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Too often conservative media presents its ideas in the best possible light, but this podcast blows right past the politically correct respectability line and presents its ideology as blatantly racist, misogynistic, homophobic and fascist. Hearing Ann Coulter, Laura Loomer, and Stefan Molyneux on a rotating basis helps reinforce the my perception that this is what these people actually believe. I can only ever make it through about 10 minutes per episode, but that’s usually enough to get my blood boiling. Great work!
One of the best podcasts for a conservative who wants to deepen his knowledge
Dan filled in for Mark Levin and you highly recommended Mark and Ben. You should included Dan Bongino Show Podcast. I listen to all three. You always put together a great show. Thanks!
I so miss hearing her on KFI. This was like listening to a friend, catching up on little details of her life since we last met. And there was literally a call for everything going on in my life or someone I know. I shared the relevant calls with the people I thought would be helped by them. Very thought provoking, the best advice, she’s still the best!
I like Listening to right wing podcasts. And Coulter, Dennis Prager, people like that. Don’t really get that kind of perspective from the main stream media which I also listen to. But I really don’t like listening to racist rants. I’m referring to the podcast that includes:”Lana Lokteff responds to anti-Whites.” An absolutely worthless waste of time. Unbelievable that any respectable podcast would choose rebroadcast such a vile rant.
This podcast compiles a wide range of experts, pundits, researchers, authors, intellectuals, etc. Listen & learn!!
I wish there was more factual information, a lot the talking points were boosted by emotion.
I’m very interested in learning about conservative thought. I had to give up on this podcast pretty quickly due to thinly veiled racism.
Great material, fantastic ideas worth sharing. Also, judge it's quality by the number of facist Lefties who want it "SHUT DOWN NOW!". HaHa. I've shared this podcast with many of my friends and family who enjoy it also.
The few that I’ve listened to so far have been great, very informative. My one qualm is that the episodes focused on debates provide just the conservative side. We must always hear both sides of every debate, or else we’re no better than those with TDS.


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This podcast is pure brainwash. Who ever is posting this knows very well how to promote fear into white American. This has nothing to do with the blue or red side.
History rhymes. Incredible to hear such sweeping generalizations about people. But listeners may be confused by the rhetoric, which talks about refugees "swarming" into third countries. In a time of misplaced fear, language and ideas like these perpetuate hate and xenophobia. We need to be careful as we don't want to repeat mistakes of the past.


By kdp8
This will make you a better, more educated, and informed thinker. Learn history lessons and scientific theory, political debate and human nature that shapes our conservative core.
Such a great and simple podcast. I enjoy listening to this podcast every day and it has lead me to authors and thinkers who I would typically not be exposed to. Every episode is different, some are interviews, some are documentary clips, some are audiobooks. Keeps it fresh and engaging. Highly recommend. Thank you to the creators/curators for American Conservative University for making and keeping up with this content
For the most part, this podcast is very helpful, and I will continue listening. My concern is over specific topics. I think that even here on the right, there is a political correctness (in small degree). For example one episode was a Mormon apology by Glen Beck. He claimed in the show to answer hard questions about Mormonism, but other than the polygamy, Holy underwear, and other basic doctrines he didn’t really answer the deeper questions about Mormon theology that are more biblically irreconcilable. This is just one example, and I have noticed others. Anyways, thanks for the hard work!
This podcast is a daily surprise of unpredictable conservative sources. It brings intelligent and moral thought to my life daily.
I accidentally stumbled upon this podcast. I’m very glad I did! It’s quickly become my favorite! I await new episodes each day with great anticipation. The range of different types of content they provide is excellent: top authors and filmmakers, snapshots of conservative YouTube stations, even a stand up comic. However one thread holds it all together: it’s a reflection of deep seeded American values. Well done!
This podcast has a nice mix of Conservative thought from multiple sources covering a large range of topics!
Always relevant, always interesting and especially it is always entertaining. Don’t miss it
This seems to lack the republican party propaganda that passes for “conservative talk” . In fact i listened an episode where republican wasnt even mentioned for most of it. Thats refreshing since republican party has no conservative platform in practice its just a shell party for the corporate & billionaire elite to run a scam on uneducated Americans .
Divisive and Un-American, part of the problem.
2087 seems off from what is usually on this podcast while some key ideas are foundationally trueI was definitely put off my some of the views of these speakers
The subjects they cover teaches more about life then useless school classes
If you are interested in conservative thought, this is a great compilations of speakers and topics. If you enjoy listening to folks like Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, Dan Bongino, Dennis Prager and others like them, you'll most likely really enjoy this.
Very good collection of podcasts here.
I get a unique and objective amount of academic information from all sorts on this podcast. All useful and helpful insights from well educated and well respected scholars and just insightful people that you would have to either pay or be at a special location to get this information. Not necessary because it’s brought to you in this jam packed podcast with great information always. You never know what your gonna get buts it’s always a great podcast!
Very educational podcast love almost ever topic they cover
Ew ew ew ew zero stars you creeps


