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I love the show but some of the programs are just boring and useless. I love Jane Lindholm and miss her very much, the new hosts voices are super annoying. I love when brave little state does it because they are clear and factual.
Aren’t some of the Nuremberg codes “The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury” and “Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death“? How is giving a vaccine at an inn, Jazzfest or speedway conducting the (emergency authorized) vaccination as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental injury? How is administering the vaccine to demographics that didn’t fall under the those in the human test groups considered safe? This isn’t even considering how the government has been lying to the public—from the gulf of Tonkin and Fernald Science Club to James Clapper being caught lying about the government spying on the public or Fauci lying about funding gain of function in Wuhan. Now when the same characters that played a table top RPG about a novel coronavirus months before some crazy novel coronavirus became an issue I’m sketched and when they are connected with the same people who say Build back better and talk about a great reset and those actors made out way better than all the small businesses that had to go bankrupt I’m even more skeptical that these vaccines are meant to be benevolent.
Its ok but I like your other podcast ‘but why?’ better I’ve listened to all the episodes of it.
Jane Lindholm does an amazing job of ferreting out the issues that are critical to all of us living in Vermont. She has a wonderful interview style - kind, calm, insightful. Her show is on daily, and I am continually amazed at how many topics of interest and significance there are to cover in our small state. Thank you, Jane. Thank you, Vermont Public Radio and everyone who contributes financially to keep Vermont Edition on the air. I'd give Vermont Edition a 5+ star if it were available.
Didn't see the show on best and worst jobs from Sept 1.
Mitch is well-informed and provides interesting interviews. Wish we could hear more of him on VPR. A. Foster
Whether your right or left... this is why Republicans slam Democrats - they're just equally as terrible in just answering a question... simple "yes or no" is impossible after taking office, but before - in a campaign - they promise to take positions that they have no intention of. Pro public option, but not really - because you just don't know. Way to go for Peter Welch in giving his critics the loaded gun to shoot him in the face with!