not to mention the wonderfully entertaining and frequently unique stories told there which to me are treasures of the human experience ….. We can only hope for the podcast. I guess WBUR doesn’t deserve either the profit or the integrity, Only a Game adds to its product…
I just learned that OAG is coming to an end soon. I was so bummed a couple of years ago when a sports show replaced the 6am Marketplace broadcast on KUT. I run at 6 am and I loved Marketplace but am not much of a sports watcher. However, I was hooked on OAG from the first show. It has gotten me on the trail to exercise when nothing else would. This show has just gotten better with time. I hope that you reconsider but In the meantime I will download the podcast so I can continue to enjoy listening.
Don’t stop the show. The reason I get up early on Saturday is to listen to this program.
In in regards to this weeks show specifically the reference to the blindside in the movie remember the Titans do those people the people who were discussing those movies do they understand those were true stories I got to tell you I was really disappointed in their take on those two movies otherwise I enjoy the show
Love this show as it is one of the few sports programmes that seems to realise that people are involved not just stats. They never subscribed to the “shut up and dribble” ethos. It will seriously be missed as there is nothing else in its space.
Used to love an hour of sports to escape the week’s controversial politics. Good riddance!
NO!!! You can’t go! This is not only the smartest sport program, it’s one of the smartest, listen-worthy podcast/radio programs in existence!
What a great conversation! Thanks for letting us hear all of it!
Excellent selection of stories, clear presentations and Karen has a great sense of humor. Thanks!
Very good podcast, keeps me up to date about sports( or more of the lack of them)
I’ve been listening since the Bill L. Days. I love the show but sadly I feel it’s turned into the “woke” “only a game”. A preponderance of the stories view sports through the the prism of race, gender and class and that has to be the most predictable and dull way to approach anything these days. I still like the show, but I am less frequently surprised and delighted by the stories than before. That was much of the pleasure in earlier years. I’ll still listen and subscribe but I just hope the stories. An offer a more varied perspective. Thanks for the hard work on the show.
I love this show and it completes my weekend which is why I give it 5 stars. However... horse racing is disgusting, outdated, and should not be allowed. If anything, the abuse that occurs should be covered, not the “glory”.
Only a Game is always the first thing I listen to when I have multiple new podcasts. It never disappoints. It will have a mix of serious, funny and sweet.
I love the compelling topics and the relaxed, yet earnest tone host Karen Given (wonderful voice!) brings. Only quibble - Charlie Pierce needs to acknowledge on the air that the Washington Nationals are World Series Champions. Come on, Charlie, say it, say it!
Thank you for continuing your show. It is still fascinating for a semi- sports person with all the great story telling and interviews. I have been a fan for years and will continue to be a loyal listener.
Tigers and lions and bears ohhh my!!!! I don’t think so. Today it’s virus and politicians and media (social and professional); OH MY!!!!!! (God). It’s scary out here. Thank you for helping me negotiate my fears. Keep up the good work
Good stories today even with no live sports these days.
toooooo many marathon and running stories Charlie Pearce is the best, but Karen would laugh hysterically if he said stopping laughing at every darn thing I say Ms Gibbons
The hosts draw me in, providing stories I didn’t know I wanted or needed to hear. They range from light hearted to profound. Never disappointing!
Consistently enjoyable, informative and entertaining!
Love this show! Speaks to the hearts and minds of sports fan. Have been listening since the early days and never miss an episode. Jason Gay should host every week!
Great hosts, diverse coverage & some of the best researched sports reporting out there!! Keep up the great work!
Used to be my favorite show & favorite podcast. Bill Littlefield apparently had too big of shoes to fill, and we’re NOT at all a fan of Karen Gibbon. It’s like having Pam from the office as your feminist host of a sports show. Stick to producing — you’re no host — and your fake laugh is insufferable. Poor Charlie Pierce, having to come on every week and interact with that Oyster Cracker hosting the show.
At 6:55 on Saturday mornings, my husband (who has already been awake for an hour or so) comes upstairs to wake me up. He only says three words- “Only a Game.” And here’s the highest praise I can give to your show-by 7 a.m., I’m downstairs listening.
Great for long-rides. It's the one thing both my wife and I agree on!
Some of the stories are good, but often I find myself skipping through other segments where the cast has tangentially connected sports to some narrative they want to share. I do like that they generally cover feel-good stories and shy away from spending much time on controversies, which are covered to ad nauseam by other outlets. Worth subscribing to as long as you are okay sorting out the stories you want to really hear.
As a kid, I grew up loving sports and was lucky enough to excel in quite a few. I’m a Single mom that that had an amazing son with whom I could share my love of sports with. He was obsessed with sports. He was diagnosed with cancer at age 12. After the biggest fight of his life he passed away at age 13. Walking became my getaway. I’ve walked many miles to grieve & reminisce. I stumbled onto your podcast. It has become my constant companion. Each time I hear an episode, I say to myself...”Bo would’ve loved this!” Thanks for giving me something to smile about & enjoy. I’m one who believes that he’s walking & listening right alongside me! Love your podcast! Annika Johnson Sister Bay, WI
I’m as far away from a sports fan as you can get but am an avid Only a Game fan. I love the variety of sports, the fascinating human interest and the interactions between hosts and guests.
Engaging, funny, and entertaining! I love the sports talk even about the sports I know nothing about. Even more so, the stories grab me. Thanks Karen!
It would be appreciated if the show would stop trashing the Phillies fans, along with the other sports team in the city, and their fans. The criticism was on overkill on the show this week. The Eagles game, where the “Santa Claus” incident occurred, was years ago. The show insists on dragging it out, & referring to it, every so often. This seems to be an attempt to get a few cheap laughs. The fact is all cities boo their sports teams, as much as in Philly. The show rarely highlights those. There are many loyal listeners to Only a Game from Philadelphia and the surrounding region. It has many entertaining & interesting stories each week. However, it’s disheartening to listen to Philly fans being singled out & disparaged. We prefer to not to hear our city, or its fans continually spoken of in a negative way. If the show feels this type of reporting is important, there are other cities where this notion can be explored.
Karen Gibbon and company provide a wonderful look at the road less traveled in sports, with stories that will make you sometimes laugh, sometimes cry, but that are always interesting and well-reported.
As a former college athlete who is sick of sports, this podcast reminds me week after week of the human side of sports. So great!
I believe I have heard every episode of the podcast. I have enjoyed them all. I miss Mr. Littlefield and wondered whether his retirement would change things for me. While there are fewer limericks the content is still great. Keep up the good work.
The most interesting sports program out there. The human interest stories are compelling, and you cannot find more in-depth discussions on the confluence of money, power and race in modern sports than on this show. Keep up the good work.