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By ZL_3
Easily the best NASCAR podcast available.
Always enjoy listening. This show is a great blend of science, useful tips and sound advice. The hosts and guests are knowledge, laid back and funny!
This is an excellent talk show from a network who isn't afraid to call NASCAR out on its failures or point out their own. There is insightful input from a diverse group of co-hosts who never fail to bring another set of opinions that the journalists would never consider. Now if only they would come up with some more serious questions for the continuing legacy of the almost award winning "Green Flag, Black Flag" segment, the show would be perfect.
I enjoy Fast Talk every week! Guests are relaxed, open & chatty!
Always enjoy listning to this great guest and great comments...
It is great to have fast talk back on I Tunes. It is easyer to get and to listen to. It also has great guests and topisc. Thanks for coming back.