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Maybe it's the difference between Millennials and Gen-Xers, but this podcast is extremely juvenile. There are may other podcasts for grownups out there.
At least try and pronounce the names correctly...ya no what im sayin, ughhh
I really enjoy the variety and discussion about the experience of the wine, To get a 5 star from me, the guys need to populate the details of the episode so that I can find the wine afterwards… or at least have some notes on their website...
You're going to wish you can hang with Terry, Scott, and Steve. O.
This podcast is informative yet enjoyable to listen to. You have the
This is the most fun and informative podcast wine podcast on the Internet! Stevo, T Bone and Scott are three normal guys with excellent wine knowledge. I love all the random stories and superb tasting notes. I only wish they didn't make me have to buy so much wine. Keep up the great work!
Ill-informed, sexist, childish, crude, and terrible sound quality.
So glad to see the guys are back in full force. I was so bummed out when I thought that they guys had called it quits. They are down to earth friends who love to drink wine together. The new show are really entertaining and full of great information. Welcome back boys!
I have been listening for 2 years. It seems that their lives are moving on. Miss them.
Boring and tasteless.
as I'm learning more about wine after spending most of my years as a scotch and bourbon drinker, but I couldn't get past the misogynistic comments in the first episode I downloaded. I would hope that the three wine guys who have one of the highest rated and most downloaded food and drink podcasts, could be more creative in their descriptions, comparisons, and analogies about wine than comparing them to various kinds of women they don't like or find unattractive. I'm not typically the gal to cry "misogyny" but the joke at the end in the most recent episode that compared a Trader Joe's wine to a woman who had been ugly in high school and then got enough money to fix herself up but now at 29 looks like she's 49 because she's been used and abused wasn't even funny. It was obnoxious at best, if not outright offensive. The three wine guys seem to know what they're talking about what they're talking about wine, but seem to be clueless when it comes to talking about women.
I think I have officially given up on these guys ever posting another episode. Love the format and content, but you can't leave everyone hanging for months without at least saying you're going on a sabbatical. Guess I'll listen to basic brewing and wine for normal people.
I tend to stop listening to podcasts that don't stick to a routine, and this one has become "we'll-podcast-when-we-feel-like-it." Decide on your frequency and stick to it. I give this feedback because I really like the content and the hosts.
I wanted very much to like this Podcast, and I stuck it out through several episodes because these gents do know their wine. The problem is their manner is borderline offensive and definitely annoying. I work with some people like this, and I avoid them like the plague in any social setting. I am hoping, one day, to find a Podcast dedicated to wine that has more of a Splendid Table meets GardenFork feel to it.
If your a person who gets annoyed with stuck up wine people, this podcast is for you. There is no upity attitudes here. It's simple; Three guys who are friends drink wine, discuss it and get a little sidetracked in the process. It's the sidetracked that separates them from the typical run-of-the-mill boring wine podcast. Probably not a podcast for the dry wine snob - but its perfect for the other 99.6% of the population.
The guys have been delivering solid podcasts since 2005. They have to be one of the longest - still running - podcasts on iTunes. You won't find a wine snob here. They do know their wine. They don't take themselves too serious. They get me to laugh in the process. It's been a lot of fun to hear them evolve over the past seven years. Hope they keep it up.
I just don't like the 10 minutes of inane, irrelevant chatter at the intro. The wine-related content is great.
The great podcasts! I look forward to more.
This is a great podcast. these guys know their stuff and are engaging. a must listen.
Where do I begin. The first half of the podcast all these guys do is namedrop and talk about themselves. Then they start maliciously bashing people they don't like. Three of the most offensive guys I have heard on a supposedly informational podcast. Then they seem to try to out-compete each other for f-bombs. Now onto the reviews. They sound like they are reading out of a wine tasters dictionary. Every buzzword you can imagine strung together incoherently. And a LOT of their information is out and out wrong. So if you want to take your wine advice from three 15 year old boys hanging out in the locker room who are the epitome of "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" then listen to this podcast. If you are a grownup and have taste stay way away. A total waste of time.
Scott, Terry and Stevo are the best! I love that they are who they say they are - "three regular guys" - not a wine sales person, not a lecturer, not a giant media corporation - just "three guys who are fans of wine". If you are a fan of wine and enjoy hearing 'regular guys' research and opinions on wine then this podcast is for you.
to slog through the BS. If you've ever had a "friend" you tolerated because they had something you wanted, you know what listening to this podcast is like. The f-bombs don't bother me, but these 3 guys start to sound like way to old frat boys once they start to get a load on. they seem to get a little charge from blurting out something misogynist or barely-hoodedly racist, then they giggle and pretend to admonish each other with a buzzer. If it was funny (like Stern or something) it would come across diffeently, but it is lame and immature. They know their wine and give some good advice, but can actually be snotty about it -- not in their tastings but in their attitudes towards other wine drinkers. The brash post-frat Chicago douchebag aspect of the show makes it hard to listen to when they start drinking a little too much, but the info here just isn't out there for free on any other podcast.
These guys are great! There is no wine snobbery or pretention going on here! If Dennis Leary and a couple of his buddies put together a podcast about wine...this would be it!!!
One of my favorite podcasts on iTunes. Terry, Stevo and Scott are witty, intelligent and very entertaining. They know wine and they now how to have a goodtime.
Listening to the 3 Wine Guys is like hanging out with a group of longtime friends who love wine. It's a great combination on humor, education, warmth and friendship. Sante!
Week after week the guys deliver solid podcasts. Looking forward to many many more.
This is a fun show to listen to. I laugh and learn at the same time. Cheers to the 3 Wine Guys!
I like the passion that the guys have for wine. Keep them coming.
Excellent wine advice. I never get the feeling of being sold the wine.
Best Wine podcast on iTunes.
I really like the two show formats. It keeps it fresh.
This is by far the best wine podcast on iTunes. Loaded with personallity and information.
Highly recommended. This is a must listen. Excellent suggestions.
I can't stop laughing about the Banana discussion!
One of my favorite podcasts on iTunes. The guys have great palates and do their homework.
What a great podcast! I'm looking forward to picking up your selections on a regular basis. Thanks for the commentary. Great quality podcast!!! Dan in Kansas City
The guys do a fantastic job at keep things fresh by using multiple formats from week to week. I love their humor - it never gets old. I really look forward to each weeks show.
I love everything about this podcast. There's a lot of useful information on wine along with some great humor. Their wine picks are always on the mark.
I've gained a lot of great information on wine from listening to Terry, Stevo and Scott. I love all of their desciptive wine reviews. I've never been disappointed by any of their recommendations.
I really dig the multiple formats used by the 3 Wine Guys. Blogcasts are always fresh. It's great to hear about 6 to 9 different wines in one show.
I can't get enough of Terry, Stevo and Scott. I love their style. It's great to get three differing opinions in one show. Keep them coming!
Excellent reviews. Love the multiple formats. Always Fresh!
This is one of the best wine based podcasts on iTunes. I love to hear the guys three different opinions. Great Work!
Excellent Sake podcast. I like it very much.
The guys have put together an excellent podcast. I really like their style and delivery. Looking forward to future podcasts.
I've got them on my iPod while I work out. It's an awesome show with some excellent wine education.
The guys do a great job at keeping things fresh by alternating formats from week to week.
Thanks for all of the excellent wine tips. You guys rule!!
Scott, Stevo and Terry are like my Camp Counselors in Wine. They're great guys with a ton of wine knowledge.