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Marty Is an NPR treasure. I have been listening to this woman for over 20 years and I look forward to every single interview she does. Always smart, well informed on the topic, courteous to her guests, and insightful. With a great voice to boot, Radio Times is as good as it gets in a daily radio show. (Honestly, I’ve never quite understood why Terry Gross gets so much attention. I think Marty is better than Terry any day!).
Love the way host grits her teeth when speaking to anyone pro life.
I’ve moved to California and still listen to Radio Times after listening to it for decades when I lived in Bucks County! Such accurate and broad perspectives on current topics! Thanks!
Marty is so easy to listen to, a great interviewer that doesn’t ever annoy me and doesn’t resort to leading questions as much as many. I love today’s episode on the Philly accent, which brought back memories from my 4 years in Philly long ago. Great topic arising creatively out of a limited TV series very popular right now.
When a guest does not criticize Trump, she would ask / provide hints that President Trump should be jeered at. Rubbish journalism when you see things in your view only!


I used to love radio times . It isn’t what it used to be . Still 20x better than fresh air
Covers current book releases and news routinely featuring top scholars from Penn as well as national journalists and popular authors and celebrities. Think of it as a sibling show to Fresh Air that is less personal and more newsy, often featuring multiple guests per hour on one topic. If you're not living in the region just ignore the local politics episodes.
Always interesting, and I’m never disappointed! I seriously learn something new in each episode.


I never right reviews, but Marty is the best!! You just need to listen once and you’re convinced.
Marty is great host. Wish she was still doing all the interviews (no offense to the other host - just not sure why they changed a strong format).
Radio Times is a very well-run program with interesting & relevant discussions and great guests, ranging from experts in their field with PhDs to college students like myself, depending on the topic. Marty is one of the best hosts I've ever heard and WHYY is lucky to have her! Mary C-J is not my favorite but a pretty good stand-in. Everyone should listen to this if they want to be more informed about their world and their local community!
The topics they choose are just perfect. Smart. Interesting. Great guests. And by far the best host.
Look no further for excellent discourse on science, politics and other issues that matter to all of us. Marty is a masterful host. Seriously, I don't think I've ever heard a better one. She's fair and she effortlessly includes a diverse group of callers and esteemed guests.
Marty can go from agriculture to Zappa, architecture to Zoroasterism and from astrophysics to geo and local politics while sounding knowledgable and articulate on all. She is easy on the ears, intelligent in her interviews, and never offensive. Always makes the most mundane subject interesting. I am jealous. I hate her. She should have Terry Gross's job!
Radio Times is amazing - live interviews and call-ins. Great guests. Marty is one of the most intelligent interviewers around! CNN should take notes from her!
Wide range of topics with an intelligent and respectful host. I think I like this program even more than This American Life!
Radio times is a great. Best NPR show hands down. Wonderful variety of topics and thoughtful expert analysis.
Radio Times is pretty good. They usually have some interesting stuff on there. Definitely worth a listen.
When I gave to tear myself away from the radio it's great to have this podcast.
Marty's always amazingly thorough and insightful AND she's from Philly!
Consistently interesting topics and great guests. Marty is an engaging and gracious host. Check it out - you won't be disappointed.
Marty Moss-Coane is one of the best informed, most intelligent peopleon radio. Add to that careful preparation and a gift for listening- an unbeatable combination.
She's as objective as is humanly possible. She's fair to the guests in allowing the fullest of answers. She's polite to all callers. She's in control in an amazing variety of subjects. She's got one of the best classrooms on air. It's a toss up between her and Melvyn Bragg as to who's the best host on radio. And that's a good thing.