Postcards from Gravelly Beach

Reviews For Postcards from Gravelly Beach

In Postcards, Mr. Olsen shares his stream-of-consciousness mindset, bridging gaps between hockey and music, between present rapports and sacred histories of a far-flung nations, and betwixt cathartic loss and the joy of glimpsing hope in ravines both figurative and real. With each cast of the pod, Dave shares travel experiences, poetry, wit, pithy observations on nature, relationships, generational interactions, and basic good-times how-to no matter where you find yourself. It's joy in a small space, hope from a good man with a world view, music for your heart; you won't help but hit subscribe and binge listen after you try just one wafer-thin episode of Postcards from Gravelly Beach. I've been eagerly waiting for Dave's return since his last installment, and I hope his next will be the beginning of a new run of brilliant narratives and aural delight.
For those of you who love to travel and enjoy the company of good literature, Postcards from Gravelly Beach is an essential companion. On many an occasion, because of work, I find myself alone in a new city exploring the sights and sounds. Like a good travel companion, Dave has been with me on many a long walk with just the right thing to say. A sliver of appropriate introspection here, a recital of inspiring poetry there, his selections always hit the mark and leave the indelible impressions of other travels on my mind. I have to admit I have stumbled upon a few bummers, but to hear him read To You with the winds of the Columbia behind him, I can’t wait to find him on a gravely beach one day and thank him.
Dave O has an extraordinary ability to put together an eclectic mix of literary goodness. Thinking and feeling. Logic and lust. Sober and... well... decidedly not. I've been a long time subscriber and have yet to be disappointed with a single episode. Addictive, mellow and satisfying.