By Mizzy Y
Earn a degree by just listening? Give me a break.
Best podcast on the planet!
As a libertarian it's tough to find enough credible news sources to be enjoyed in a passive medium like a news show or podcast, vs reading. So it's nice to hear others who have similar views. However, sometimes the topics are not very conservative or libertarian. For example a few days ago there was one from a doctor who was ridiculing those who practice alternative medicine or believe in medical freedom and vaccine choice. One of the core tenants of conservatism and classical liberalism is individual choice regarding the affairs and well being of self. This doctor sounded just like the typical left who would like us to unquestionably follow the procedures recommended by special interest or The Experts. Convincing people that they couldn't possibly make well informed decisions on their own and that they should just trust the guidelines of the experts is the core of modern leftist nanny state proponents. Thus convincing the the public that liberty and freedom should not be permitted for important affairs and only allowed on smaller daily issues like which hobbies to do or how to spend free time. I don't expect any news show to be perfect but I would expect a conservative news show to not espouse the typical liberal views like that doctor clearly did. A further point is that if more people first explored natural cures before going to the hospital, it would help reduce health insurance costs. Considering that we are being forced to buy it and much of it goes to subsidize others premiums, rather than our own, seems like we should be encouraging people to make less costly and less invasive medical choices as a first option.
I've listened to them all. It made me change my mind about a couple things or under the complexities with greater depth.
Can not be beat for good sound information.
then I listened to 1818 and the tone was nothing I would ever want to listen to from any political perspective
A great assortment of conservative and libertarian views & knowledge , to combat the regressive propaganda.
I've been listening to this podcast for years. It covers a wide range of content creators and a wide spectrum of Conservatives. You can find opinions everywhere from the Anarcho Capitalists to the Cuckservatives yearning for more globalization and those in the middle who belong to more widely accepted Conservative philosophies. If you consider yourself a Conservative and want to broaden your horizons a bit, this podcast is excellent!
I am changing my review from 5 to 1 stars. It seems you guys are leaving behind conservative principles to support a big government, liberal, Hillary plant.
Democrats love Conservatives like this. Ben likes to use his moral compass to shrink the size of the tent. He remains stuck in an old Conservative mind set "your not a real conservative if" Not really allowing for a range of ideas outside of the "real conservative box". Ben is staying behind to sing Danny Boy to the last of the dying base of "real conservatives" while the rest of us look to the future of the republican party.
I'm generally liberal in my political views, so I like to listen to this to get a good summary and representation of some of the right's views. It's a mixed bag of quality and reason. Dennis Prager's shows and University segments make me think the most, ,and he uses the most reason and logic to back up what he says. Some other shows are essentially just rants without providing anything to back up their opinions.
Don't waste your time on this
This is the best podcast for how to think rightly about this country and truth. They do such a great job and putting different people on. I would highly recommend it to all who are intrested in truth about America.
This show is not conservative.
Biased opinion and yellow journalism presented as fact. It's mostly an echo chamber for the crazy conservatives
.... And you may come to realize that you have more in common with them than you thought. I have lived most of my life in the heart of the west coast hard-line liberal vanguard bubble, and my whole life 'right-wing', 'conservative', and 'republican' have all been synonymous with 'crazy', 'selfish', 'racist', and even 'evil'. I'm surprised and delighted to say that this podcast, and prager in particular has shown me that I am far more conservative than I realized. I don't agree with everything here, but nowhere else in my experience are there more coherent, logical, and convincing arguments for conservative values. This is must listen for all liberals.
I like the podcast fine but it says it is very professional and it sounds like he is speaking into a tin cup.
Lol just because that's what the rules are, doesn't make it right. What happen to WE THE PEOPLE!! Or government by the people for the people!!! Keep supporting a crooked rigged system! Watch what will happen in Cleveland!! Cruz supporter of trump supporter it doesn't matter co rules are wrong an have no place in a true democracy!! So stop pushing your lies!!!
9 out of 10 of these are devoted to Trump bashing. We get it already. We get enough of that EVERYWHERE. I'm not a Trump supporter but I'm getting bored with the same old "Trump is a meany, not presidential, racist, Nazi, woman hating, gay bashing, puppy kicking jerk whose hair will eat your face!" Get back on to other topics or I'm unsubscribing. This is a waste of my time.
Stop being rational and dive in for circular thinking. You will learn to close your mind off and think in black and white. Encouraged are unreasonable expectations and strong reactions to people who don't meet your expectations. Opinions are fact if you repeat them over and over again, and loudly, be sure to interrupt and look down your nose at the people who don't matter. If you rent offensive you aren't doing it right... But remember to smile and be polite so you can argue with anyone who thinks you've gone to far (you can discredit them by telling them that you are kind and considerate). Anything you say is right, they are wrong. Don't forget to call names: lefties, liberals, socialists (say it like you re listing off poisons). When you feel like you're on top of the world and pretty certain other people were made to feel poorly because of your sharp words, you can pat yourself on the back, you're there. Just remember we have one life to live, make a train wreck out of it. Stupid lefties wanting to help each other achieve happiness, idiots.