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I can't believe that I'm writing a review now after listening to the Sonic Society for so many years, but this podcast is a staple that has accompanied me throughout my life since the podcast began. The only con I can think of is that the episodes slowly take up harddrive space because I've never been able to delete any one of them; they're just too valuable.
I listened from the beginning and it started out well enough, but the last couple of years in particular have been excellent!
Jack Ward does a great job introducing folks to new, great audio dramas!
I admit I've only listened to one episode. Unfortunately, it was the attempted duplication of Rebecca. It was terrible. The English accents seemed to come and go and the lead female was unbelievable and whiny. Of course, that is the way the character is supposed to be, but I found this interpretation to be phony and overdone. I'm going to try some other episodes and I'll adjust my review as necessary.
...for ideas on new audio dramas! Jack's show has featured my episodes over the past couple years, and I'm grateful for that, but I'm REALLY grateful for all of the other shows he features, many of which I have sought out on iTunes. He and David Ault are terrific hosts, engaging and warm, and very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about this art form. I hope he continues for many more years!
The Sonic Society podcast will enhance anyone's knowledge of audio drama. The hosts highlight shows in all genres, providing an excellent, sweeping, view of the medium. And all this is provided with a great deal of enthusiasm and good humor. If you are already devoted to the medium, or you are just learning, you can't go wrong with this podcast.
The anthology nature of this audio-drama podcast is great as it allows one to get a taste of a wide variety of genres and production styles. This is hightly useful in the current environment of less-than-organized world of audio drama. In addition, the interviews with creators of audio drama are insightful and interesting. Thank you Jack for continuing this effort for so long!
I enjoy audio drama and Sonic Society allows me to explore all different types. I like the variety - with Sonic Society I discover drama I never would have found otherwise.
This is my go to podcast. Thank you jack and Shannon for being so reliable and being my guides into audio drama land for so long. I highly recommend this show if your interested in new audio drama
HAHAHAHAHA! Best recaster by leaps and bounds - important podzine for seekers and mavens alike, rely on the Sonic Society to point you in the right direction. Jack and Shannon will feel like old friends right away. Jump on in there.
This is always a wonderful way to find out what is going on in the interesting world of modern Audio Drama. I look forwrd to their fun and insightful pod casts. Give them a try.
The Sonic Socity brings all of the best Audio Drama out there on the net and airs them for it's listeners to help us find the best of the best. Coupled with Sonic Gold (the pay version of this podcast (YAY Captain Blood! Perry Mason and all others aired there) any audiofile will be pleased. A Must for any OTR fan.
This is an outstanding program that provides great variety and introductions to other outstanding theaters of the mind. I look forward to the banter between Jack and Shannon nearly as much as the dramas they host. My favorite among them is Powder River - C. William Anderson aka Travis C. Ward.
Would not open & therefore could not play.
Okay, I love this podcast so much, I already designed a tattoo around it. This podcast introduces the world of audio drama / radio plays to a whole new generation... free. Every week I set out on an adventure, discovering whole worlds completely new and inspiring. I've cried with "old wounds" and triumphed with "Dan Dare". I've hated "the company" and time traveled with "chip"... This podcast ignites the imagination and is worth of movement spent listening.
The Sonic Society has introduced me to a whole new world of Audio Drama on the Internet. Jack and Shannon do a great job hosting the show, and as they are involved in the creation of audio dramas themselves, bring a behind the scenes knowledge to the show that only adds to the production. A must add to any ones Podcast play lists!
The best thing about The Sonic Society is their variety. You could be listening to sci-fi one day and then historical fiction the next. But rest-assured, they'll both be excellent. :) You should check this out even if you think you won't like radioplays - it's an excersize in imagination! Not to mention, Jack and Shannon are awesome hosts!
these guys are awesome. No matter who the host is(they seem to change every season), they are very engaging and bring excellent audio dramas to my iPod....
I was introduced by this podcast thanks to "old wounds". It is really an awesome podcast and it has realy great stories and reviews. I am looking forward to it every week :D


By Azhea
I'm hooked on the Firefly: Old Wounds episodes, but the rest is shiny too!!! Original content, lovingly produced for our enjoyment, definitely worth a listen.
Can I say much more? The first episode I listened to dragged me in. It was mystery, a very entertaining, well thought out mystery. I hope there are many more to come. It's obvious that the creators put a large amount of man hours into this listen to it!
if you are into radio drama, this is the podcast for you. Interviews with writers, actors, and fans are an added bonus that you won't want to miss.