Ballroom Dance Champions - Video Podcast

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I shop iTunes just for ballroom dance music; how nice to finally have a podcast that showcases my passion.
My company name actually is called Dance Experts. I am a Ballroom dance teacher and judge. Michael & Toni retired from competition as United States Champions. They were both champion dancers of many styles of dance before finding their love and passion for each other and the American style of dance. Although they were not born Americans, they have been perfect ambassadors. They were respected in all aspects of their dance and professionalism in the industry. They gave each other exactly what the other needed in order to fulfill their passionate dance dreams and to achieve success. I am glad to be able to see a video to remind me of their grace that they gave this country.
Being a dance expert my self, Michael gives no grace to Toni when she strives for it. There was no passion, just choregography moves. Toni also didn't let Michael give her intemesy when he was offering. This was a disgrace to the world of dance.
It's great to finally see a ballroom podcast with video. Dancing is such a visual art that the purely audio podcasts were missing too much. I just wish this had a broader focus than just the one couple, although they are great dancers, because I'm more attracted to the Latin dances. Still, this can get interesting especially if we get to see some footage of these great dancers getting coached by their mentors. I think Toni's father is the famous coach, Ray Rivers. It would also be nice to see them work with their students and prepare for a pro-am competition. I would especially enjoy seeing them go out social dancing in a nightclub or ballroom and get down with each other and swap partners with other dancers. Even if they are total clutzes when it comes to Hip Hop, Disco, or Saslsa, it would be charming to see these elegant dancers attempt something like that. So, keep it coming.